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William Shepherd
Flight Day 8

Dried Peaches (IM)
Oatmeal w/Brown Sugar (R)
Chocolate Breakfast Drink (B)
Orange Drink (B)
Black Coffee (B)
Chicken Strips in Salsa (T)
Tortilla (FF) x2
Peach Ambrosia (R)
Butter Cookies (NF)
Lemonade (B) x2
Beef Stroganoff (R)
Potatoes au Gratin (R)
Tomatoes & Eggplant (T)
Strawberries (R)
Butterscotch Pudding (T)
Tropical Punch (B)
Black Coffee (B)
Abbreviations: (B) Beverage(FF) Fresh Food(I) Irradiated
(IM) Intermediate Moisture(NF) Natural Form(R) Rehydratable(T) Thermostabilized

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