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Mir Space Station - Spektr Module

Spektr means "spectrum" and its main purpose was earth observation, including natural resources and the atmosphere. It also supported research into biotechnology, life sciences, materials science and space technologies. American astronauts used Spektr as their living quarters. Launched in 1995 with more than 1600 pounds of U.S. equipment aboard, the 19.6 ton Spektr measured 12 meters by 4.4 meters, with a pressurized volume of 62 cubic meters and four solar arrays. On June 25, 1997, an unmanned Progress resupply vehicle collided with the Spektr module, causing damage and depressurization. The Mir crew closed the hatch to the leaking Spektr, preventing further pressure loss onboard Mir.

More detailed discussions of the Mir space station and its modules can be found in David Portree's Mir Hardware Heritage, available on this Web site in PDF format.

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