Shuttle-Mir History/People/Astronauts

This section includes profiles and biographies of the STS mission Commanders for the Shuttle-Mir Program. To view a list of crew members for each mission, select the STS mission number. A complete listing of all astronauts in the Shuttle-Mir flight crews can be viewed on the graphic timeline.

Charles F. Bolden
Charles F. Bolden
Commander STS-60
Launch-February 3, 1994
Landing-February 11, 1994
STS-60 patch
James D. Wetherbee James D. Wetherbee
Commander STS-63 &
STS-63 Launch-February 3, 1995
STS-63 Landing-February 11, 1995
STS-86 Launch-September 25, 1997
STS-86 Landing-October 6, 1997
STS-63 patch
STS-86 patch
Robert L. Gibson Robert L. "Hoot" Gibson
Commander STS-71
Launch-June 27, 1995
Landing-July 7, 1995

STS-71 patch
Kenneth D. Cameron Kenneth D. Cameron
Commander STS-74
Launch-November 1, 1995
November 8, 1995
STS-74 patch
Kevin P. Chilton Kevin P. Chilton
Commander STS-76
Launch-March 22, 1996
March 31, 1996
STS-76 patch
William F. Readdy William F. Readdy
Commander STS-79
Launch-September 16, 1996
September 26, 1996
STS-79 patch
Michael A. Baker Michael A. Baker
Commander STS-81
Launch-January 12, 1997
January 22, 1997
STS-81 patch
Charles J. Precourt Charles J. Precourt
Commander STS-84 &
STS-84 Launch-May 15, 1997
STS-84 Landing-May 24, 1997
STS-91 Launch-May 29, 1998
STS-91 Landing-June 7, 1998
STS-84 patch
STS-91 patch
Terrence W. Wilcutt Terrence W. Wilcutt
Commander STS-89
Launch-January 15, 1998
January 25, 1998
STS-89 patch

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