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International Space Station Assembly Flight 2A

UNITY Connecting Module
The first U.S.-built component of the International Space Station, a six-sided connecting module and passageway, or node, named Unity, will be the primary cargo of Space Shuttle mission STS-88, the first mission dedicated to assembly of the station.

ICBC (IMAX Cargo Bay Camera)
The IMAX Cargo Bay Camera (ICBC) payload is a 65mm color motion picture camera system. The system consists of a camera, a lens assembly, and a film magazine containing approximately 3500 ft of film. The camera system is housed in an insulated pressurized enclosure with a movable lens window cover, and is mounted in the cargo bay on a Get Away Special (GAS) beam or Extended Adaptive Payload Carrier (EAPC). The camera system is operated from the Aft Flight Deck (AFD) with the GAS Autonomous Payload Controller (GAPC).

SAC-A (Satelite de Aplicaciones/Cientifico-A)
SAC-A is a small nonrecoverable satellite built by the Argentinean National Commission of Space Activities (CONAE). The satellite will test and characterize the performance of new equipment and technologies which may be used in future operational or scientific missions. The satellite payload includes a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera, Argentinean built silicon solar cells, and a magnetometer.

MightySat 1
The MightySat 1 payload consists of a nonrecoverable all-composite spacecraft structure and experiments integrated with a Hitchhiker (HH) ejection system (HES), then mounted inside a lidless carrier. The HH equipment consists of one HH lightweight avionics plate (LAP), the HH avionics, one 5-cubic-foot HH canister, and one HH adapter beam assembly (ABA). The payload will be mounted in the orbiter bay 6 port location on a GSFC-provided HH ABA, with the MightySat 1 canister mounted in the forward position and the HH avionics mounted in the aft position.

Space Experiment Module (SEM-07)
The SEM program is an educational initiative to increase student access to space. Kindergarten through University students are represented. The SEM-07 utilizes a standard 5 cubic-foot GAS canister with a Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)-provided internal support structure, battery, power distribution system, data sampling and storage devices, and harness. It will be mounted on an SSP/JSC-provided adaptor beam in Bay 13, port side, forward position. SEM-07 will be PASSIVE. There will be no batteries or power supplied by the Orbiter.

Getaway Special (G-093)
The GAS payload G-093 is sponsored by the University of Michigan. The objective of this experiment is to investigate the propagation of a vortex ring through a liquid-gas interface in microgravity.

What is a payload?
IMAGE: Shuttle payload bay
The formal designation as a "payload" indicates that the experiment will be accorded top priority in crew time and energies during the entire flight, along with all other experiments carrying the same "payload" designation.
Shuttle Press Kit
For more information on the full scope of the STS-88 mission, check out the Shuttle Press Kit online.
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