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Jerry L. Ross
Flight Day 1

Applesauce (T)
Dried Beef (IM) x2
Brownie (NF)
Lemonade (B)

Dried Beef (IM)
Grilled Chicken (T)
Potatoes au Gratin (R)
Vanilla Pudding (T)
Almonds (NF)
Lemonade (B) X2

Beef Steak (I)
Potatoes au Gratin (R)
Broccoli au Gratin (R)
Candy Coated Peanuts (NF)
Lemonade (B) X2
Abbreviations: (B) Beverage(FF) Fresh Food(I) Irradiated
(IM) Intermediate Moisture(NF) Natural Form(R) Rehydratable(T) Thermostabilized

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