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STS-107 Investigation Reference Page


Foam Impact Testing Videos (May 14 and July 7, 2003) / CAIB Foam Impact Explanation (PDF 607 Kb)
Columbia Wing Components Recovered (as of April 7, 2003):
Left Wing Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (RCC) Tiles (1.3 Mb PDF) / Right Wing RCC and Tiles (1 Mb PDF)
Orbiter Thermal Protection System Testing Graphics / Testing Fact Sheet (PDF 69 Kb)
Columbia Shuttle Recovery Operations Map (April 1, 2003) High-res (2.4 Mb) / Low-res (786 Kb)
Space Shuttle Wing Diagrams
Columbia Sensor Diagrams (5.9 Mb PDF) (presented to CAIB on March 17, 2003)
STS-107 Accident Investigation Summary Timeline Rev 15 (PDF 3.6 Mb); Acronym list (64 Kb PDF) (March 17, 2003)
STS-107 Accident Investigation Summary Timeline Rev 14 (PDF 101 Kb); Acronym list (64 Kb PDF) (Feb. 26, 2003)
Feb. 25 CAIB Briefing Debris Imagery
U.S. Air Force Optical Supercomputing Site (AMOS) Imagery
STS-107 Accident Investigation Ground Track and Events Summaries
Kennedy Space Center investigation-related imagery (under 'Space Shuttle...' pull-down menu choose 'Columbia investigation')
Hangar layout for orbiter reconstruction (263 Kb gif)
Feb. 7 Technical Briefing (includes Columbia Sensors Timeline)
Feb. 5 Technical Briefing


Space Shuttle Mission Management Team Transcripts
Correspondence/E-mail Between Johnson Space Center and STS-107 Crew
Mishap Response Status Reports
Feb. 11 - March 4

Space Shuttle Columbia -
STS-107 Status Reports (JSC) Jan. 16 - Feb. 11

Space Shuttle Columbia -
Information (NASA Headquarters)
Transcript Archives (Kennedy Space Center)
President Bush Attends Memorial Service for Columbia Astronauts

Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board Announcement

Corrected Procedure for Filing Damage Claims Announcement

NASA Asks for Help with Columbia Investigation
Counties in southwestern United States likely to contain Columbia debris
A Letter to America from the Columbia Crew Families


FEMA Columbia Investigation News
Response to Columbia Accident --
Environmental Protection Agency
Lockheed Martin Space Systems -- Space Shuttle External Tank (Michoud Operations)
Read the Letters from the STS-107 Families and the Spouses and Children of the NASA Astronaut Corps
STS-107 landing ground tracks for Feb. 1
STS-107 crew seating assignments


CAIB Final Report, Volume 1 (Aug. 26, 2003) Medium-res (28 Mb PDF) / Low-res (10 MB PDF)
CAIB Advanced Sightings Team Status -- Feb. 20, 2003
Board Opens Washington Office, Names Assistant for Government Relations -- Feb. 18, 2003
Columbia Accident Board Chairman Names New Member -- Feb. 15, 2003
Sheila Widnall Bio
Statement by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board -- Feb. 13, 2003


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Mission Operations Directorate Entry Options Tiger Team Final Report (614 Kb PDF) (April 22, 2003)
Latest E-mail and Flight Readiness Review Documents Release (March 31, 2003)
Space Shuttle Return to Flight letter from Associate Adminstrator for Space Flight William Readdy, March 12, 2003 (322 Kb PDF)
STS-107 Mission Evaluation Room Reports (144 Kb PDF)
Letter from NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe to Columbia Accident Investigation Board Chairman Admiral Harold Gehman, March 6, 2003 (56 Kb PDF)
Ron Dittemore's Return to Flight Activities Letter, Feb. 27, 2003 (1 Mb PDF)
Debris Transport Assessment of Debris Impacting Orbiter Lower Surface in STS-107 Mission (1.3 Mb PDF)
Orbiter Assessment of STS-107 ET Bipod Insulation Ramp Impact (172 Kb PDF)
Preliminary Debris Transport Assessment of Debris Impacting Orbiter Lower Surface in STS-107 Mission (96 Kb PDF)
Risk Management for the Tiles of the Space Shuttle - 1994 (2.8 Mb PDF)
Safety of the Thermal Protection System of the Space Shuttle Orbiter - 1990 (4.7 Mb PDF)
STS-87 Post-flight Inspection - 1997
Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel --
Annual Report for 2001 (2 Mb PDF)
E-mail exchange between Langley Research Center and Johnson Space Center regarding the assessment of foam debris contact with Columbia during launch. Complete set of email beginning on Jan. 23. E-Mail (2.3 MB PDF)
E-mail exchange within Langley Research Center regarding main gear breach concerns on Jan. 31. E-mail (612 Kb PDF)
E-mail exchange on Jan. 28-31, 2003, on assessment of potential breach in landing gear door or wheel well during the orbiter's re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. E-mail (1.1 Mb PDF)
Letter from NASA Administrator to NIMA Director. (612 kb PDF)
View more Columbia Accident Investigation Documents in the Electronic Reading Room.

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