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James H. Newman

Newman was born October 16, 1956, in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, but considers San Diego, California, to be his hometown. Married to Mary Lee Pieper. Two children. His mother, Ms. Ruth Hansen, and his father, Dr. William Newman, are both residents of San Diego. Her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wylie Bernard Pieper, reside in Houston, Texas.

He graduated from La Jolla High School, San Diego, California in 1974; received a bachelor of arts degree in physics (graduated cum laude) from Dartmouth College in 1978, a master of arts degree and a doctorate in physics from Rice University in 1982 and 1984, respectively.

Selected by NASA in January 1990, Dr. Newman began a year of astronaut candidate training in July 1990 and became an astronaut in July 1991. His technical assignments since then include: Astronaut Office Mission Support Branch where he was part of a team responsible for crew ingress/strap-in prior to launch and crew egress after landing; Mission Development Branch working on the Shuttle on-board laptop computers; Chief of the Computer Support Branch in the Astronaut Office, responsible for crew involvement in the development and use of computers on the Space Shuttle and Space Station. A veteran of two space flights (STS-51 in 1993 and STS-69 in 1995), Newman has logged over 496 hours in space.

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