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STS-95 Crew

IMAGE: STS-95 crew portrait.
The STS-95 crew includes, from left, Mission Specialist Scott E. Parazynski, Pilot Steven W. Lindsey, Mission Specialist Stephen K. Robinson, Payload Specialist Chiaki Mukai, Mission Specialist Pedro Duque, Commander Curtis L. Brown Jr. and Payload Specialist John H. Glenn Jr.

CommanderCurtis L. Brown Jr.Meal Menus Interview
PilotSteven W. LindseyMeal Menus Interview
Mission SpecialistScott E. Parazynski Meal Menus Interview
Mission SpecialistPedro Duque, ESA Meal Menus Interview
Mission SpecialistStephen K. Robinson Meal Menus Interview
Payload SpecialistChiaki Mukai,
Meal Menus Interview
Payload SpecialistJohn H. Glenn Jr. Meal Menus Interview
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IMAGE: STS-95 Mission Specialists Scott Parazynski and Steve Robinson
From the STS-95 Gallery: Mission Specialists Scott Parazynski, left, and Steve Robinson check out hardware connected with a crystal growth experiment during a briefing for the crew.

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