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SkySearch Status

The amount of time to complete the search is a function of far away the date selected is from current time and the number of satellites in the search. The status section will provide feedback on how the search is progressing.

First, the status bar is filled to monitor the progress as the search is made for all the satellites. There are more than 300 different satellites to search through so be patient.

Second, as the sightings are identified and stored on the SkyLog tab, the number of sightings discovered will be displayed. Don't be surprised if you uncover 20 or more sightings on any given evening or morning!

Finally, an estimated completion time is displayed to show how long the search will be in progress. For a typical search for tonight's sightings or sightings within a day or two, it is common for the search to take 10 minutes or so. A search from last month or next month may take up to 30 minutes or more.

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