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STS-110 Crew

IMAGE: The STS-110 crew
In front, from the left, are Astronauts Stephen N. Frick, pilot; Ellen Ochoa, flight engineer; and Michael J. Bloomfield, mission commander; In the back, from left, are Astronauts Steven L. Smith, Rex J. Walheim, Jerry L. Ross and Lee M.E. Morin, all mission specialists.

CommanderMichael J. BloomfieldMenusInterview
PilotStephen N. FrickMenusInterview
Mission Specialist 1Rex J. Walheim MenusInterview
Mission Specialist 2Ellen Ochoa MenusInterview
Mission Specialist 3Lee M.E. MorinMenusInterview
Mission Specialist 4Jerry L. RossMenusInterview
Mission Specialist 5Steven L. SmithMenusInterview
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Preflight Imagery
IMAGE: STS-110 Mission Specialist Lee Morin trains at Johnson Space Center.
STS-110 Mission Specialist Lee Morin manages a salute in an Extravehicular Mobility Unit suit during a fit check at the Johnson Space Center's Crew Systems Lab, Houston.

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