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STS-97 Crew

STS-97 Crew.
On the front row, from left to right, are Pilot Michael Bloomfield, Mission Specialist Marc Garneau and Commander Brent Jett. In the rear are Mission Specialists Carlos Noriega (left) and Joseph Tanner.

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PilotMichael BloomfieldInterviewMenu
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Mission SpecialistCarlos NoriegaInterviewMenu
Mission SpecialistMarc Garneau, CSAInterviewMenu
Crew Training Images

STS-97 Astronauts Joseph Tanner, Brent Jett and Carlos Noriega.
STS-97 Commander Brent Jett (center) shares a light moment with mission specialists Joseph Tanner (left) and Carlos Noriega prior to a "dry run" of countdown procedures.

STS-97 training images are now available in the Gallery.

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