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Educator Resources and Programs


Aerospace Education Services Program Professional Development Workshops
The NASA Aerospace Education Services Program, or AESP, provides assistance and support to educators in updating science, mathematics, geography and technology curricula and in utilizing new and evolving instructional technology and teaching strategies. The no-cost AESP workshops introduce participants to NASA curriculum support materials, videos, hands-on activities and available technology products. Workshops can usually accommodate 12 to 30 participants.

Life Sciences and Microgravity Materials
The Office of Biological and Physical Research conducts basic and applied research to support human exploration of space and to take advantage of the space environment as a laboratory.

NASA Explorer Schools
Become a NASA Explorer School and partner with NASA to bring exciting and unique opportunities to educators, students, and families. The 2003 program will focus on NASA content at grades 5-8.

NASA Explorer School teams, working with NASA personnel and other partners, will develop an action plan that addresses a local need in mathematics, science, or technology that incorporates NASA data and materials into their curriculum. Throughout a three-year commitment, educator/administrator teams will implement their action plan, participate in professional development, and involve students and families.

NASA Educator Resource Centers
Provides teachers with curriculum materials to help expand students' science, math and technology skills and competence levels. NASA Educator Resource Centers have hundreds of free curriculum materials, brochures, posters, fact sheets and Internet online educational resources for K-12 educators.

NASA Online Educational Resources

Next Century of Flight
Ideas and materials for classroom projects that combine mathematics, research, public policy and flight dynamics.

Microgravity Education
A collection of resources and activities for teachers and students to explore the concepts of the microgravity environment. Provided courtesy of the Microgravity Science Division of NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio.

A teacher's guide for rocketry, which teaches about the history, scientific principles and mathematics of rockets through exciting problem-solving and cooperative learning activities.

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