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Space Shuttle Benefits

There are many practical benefits to space exploration. Advances in space technology have a dramatic effect on Earth technology. Benefits range from new ergonomic solutions for people who do repetitive work to industrial medical X-ray machines. Listed below are several of these benefits. For a more detailed description of that technology, click on the corresponding picture.

2002 NASA Spinoff Magazine (2.5 Mb PDF)
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The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission set out to generate the most accurate topographical map of the Earth. The data recorded will enable engineers and scientists to develop safer navigation techniques and better communication systems.
Two girls who can not tolerate exposure to either the sunís strong ultraviolet light or even bright indoor lighting, each received a special UV protection suit that was developed from space-based technology.
A miniaturized ventricular-assist pump has been successfully implanted into several people. Initially called the NASA/DeBakey heart pump, it is based in part on technology used in space shuttle fuel pumps.
Winging their way into toy stores are Hasbro Aero Nerf Gliders, benefiting from NASA wind tunnel and aerodynamic expertise.
Properties of metal alloys studied for the space station program have sparked a new line of golf clubs. Shape memory metal gives the most seasoned golfer new control and feel.
BSR created blanket insulation kits based on NASA Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System materials and had the first products bear a seal from the U.S. Space Foundation indicating their space origin.
Based on award-winning NASA telerobotics software, VEVI4 is a powerful tool used to represent complex devices graphically in a 3-D environment. Depicted here is the Dante II vehicle during its descent into Mount Spurr, Alaska.
Building the Boeing 777 brought about the use of NASA innovations, from lightweight composite materials to the modern glass cockpit and aircraft control systems.
Engineers innovate with space technologies.NASA's Space Product Development Program helps American business explore the potential and reap the rewards of doing business in space, bringing the benefits of space to Earth where it enriches the everyday lives of the American public.
Blood pumpNASA's technology transfer is the process by which space technology developed by NASA is transferred to businesses for another purpose.

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