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International Space Station Flight 8A

Payload Bay

S0 Truss
The Starboard 0 (S-Zero) Truss segment is the first major element of the International Space Station's enormous exterior framework. The S0 Truss is 13.4 meters (44 feet) long and 4.6 meters (15 feet) wide and weighs 12,247 kilograms (27,000 pounds). It is the center segment of nine integrated trusses that will provide the foundation for station subsystem hardware installation, utility distribution, power generation, heat rejection and external payload accommodations. The S0 Truss acts as the junction from which external utilities are routed to the pressurized modules by means of EVA-deployed umbilicals.

The S0 is going to the space station with a complement of pre-integrated hardware to increase ISS functionality, including the Mobile Transporter, the Trailing Umbilical System, the Portable Work Platform, four Global Positioning System antennas, two rate gyros, an Extravehicular Charged Particle Detection System and umbilicals for U.S. on-orbit elements. Mission 8A also delivers four Main Bus Switching Units, two Circuit Interrupt Devices, three Crew and Equipment Translation Aid lights and the Airlock Spur.

Mobile Transporter
The Mobile Transporter (MT) will become the first railroad in space on the International Space Station during STS-110.

The 885-kilogram (1,950-pound) structure will travel along the rails of the Integrated Truss Structure and, together with the Mobile Base System, will provide the work platform for the station's robotic arm. The transporter measures 274 centimeters (108 inches) long, 261 centimeters (103 inches) wide and 97 centimeters (38 inches) high.

During STS-110, the MT will undergo a series of diagnostic tests on the S0 Truss after power and data cables are connected and launch restraints are removed. The Mobile Base System will be installed during STS-111 onto the MT to complete the Mobile Servicing System, eventually giving Canadarm2 the capacity to move from the U.S. Destiny Laboratory Module and travel the length of the Integrated Truss Structure.

What is a payload?
IMAGE: Shuttle payload bay
The formal designation as a "payload" indicates that the experiment will be accorded top priority in crew time and energies during the entire flight, along with all other experiments carrying the same "payload" designation.
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