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STS-88 Extravehicular Activities

Three scheduled Extravehicular Activities (EVA) were conducted by Mission Specialists Jerry Ross (EV1) and Jim Newman (EV2):


During the first EVA, scheduled for Flight Day 5, Ross and Newman made all umbilical connections necessary to activate Node 1. Upon completion of the first EVA the ground sent commands to the Node to confirm power and activation.

Tasks completed during the second EVA, scheduled for Flight Day 7, included installation of EVA translation aids and tools (handrails and foot restraint sockets), installation of the early communications (ECOMM) system antennas, and routing of the comm cable from the FGB to the starboard antenna.

  EVA 3
On Flight Day 9, the third scheduled EVA was performed to support objectives of downstream assembly missions. Tasks included installation of a large tool bag for storing EVA tools outside the station and repositioning of foot restraints. Additionally, the two crewmembers disconnected the umbilical on PMA-2 so that PMA-2 can be relocated in the future.

Ingress of the Node 1 and FGB to install ECOMM system equipment and transfer stowage items took place between the second and third EVA's, on Flight Day 8. Following the completion of the three EVA's and Node 1 and FGB ingress activities, the orbiter undocked from the ISS.



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