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STS-111 Crew

STS-111 crew
The STS-111 crew includes, from the left, Mission Specialist Philippe Perrin of CNES, Pilot Paul Lockhart, Commander Kenneth Cockrell and Mission Specialist Franklin Chang-Díaz. Not shown are the Expedition Five crew, which will be delivered to the International Space Station, and the Expedition Four crew, which will be returned to Earth at the end of STS-111.

CommanderKenneth Cockrell Meal MenusInterview
PilotPaul Lockhart Meal MenusInterview
Mission SpecialistFranklin Chang-Díaz Meal MenusInterview
Mission SpecialistPhilippe Perrin, CNES Meal MenusInterview
Expedition Five
Space Station CrewValery Korzun, Rosaviakosmos (up)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewPeggy Whitson (up)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewSergei Treschev, Rosaviakosmos (up)Meal Menus*Interview
Expedition Four
Space Station CrewYury Onufrienko, Rosaviakosmos (down)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewCarl Walz (down)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewDan Bursch (down)Meal Menus*Interview

*STS-111 is an International Space Station crew rotation flight. The menus for the three Expedition Four and three Expedition Five crewmembers are only for when they are a part of Space Shuttle Endeavour's flight crew.

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Preflight Imagery
Mission Specialist Philippe Perrin
STS-111 Mission Specialist Philippe Perrin of France trains underwater at the Johnson Space Center's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, Houston.

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