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STS-103 Crew

IMAGE: Portrait of STS-103 Crew
(From left) Michael Foale, Claude Nicollier, Plt. Scott Kelly, Cdr. Curtis Brown,
Jean-François Clervoy, John Grunsfeld, Steven Smith.

CommanderCurtis L. BrownInterviewMenus
PilotScott J. KellyInterviewMenus
Mission SpecialistSteven L. SmithInterviewMenus
Mission SpecialistC. Michael FoaleInterviewMenus
Mission SpecialistJohn M. GrunsfeldInterviewMenus
Mission Specialist

Claude Nicollier

Mission Specialist

Jean-François Clervoy

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STS-103 Space Notes
IMAGE: John GrunsfeldRead space walker John Grunsfeld's reports.
IMAGE: Jean-Francois ClervoyRead European Space Agency astronaut Jean-François Clervoy's notes.
International Astronauts
IMAGE: Emblem of European Space Agency
Jean-François Clervoy of France and Claude Nicollier of Switzerland will represent the European Space Agency on the crew of STS-103.

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