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Progress Supply Vehicle

Approach views of the Mir space station before rendezvous and docking with the space shuttle Atlantis includes: Progress (left) and Kvant 1 (right). Mir Space Station as viewed from the shuttle Discovery.  Progress docked above, Soyuz docked below.

Progress is an unmanned, automated version of the Soyuz crew transfer vehicle, designed to resupply the Russian Salyut and Mir space stations. Like the Soyuz, it measures about 8 meters long by 2.7 meters wide. It has 6.6 cubic meters of volume and carries about 2500 kg. of cargo. During U.S. Mir astronaut Michael Foale's increment onboard Mir, a Progress collided with Mir, causing damage and depressurization. For more on this event, select The Collision.

For a more thorough description of Progress, select Progress: Detailed Description for an excerpt from David Portree's Mir Hardware Heritage, which is also available in full on this Web site in PDF format.

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