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Shuttle During Orbit Phase

Orbit Operations
While on orbit, shuttle systems provide safe and reliable support for the crew to complete all mission objectives.

Crew Wakeup Calls
By tradition, flight controllers in Mission Control start every new crew day on orbit with a wakeup call.
Flight Plan
Follow the crew's activities throughout the mission.
Orbit Insertion
After the external tank separates, the orbital maneuvering system engines place the shuttle in a pre-determined orbital altitude.
On Orbit
While on-orbit, computers support the shuttle's Guidance, Navigation, and Control systems to achieve the proper position, velocity and attitude necessary to accomplish the mission objectives.
On Orbit Checkout
One day before the end of the mission, the crew performs a check of the shuttle systems used during entry and landing.
Orbiter Structure
The orbiter is divided into nine major sections.

Among the primary objectives for this shuttle mission are the scientific and technical goals of the onboard payloads.

Earth Observation Photos
A series of the best 500 photos taken by shuttle astronauts.

Fact Sheets
Living and working in space offers unique challenges for shuttle crews.

Living in the Space Shuttle
Breathable air, appetizing and nourishing food, and a comfortable place to sleep are as important in space as they are on Earth.
Food for Space Flight
Although space constraints and a lack of refrigeration provide logistical challenges for food planning and preparation, shuttle crews enjoy a wide range of delicious meals while on orbit.

Orbiter Systems
The Space Shuttle Reference Manual provides detailed data about onboard shuttle systems, including instruments and equipment required during the orbit phase.

Shuttle Diagrams
The Shuttle Operational Data Book includes many system schematics in PDF format.

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