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NASA Acronyms
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Aanalog signal
A&A;advertise and award
A&CO;activation and checkout
A&COTA;assembly and checkout technical analysis
A&E;architects and engineers
A&E;architectural and engineering
A&L;approach and landing
A&P;airframe and power plant
A&P;attitude and pointing
A&PS;Administration and Program Support (MSFC directorate)
A&R;assembly and recycle
A&R;automation and robotics
A&RC;application and resource control
A&S;alignment and stabilization
A&SS;alignment and stabilization subsystem
A&T;assembly and test
A&TA;assembly and test area
A/Aairplane avionics
A/Aangular accelerometer
A/Cair conditioning
A/Cassociate contractor
A/Fair-to-fuel ratio
A/FMarm firing mechanism
A/Lapproach and landing
A/Marea to mass
A/Naccount name
A/Oanalog output
A/Ras required
A/Rautoland roll-out
A/Sacquisition sensor
A/Sascent stage
A/Sauxiliary stage
AAaccelerated assembly
AAaccelerometer assembly
AAaffirmative action
AAairplane avionics
AAAmerican Airlines
AAangular accelerometer
AAAssociate of Arts degree
AAassociate administrator
AA/ALairplane avionics/autoland
AA/ALautomatic approach/autoland
AAAallocations, assessments, and analysis
AAAastronaut-actuated abort
AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AACCSanalytical approach to candidate constellation selection
AACPSMactual average cost per successful mission
AACSattitude and antenna control system
AADEWattack assessment for directed-energy weapon
AADRapplications approval design review
AADSascent air data system
AADSFadvanced automated directional solidification furnace
AAEabort advisory equipment
AAEaerospace auxiliary equipment
AAEAmerican Association of Engineers
AAFEadvanced applications flight equipment
AAIRadvanced atmospheric sounder and imaging radiometer
AAMPadvanced architecture microprocessor
AAMRAMair-to-air medium-range missile
AAOAstronaut Activities Office (JSC)
AAPAffirmative Action Plan
AAPAffirmative Action Program
AAPairlock adapter plate
AAPanalog autopilot
AAPassemble at pad
AASabort advisory system
AASadvanced antenna system
AASMAssociation of American Steel Manufacturers
ABadapter booster
ABair bearing
ABanchor bolt
ABavionics bay
ABAdc amplifier, buffer, and attenuator
ABCAda browse capability
ABCautomatic brightness control
ABCASalgorithmbeam center and shape
ABCFas-built configuration file
ABCLas-built configuration list
ABCPairborne command post
ABCRas-built configuration record
ABDAirborne Ballistics Division (NASA)
ABEair-based electronics
ABEair-breathing engine
ABEarm-based electronics
ABERTauto bit error rate test
ABESair-breathing engine system
ABETSairborne beacon test set
ABIavionics bus interface
ABJITalgorithmbeam jitter
ABLairborne laser
ABLaircraft-based laser
ABLEairborne laser evaluation
ABLOSalgorithmbeam line of sight
ABMacquisition bus monitor
ABMadvance bill of materials
ABMantiballistic missile
ABMapogee boost motor
ABMAArmy Ballistic Missile Agency
ABMCPairborne military command post
ABMOAntiballistic Missile Office
ABNCPAirborne National Command Post
ABPSair-breathing propulsion system
ABRESantiballistic reentry system
ABSair-break switch
ABSammonia boiler system (subsystem)
ABTair-bearing table
ABTCUactive baseplate thermal control unit
ACadvanced composite
ACaerodynamic center
ACapplication controller
ACassembly complete
ACaudio center
ACauxiliary computer
acalternating current
ACAaltitude controller assembly
ACAannunciator control assembly
ACAAssociate Contractor Administration
ACAattitude controller assembly
ACAauxiliary crew compartment
ACAPAdvanced Computer Airframe Program
ACBair-cushion barge
ACCadvanced carbon-carbon
ACCaft cargo compartment
ACCautomatic control console
ACCauxiliary crew compartment
ACCEaugmented continuous control evaluator
ACCESSassembly concept for construction of erectable space
ACCNaudit central control network
ACCSadaptive communication control subsystem
ACCUaudio central control unit
ACDaccuracy control document
ACDanti-carryover device
ACDarchitectural control document
