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NASA SkyWatch is an application developed by NASA and the United Space Alliance, or USA, in cooperation with Texas Southern University. Funded by the Dual Use Academic Liaison project, USA strives to increase community involvement by introducing college students to "real world" challenges. Future Dual Use Academic Liaison projects include real time trajectory monitoring and enhanced state vector display applications.

Although developed almost entirely by the students, NASA SkyWatch could not have been completed without the enormous support from engineers and professionals at both USA and NASA-JSC. The following individuals are recognized for their significant contribution to this project:

At Texas Southern
Mr. Ron Epps
Mr. Rick Gavin
Ms. Pam McCraw
Mr. Don Pearson
Mr. Bob Stein
Mr. Jon Weaver
Mr. Dan Adamo
Mr. Charlie Barrett
Mr. Keith Fletcher
Mr. Bill Tracy
Mr. Steve Weismuller
Ms. Cynthia Wells
Mr. Elgin Amboree
Ms. Dawn Foster
Dr. Moshen Javadian
Mr. Claude Jenkins
Mr. Derrick Douglas
Mr. Gus Jones
Mr. Shaji Markose
Mr. Richard Osborne
Dr. Etta Walker
Special thanks is also extended to Mr. Roger Balettie at the University of Texas Applied Research Laboratory and to Mr. John Gordeuk for their development of many of the algorithms used in this application.

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