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The NASA SkyWatch Sat Info Tab is the primary place to enter information about the satellite. It is divided up into four sections:

  1. Picture of the Satellite.

When you have completed entering all of the satellite information and an observer location, pressing any of the buttons at the bottom of the display starts in motion a variety of actions. First, regardless of which button you push, NASA SkyWatch will check your inputs for validity. For example, the position vector will be checked for a magnitude greater than that of the Earth's surface. Also, checks will be performed to make sure that the drag profile -- a function of weight, area and drag coefficient -- is not so large that the satellite will decay unusually fast.

Pressing the Next Pass button will instruct NASA SkyWatch to stop processing when the satellite you have chosen is above the horizon the next possible time -- even if the satellite cannot be seen. Once the acquisition has been determined, NASA SkyWatch will display the Table Tab to view the results. Remember, just because the satellite may be above the horizon at your location does not mean that it will be visible. Check the NASA SkyWatch Table Tab to see if any of the pass is visible.

Pressing the Next Sighting button will perform the same task as the Next Pass button but NASA SkyWatch will continue past the next acquisition until it finds an actual sighting of the satellite you have chosen. Once the sighting is found, NASA SkyWatch will stop processing and display the Table Tab to view the results.

Pressing the Weekly Sightings button will process even further than the Next Sighting function and proceed to find all sightings for the satellite you have chosen for the next week or the number of days specified in the Variables Tab. During the processing, the Table Tab will be displayed. However, at the conclusion of the processing, the SkyLog Tab will be displayed to view the results.

Pressing the All Sightings button will perform the function of determining all sightings for all satellites kept in the NASA SkyWatch database for the next week. As with the SkyWeek function, the Table Tab will be displayed during processing with the SkyLog Tab displayed when processing is complete. Be aware that due to the extensive amount of processing required, it may take some time to complete the request. Expect at least 10 minutes of processing to complete.

Note: The Next Pass, Weekly Sightings and All Sightings functions are not available with entry sightings. Only the Next Sighting function can be used with entry processing.

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