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDNSattitude control, determination, and navigation
ACDSattitude control and determination system (subsystem)
ACEacceptance checkout equipment
ACEactual average cost per successful mission
ACEattitude control electronics
ACEautomatic checkout equipment
ACELAir Crew Equipment Laboratory (U.S. Navy)
ACESacceptance checkout and evaluation system
ACESacceptance control equipment section
ACESautomatic checkout equipment sequencer
ACEUaerocontrol electronics unit
ACFAmerican Car and Foundry
ACIage-controlled item
ACIallocated configuration identification
ACILautomatic controlled instrument landing
ACIPaerodynamic coefficient identification package
ACIPaerodynamic coefficient instrumentation package
ACLaccess control list
ACLallowable container load
ACLascent closed loop
ACLCadaptive communication live controller
ACLSautomated control and landing system
ACMacquisition control module
ACMactual average cost per successful mission
ACMAssociation of Computing Machinery
ACMauxiliary core memory
ACMAArmy class managing activity
ACMBApplications Configuration Management Board
ACMEattitude control and maneuvering electronics
ACMSautomated configuration management system
ACNacceptance change notice
ACNAscension Island (STDN)
ACOacceptance checkout
ACOadministrative contracting officer
ACOassembly checkout
ACPairborne command post
ACPastronaut control panel
ACPaudio control panel
ACPLassembly component parts list
ACPMassociate contractor program manager
ACPMattitude control propulsion motor
ACPOAssociate Contractor Project Office
ACPSattitude control propulsion system
ACRactual cost report
ACRCassured crew return capability
ACRESautomated change request and evaluation system
ACRIMactive cavity radiometer irradiance monitor
ACRSaccelerated cost recovery system
ACRSAdvisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
ACRVassured crew return vehicle
ACSadvanced combat system
ACSaft crew station
ACSalternating current synchronous
ACSaltitude control and stabilization
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACSatmosphere control system
ACSattitude control and stabilization
ACSattitude control system
ACSautomated control system
ACSNadvance change schedule notice
ACSNadvance change/study notice
ACSUalternating-current switching unit
ACTacquisition coarse tracker
ACTacquisition, control, and test
ACTaudio center transmission
ACTAactivate test article
ACTSacquisition coarse tracker subsystem
ACTSadvanced communication technology satellite
ACUannunciator control unit
ACUavionics cooling unit
ACUOavionics cooling unit operator
ACVair-cushion vehicle
ACWPactual cost for work performed
ADAdministrative Operations and Support Service (KSC
ADadvanced development
ADair density
ADassociate director
ADAadaptive diagnostic authoring
ADAazimuth drive assembly
AdaDOD high-level programming language
ADABECSairborne demonstration advanced beam extraction m
ADACattitude determination and control
ADACSattitude determination and control system
ADADLAda design and documentation language
ADAESadvanced data assessment expert system
ADAMautomated distributed architecture model
ADAMSautomated dynamic analysis of mechanical systems
ADAPaerodynamic data analysis program
ADAPautomated data analysis program
ADBAerodynamic Data Book
ADBauxiliary memory data output bus
ADCAerospace Defense Command
ADCAir Defense Command
ADCair data computer
ADCanalog-to-digital computer
ADCanalog-to-digital converter
ADCattitude determination and control
Adcamperes direct current
ADCNattitude determination, control, and navigation
ADCOMair defense command
ADCRapplicable document contractual record
ADCSattitude determinate control system
ADCSattitude determination and control subsystem
ADDarchitecture definition document
ADFautomatic direction finder
ADFautomatic display finder
ADFRFAmes/Dryden Flight Research Facility
ADHadvanced development hardware
ADIanalytic and design investigation
ADIattitude direction indicator
ADIattitude director indicator
ADIattitude display indicator
