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Salizhan S. Sharipov Salizhan S. Sharipov

Salizhan Sharipov was the eighth Russian cosmonaut to fly to the space station Mir on an American Space Shuttle. That shuttle flight, STS-89, was the fifth and last exchange of a U.S. astronaut living on Mir.

Sharipov graduated from the Air Force Pilot School. He studied cartography from Moscow State University before becoming a cosmonaut in 1992. In his Oral History, Sharipov said: "You know, every child when he is at school, each child wants to make something special in life. . . I wanted to become a cosmonaut in my childhood. So it was my dream . . . to become a pilot[,] military pilot. After that, I did my best to enter the cosmonaut office in my position of space. I'm very happy that I came to Houston and had such a great flight with American colleagues."

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