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STS-88 Crew

The STS-88 Crew
Seated in the front row are Sergei K. Krikalev and Nacy J. Currie. In the rear, from the left, are Jerry L. Ross, Commander Robert D. Cabana, Pilot Frederick W. Sturckow, and James H. Newman.

CommanderRobert D. CabanaPreflight InterviewMeal Menus
PilotFrederick W. SturckowPreflight InterviewMeal Menus
Mission SpecialistNancy J. CurriePreflight InterviewMeal Menus
Mission SpecialistJerry L. RossPreflight InterviewMeal Menus
Mission SpecialistJames H. NewmanPreflight InterviewMeal Menus
Mission SpecialistSergei K. Krikalev Preflight InterviewMeal Menus
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