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School Participants

  • École Nationale de Chimie, Physique, Biologie, Paris
  • Maria-Sibylla-Merian Gymnasium
  • Sankt Ursula-Gymnasium Bruhl
  • Ino Junior High School
  • Meikei Junior High School
  • Yamamuro Junior High School
  • Kansai Soka Junior/Senior High School
  • Pacific Union School-Redwood, Fieldbrook
  • Challenger Middle School, Escondido
  • Irvine Unified School District, Irvine
  • Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine
  • Lakeside Middle School, Irvine
  • Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine
  • South Lake Middle School, Irvine
  • Venado Middle School, Irvine
  • Vista Verde Elementary School, Irvine
  • AG Bell Junior High School, San Diego
  • Marston Middle School, San Diego
  • M.L. King Middle School, San Diego
  • Gompers Middle School, San Diego
  • Olive Peirce Middle School, Ramona
  • Valley Junior High School, Carlsbad
  • West Middle School, Colorado Springs
  • Ronald McNair Middle School, Cocoa
  • Space Coast Middle School, Cocoa
  • South Ripley Elementary School, Versailles
  • Santa Fe Trail Junior High School, Olathe
  • California Trail Junior High School, Olathe
  • Frontier Trail Junior High School, Olathe
  • Indian Trail Junior High School, Olathe
  • Pioneer Trail Junior High School,Olathe
  • Clearwood Junior High School, Lacombe
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Slidell
  • Brunswick Junior High School, Orr's Island
  • Southern High School, Baltimore
  • McCarthy Middle School, Chelmsford
  • Parker Middle School, Chelmsford
  • Diamond Middle School, Acton
  • Jonas Clarke Middle School, Lexington
  • F.A. Day Middle School, Arlington
  • Warrensburg Middle School, Warrensburg
  • Cassville Middle School, Cassville
  • Carthage Junior High School, Webb City
  • Kiewit Middle School, Omaha
  • Russell Middle School, Omaha
  • Harrison Elementary, Omaha
  • Skinner Magnet Center, Omaha
  • McMillan Magnet Center, Omaha
North Carolina
  • Davis Drive Middle School, Apex
  • East Lee Middle School, Sanford
  • North Carolina State University, Fuquay-Yarina
  • Wake Forest-Roleville Middle School, Wake Forest
  • Cedar Creek Middle School, Youngsville
  • Dunn Middle School, Dunn
  • Magellan Charter School, Raleigh
  • Pine Hall Elementary School, Pine Hall
  • F. D. Roosevelt Middle School, Cleveland
  • Putnam City Schools, Oklahoma City
  • Kenneth Cooper Middle School, Oklahoma City
  • Mayfield Middle School, Oklahoma City
  • Western Oaks Middle School, Oklahoma City
South Carolina
  • Belle Hall Elementary, Isle of Palms
  • Cario Middle School, Mt. Pleasant
  • College Park Middle School, Hickory
  • Hanahan Elementary, Goose Creek
  • James Island Middle School, Charleston
  • Porter-Gaud Lower School, Charleston
  • Drayton Hall Middle School, Charleston
South Dakota
  • Patrick Henry Middle School, Baltic
  • John Trotwood Moore Middle School, Nashville
  • Kimbrough Middle School, Mesquite
  • Seabrook Intermediate School, Seabrook
  • Webster Intermediate School, Webster
  • Point Option, Gloucester
  • Davis Middle School, Hampton
  • Hickory Middle School, Norfolk
  • Jones Magnet Middle School, Norfolk
  • Yorktown Middle School, Hayes
West Virginia
  • Warwood Middle School, Wheeling
  • Spring Harbor Environmental, Madison
Mission Operations
IMAGE: Students participating in an EarthKAM project.
Typically there is one EarthKAM space shuttle mission each year. Most participating schools, or group of schools, establish a Student Mission Operation Center, which serves as the school's center of operations during the mission.
EarthKAM Views
IMAGE: Volcanic crater near the border of Chjile and Argentina.
The volcano image was taken on STS-76. It is a photograph of a volcanic crater near the border of Chile and Argentina.
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