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John Young
Flight Day 2

Apple Sauce (T)
Dried Beef (IM)
Granola (R)

Breakfast Roll (I)
Choc Instant Breakfast (B)
Orange Grapefruit Drk (B)

Corned Beef (I)
Asparagus (R)
Rye Bread (x2) (I)
Pears, Diced (T)
Peanuts, Dry Roasted (NF)
Lemonade (x2)(B)

Beef w/BBQ Sauce (T)
Cauliflower w/Cheese (R)
Grn Beans w/Mushrooms (R)
Lemon Pudding (T)
Pecan Cookies (NF)
Cocoa (B)

Abbreviations: (B) Beverage(FD) Freeze Dried(I) Irradiated
(IM) Intermediate Moisture(NF) Natural Form(R) Rehydratable(T) Thermostabilized

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