IMAGE: Nikon F5 EVA Camera

New Space Walk Camera

The new EVA camera will be flown for the first time on STS-103. The camera will improve the quality of pictures taken while space walking. The camera system consists of 28mm, 35mm and 50mm Nikon lenses, a thermal blanket and a bayonet-mounting bracket.

The new auto focus capability of the new EVA camera will allow astronauts to focus the camera on a subject by depressing the shutter release switch half way. The matrix metering capability measures the scene brightness, scene contrast and the focused subject's distance using the camera's 1,005 pixel matrix sensor. This should improve pictures by providing correct exposure even in complex lighting situations as is often seen during a space walk. The new EVA camera that will also be used inside the shuttle with the exception of an action view finder. The action view finder gives the space walkers a larger viewing area.