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Docking Module

Docking Module, view of approaching docking target. Mating adapter of Kristall (left) and Docking Module (right). View of the Orbiter Docking System (ODS)  in Atlantis' payload bay.

The Docking Module was delivered and installed by shuttle mission STS-74, making it possible for the space shuttle to dock easily with Mir. Earlier, during STS-71, the shuttle had docked with Mir's Kristall module, after Russian cosmonauts had performed a spacewalk to move the Kristall to a longitudinal (end) position, to allow room for the shuttle docking. Kristall was later moved back to its original location.

Interior view of the Docking Module access tunnel. Docking Module interior Vinogradov opens the airlock hatch to the Docking Module on the Mir side.

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