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Since 1965, the Mission Control Center has been the nerve center for America's manned space program. The men and women who work in Building 30 at the Johnson Space Center have been vital to the success of every manned space flight since Gemini 4. These teams of experienced engineers and technicians monitor systems and activities aboard spacecraft 24 hours a day during missions, using some of the most sophisticated communication, computer, data reduction, and data display equipment available and provide the expertise needed to deal with the unexpected.

Mission Control Center Consoles
Each console in the Flight Control Room is the base of operations for a flight control team. Each has a "call sign," the name the controller uses when talking to other controllers over the various telephone communication circuits. A clickable image shows you where each of the consoles is located in Mission Control and lists the call signs and responsibilities of each position.

Here is your chance to ask a flight director a question!

Mission Control Center Fact Sheet
Flight control teams and state-of-the-art equipment provide support to the shuttle during orbit activities.

Crew Wake Up Calls
By tradition, flight controllers in Mission Control start every new crew day on orbit with a wakeup call.

Frequently asked questions about the Mission Control Center.

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