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STS-113 Crew

IMAGE: STS-113 crew
Seated in front are STS-113 Pilot Paul Lockhart, left, and Commander Jim Wetherbee. Standing behind them are Mission Specialists Michael Lopez-Alegria and John Herrington. Not shown are the Expedition Six crew, which will be delivered to the International Space Station, and the Expedition Five crew, which will be returned to Earth at the end of STS-113.

CommanderJim Wetherbee Meal MenusInterview
PilotPaul Lockhart Meal MenusInterview
Mission SpecialistMichael Lopez-Alegria Meal MenusInterview
Mission SpecialistJohn Herrington Meal MenusInterview
Expedition Five
Space Station CrewValery Korzun, Rosaviakosmos (down)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewPeggy Whitson (down)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewSergei Treschev, Rosaviakosmos (down)Meal Menus*Interview
Expedition Six
Space Station CrewKen Bowersox (up)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewNikolai Budarin, Rosaviakosmos (up)Meal Menus*Interview
Space Station CrewDon Pettit (up)Meal Menus*Interview

*STS-113 is an International Space Station crew rotation flight. The menus for the Expedition Five and Six crewmembers are only for when they are a part of Space Shuttle Endeavour's flight crew.

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Preflight Imagery

IMAGE: Mission Specialist John Herrington
STS-113 Mission Specialist John Herrington prepares for spacewalk training at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory near Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Check out more STS-113 preflight imagery in the Gallery.

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