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STS-107: Accident Investigation Ground Track and Events Summary
Rev. 13 - Feb. 15, 2003

Explanation of Ground Tracks

Ground Track Data Source: STS-107 GPS State Vector

  • Event Time Line Source: STS-107 Accident Investigation Master Timeline (Baselined),
    Revision 13, dated 02/15/03 7:00 a.m. CST, from the Integrated Timeline Team.
  • GPS-derived latitudes and longitudes are plotted on the map at 0.96 second time intervals,
    although there are numerous data dropouts. The symbol used for points from the trajectory
    data file is a red dot.
  • The time tags of events from the Master Timeline sometimes fall between trajectory data
    points, and in some cases they occur during GPS data dropouts. In these cases, the correct
    location of the event is indicated by a blue dot.

Explanation of the contents of Note Boxes:

  • Grey Header Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, of the event and the Event Sequence
    Number from the Master Timeline (in parentheses)
  • Geodetic Latitude and W. Longitude of the event (red dots only) in decimal degrees.
  • Event description from the Master Timeline
  • Geodetic Altitude of the event (H) in feet (interpolated when necessary)
  • Mach Number of the event (Mach) (interpolated when necessary)
  • Some nominal events have been intentionally omitted


PDF file of these images (1.5 Mb)

IMAGE: Entry Interface to Coastal Crossing
Entry Interface to Coastal Crossing (254 Kb)

IMAGE: Crossing the California Coast
Crossing the California Coast (430 Kb)

IMAGE: Crossing California
Crossing California (1.1 Mb)

IMAGE: Crossing Nevada
Crossing Nevada (649 Kb)

IMAGE: Crossing Arizona
Crossing Arizona (843 Kb)

IMAGE: Crossing New Mexico
Crossing New Mexico (795 Kb)

IMAGE: Crossing from New Mexico to North Texas
Crossing from New Mexico to North Texas (782 Kb)

IMAGE: Crossing Texas to Loss of Signal
Crossing Texas to Loss of Signal (1.1 Mb)

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