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Working for NASA
What our employees say...What we do...Where we work...
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What our employees say...

Want to know what it's like to work for NASA? Watch the evening news as the space shuttle docks with the space station ... or as a Mars Rover tracks across the martian surface. Imagine that you helped make it happen. That's what it's like to work for NASA.

What we do...

The work of NASA is extensive and far-reaching. Our work ranges from the everyday operating of our facilities, to exploring the mind-boggling, outermost limits of the past, present and future of our universe.

Space Science
Space Research
Office of Space Flight
Earth Science
Human Space Flight

Where we work...

NASA's work occurs in almost every part of the nation, in schools and universities, in contractor facilities, in the facilities of our International Space Partners and ... in space!

Each of our NASA centers is responsible for carrying out various types of aerospace related research, missions and operations.

NASA Centers

Ames Research Center -- Moffett Field, Calif.
Dryden Flight Research Center -- Edwards, Calif.
Goddard Space Flight Center -- Greenbelt, Md.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- Pasadena, Calif.
Johnson Space Center -- Houston, Texas
Kennedy Space Center -- Florida
Langley Research Center -- Hampton, Va.
Glenn Research Center -- Cleveland, Ohio
Marshall Space Flight Center -- Huntsville, Ala.
NASA Headquarters -- Washington, D.C.
Stennis Space Center -- Mississippi
Wallops Flight Facility -- Wallops Island, Va.
White Sands Test Facility -- Las Cruces, N.M.

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