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Kvant-2 Module

Kvant 2 - exterior view of airlock  Kvant-2 module Kvant 2 module

Kvant-2 was a scientific and airlock module, providing biological research, earth observations, and EVA capability. It enhanced Mir with drinking water and oxygen provisions, motion control systems, and power distribution, as well as shower and washing facilities. Its airlock contained a self-sustained cosmonaut maneuvering unit that increased the range and complexity of EVA tasks. Added in 1989, the 19.6 ton Kvant-2 measured 4.3 meters by 13.7 meters long, with 61.3 cubic meters of volume and a 27.4-meter solar array.

Interior view of Kvant 2 airlock including Orlon suit storage. Kvant 2 interior Kvant 2 interior

More detailed discussions of the Mir space station and its modules can be found in David Portree's Mir Hardware Heritage, available on this Web site in PDF format.

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