ADICAir Defense Intelligence Center
ADLAda design language
ADLAda-based design language
ADLAdvanced Development Laboratory
ADLAvionics Development Laboratory
ADMair data management
ADMSautomated data management system
ADOPadvanced distributed on-board processor
ADPacceptance data package
ADPacceptance documentation package
ADPAdvanced Development Program (NASA)
ADPair data package
ADPair data probe
ADPautomated data processing
ADPautomatic data processing
ADPAair data probe assembly
ADPEautomated data processing equipment
ADPEautomatic data processing equipment
ADPFautomated data processing facility
ADPLas-designed parts list
ADPSacceptance data package system
ADPSSMADP system security monitor
ADRAerospace and Defense Research
ADRLautomatic drawing release list
ADSair data sensor
ADSair data system (subsystem)
ADSangular displacement sensor
ADSascent design system
ADSattitude determination subsystem
ADSattitude display system
ADSaudio distribution system
ADSAalternate demonstration structural article
ADSFautomatic directional solidification furnace
ADTair data transfer
ADTAair data transducer assembly
ADUannunciator display unit
ADUascent driver unit
AEarchitectural and engineering
AEBaft equipment bay
AECaft end cone
AECaft events controller
AECAmerican Engineering Council
AECAtomic Energy Commission
AECSarea entry control system
AECSautomated entry control system
AEDAerospace Electrical Division (Westinghouse)
AEDanalog event distributor
AEDCArnold Engineering Development Center
AEDSanalog event distribution system
AEMacoustical emission monitoring
AEMarsenal exchange model
AEMassembly and external maintenance
AEOPadaptive electro-optical processor
AERAtomic Energy Research
AEROAeroballistics (MSFC)
AESadvanced electrical schematic
AESAmerican Electrochemical Society
AESAmerican Electroplaters Society
AESanalog event system
AESatmosphere exchange system
AESAuger electron spectroscopy
AESOPan easy system of programming
AETaerosurface end-to-end test
AETalgorithm evaluation and test
AETBalumina-enhanced thermal barrier
AETLapproved engineering test laboratory
AFaft fuselage
AFAir Force
AFaudio frequency
AFaward fee
AF/DBSareal fluid data base system
AF/INAir Force/Intelligence
AFAairframe assembly
AFAAmerican Foundrymen's Association
AFADarmed forces acquisition document
AFALAir Force Astronautics Laboratory
AFALAir Force Avionics Laboratory
AFALDAir Force Acquisition Logistics Division (WPAFB)
AFAPLAir Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory
AFATLAir Force Armaments Test Laboratory
AFBAir Force base
AFBMAAntifriction Bearing Manufacturing Association
AFBMDAir Force Ballistic Missile Division
AFCaerodynamic flight control
AFCautomatic flight control
AFCautomatic frequency control
AFCSautomatic flight control system
AFCSCAir Force Cryptologic Support Center
AFDacceptance for data
AFDaft flight deck
AFDassistant flight director
AFDEaft flight deck equipment
AFDOaft flight deck operator
AFDRascent flight design review
AFEAeroassist Flight Experiment
AFEBAward Fee Evaluation Board
AFECAward Fee Evaluation Committee
AFESDAir Force Electronic Systems Division
AFETRAir Force Eastern Test Range
AFETRMAir Force Eastern Test Range Manual
AFEVAir Force experiment vehicle
AFFacceptance and ferry flight
AFFDLAir Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
AFFTCAir Force Flight Test Center (EAFB)
AFFTC/RPLAir Force Flight Test Center/Rocket Propulsion
AFGEAmerican Federation of Government Employees
AFGLAir Force Geophysics Laboratory
AFGWCAir Force Global Weather Center
AFIautomatic fault isolation
AFLCAir Force Logistics Command
AFMAir Force manual
AFMarm/firing mechanism
AFMDCAir Force Missile Development Center
AFMLAir Force Materials Laboratory
AFMTCAir Force Missile Test Center
AFOabort from orbit
AFOannounced flight opportunity
AFOSHAir Force Occupational Safety and Health
AFOTECAir Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFPadvanced flexible processor
AFPAir Force plant
AFPAriane-furnished property
AFP888designation for P80-1 spacecraft
AFPCAir Force Program Control
