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The Check Vector Tab is available to provide parameters about the orbits that have been derived by the inputs you provided. As with any time you manually enter data, simple typing errors can lead the way to bad acquisition data. Many times, the errors are in the form of a decimal point in the wrong place or typing the correct value into the wrong field. The values on this tab will give you a very good indication that the inputs are good for processing.

The values that are displayed are computed after the inputs have been converted, if necessary, to a Mean of 1950 state vector. Therefore, those parameters that are unique to that coordinate system are clearly identified.

There are eight values that are updated each time you enter data into an input field and then leave or tab out of the field. When this occurs, the check vector logic is used to update all values on the display. When you have completed typing in the values, be sure to check the vector to verify the inputs. Typically, one should check carefully the apogee, perigee and inclination. Other values are provided, more or less, for information purposes only.

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