AFPDauthorization for program development
AFPMAir Force program manager
AFPRAir Force plant representative
AFRAir Force regulation
AFRPLAir Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (EAFB)
AFRSIadvanced flexible reusable surface insulation
AFSAir Force standard
AFSAir Force station
AFSascent flight system
AFSAAir Force study and analysis
AFSATAir Force satellite
AFSATCOMAir Force satellite communication(s)
AFSCAir Force Space Command
AFSCAir Force specialty code
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFSCFAir Force Satellite Control Facility
AFSCFAir Force Space Command Facility
AFSCFAir Force Systems Command Facility
AFSCNAir Force satellite control network
AFSCNAir Force Space Command network
AFSCSAir Force satellite communications system
AFSDAir Force Space Division
AFSIEAir Force standard items and equipment
AFSIGAscent Flight System Integration Group
AFSLVAir Force space launch vehicle
AFSPACECOMAir Force Space Command
AFSRTavionics flight systems readiness test
AFSSDAir Force Space Systems Division
AFSTCAir Force Satellite Test Center
AFSTCAir Force Space Technology Center
AFSTCAir Force Space Technology Command
AFSWCAir Force Special Weapons Center (Holloman AFB)
AFTactive fine tracker
AFTaerodynamic flight test
AFTatmospheric flight test
AFTAacoustic fatigue test article
AFTAaft frame tilt actuator
AFTECAir Force Test and Evaluation Center
AFTOCAir Force Tactical Operations Center
AFTPAir Force test procedure
AFTSaft fuselage thrust structure
AFWALAir Force Weapons Analysis Laboratory
AFWALAir Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
AFWAL/MLAir Force Wright Aeronautical als Laboratory
AFWLAir Force Weapons Laboratory
AFWPALAir Force Wright-Patterson Aeropropulsion Laboratory
AFWSGAir Force Weapons System Group
AFWTRAir Force Western Test Range
AGartificial gravity
AGattitude gyro
AGAAattitude gyro accelerometer assembly
AGAPattitude gyro accelerometer package
AGARDAdvisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development
AGCAerojet General Corporation
AGCautomatic gain control
AGCAautomatic ground-controlled approach
AGCSautomatic ground control station
AGCUair/ground cooling unit
AGCUattitude gyro coupling unit
AGEaerospace ground equipment
AGEair/ground equipment
AGEautomatic ground equipment
AGIagreement item
AGLabove ground level
AGLabove-ground link
AGLabsolute ground level
AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturer's Association
AGMCAerospace Guidance and Metrology Center
AGN&C;advanced guidance, navigation, and control
AGOSantiago, Chile (STDN)
AGOESadvanced geosynchronous observation environment
AGOSSautomated ground operations scheduling system (KSC)
AGREEAdvisory Group in Reliability of Electronic Equipment
AGSabort guidance system
AGSantigravity suit
AGSASPS gimbal system
AGTadaptive guidance throttling
AHampere hour
AHattitude hold
AHCSadvanced helicopter control system
AHIartificial horizon indicator
AHMautomatic hold mode
AHPanalytical hierarchy process
AHPpitch axis attitude hold
AHRablative heat rate
AHRroll axis attitude hold
AHRSattitude heading reference system
AHSaft heat shield
AIaction item
AIairspeed indicator
AIaltimeter indicator
AIaltitude indicator
AIartificial intelligence
AIassociate investigator
AI/ESartificial intelligence/expert system
AIAAircraft Industries Association
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AICCaction item control card
AICEAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers
AICPaerodynamic instrumental coefficient package
AICSaction item closeout sheet
AIDabbreviated item description
AIDaction item disposition
AIDanalog input differential
AIDaudit item disposition
AIDEaerospace installation diagnostic equipment
AIDSairborne integrated data system (subsystem)
AIEEAmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers
AIIMAssociation for Information and Image Management
AILAvionics Integration Laboratories
AILASautomatic instrument landing approach system
AILSautomatic instrument landing system
AIMautomatic information management
AIMEAmerican Institute of Mechanical Engineers
AIODascent insertion on-orbit deorbit
AIPaircraft instrumented payload
AIPavionics integration plan
AIRaction item report
AIRadaptive intercommunication requirement
AISaction item sheet
AISairborne imaging spectrometer
AISairlock illumination subassembly
AISanalog-in single-ended
AISCAmerican Institute of Steel Construction
AISDAutonetics ICBM Systems Division (Rockwell)
AISIAmerican Iron and Steel Institute
AISTabbreviated integration system test
AISTadvanced interferometric system technology
AISTAgency of Industrial Science and Technology
AISTRadvanced interferometric system technology requirement
AITautoignition test
AIUabort interface unit
AIUavionics interface unit
AJassembly jig
AJCSautomated job card system
AKAactive keel actuator
AKMapogee kick motor
ALapproach and landing
Al-Lialuminum lithium
ALASapproach/landing autopilot subsystem
ALASATair-launched antisatellite
ALASSalternate low-altitude surveillance system
ALBacceptance log book
ALCaft load controller
ALCair logistics center
ALCaudio load compensator
ALCautomatic level control
ALCautomatic light control
ALCAaft load controller assembly
ALCAautomatic level-control assembly
ALCCAirborne Launch Control Center
ALCMair-launched cruise missile
ALCOAAluminum Corporation of America
ALCOMalgorithmline-of-sight comparison
ALDCautomatic load and drive control
ALDOactivity-level-dependent operation
ALEAirborne Laser Experiment
ALEairport lighting equipment
ALERTacute launch emergency reliability tip
ALERTacute launch emergency restraint tip
ALFAair-lubricated free attitude
ALFTapproach and landing flight test
ALGOLalgorithmic language
ALIOactivity-level-independent operation
ALLAirborne Laser Laboratory
ALMSautomated logistics management system
ALOSAalgorithmline-of-sight angle
ALPSadvanced liquid propulsion system
ALPSapproach and landing procedures simulator
ALRCAerojet Liquid Rocket Company
ALRUTSautomated line replaceable unit tracking system (KSC)
ALSAda language system
ALSadvanced launch system
ALSadvanced logistics system
ALSairlock system
ALSalternative landing site
ALSapproach/landing system
ALSautomatic landing system
ALSAastronaut life support assembly
ALSEastronaut life support equipment
ALSEMPALS Engineering Management Plan
ALSGEMALS global evaluation module
ALSSadvanced life support system
ALSSairlock support system (subsystem)
ALSSSWGALS System Security Working Group
ALSSWALS software
ALTapproach and landing test
ALTRapproach and landing test requirement
ALTSavionics LRU tracking system
ALUarithmetic/logic unit
ALVadvanced launch vehicle
ALVadvanced logistics vehicle
ALVIBalgorithmpayload vibration
AMactuator mechanism
AMAdministration and Management Operations (KSC
AMaeromedical monitor
AMairlock module
AMalpha meter
AMamplitude modulated
AMamplitude modulation
AMantenna management
AMassurance management
AMALAeronautical Medical Acceleration Laboratory
AMALAviation Medical Acceleration Laboratory
AMBDautomated maintenance data base
AMCaft motor controller
AMCAir Material Command
AMCArmy Missile Command
AMCautomatic manual control
AMCautomatic mixture control
AMCAaft motor controller assembly
AMCCADL master control console
AMCMadvanced missions cost model
AMCRautomated master change record
AMDCSassurance management document control system
AMDSadvanced missions docking system (subsystem)
AMEabort maneuver evaluator
AMECaft master events controller
AMEUalpha/Mach indicator electronic unit
AMFabort motor facility
AMFapogee memory image
AMFLAeromedical Field Laboratory
AMGActivation Management Group
AMGangle of the middle gimbal
AMIairspeed/Mach indicator
AMIalpha/Mach indicator
AMIapogee memory image
AMICAutomated Management Information Center
AMISacquisition management information system
AMKaircraft modification kit
AMLapproved materials list
AMLCasynchronous multiline controller
AMLSadvanced manned launch system
AMMMautonomous magnetic momentum management
AMOAerospace Medical Operations (JSC)
AMOOSadvanced maneuvering orbit-to-orbit Shuttle
AMOSAir Force Maui optical site
AMPDApplied Materials Physics Division
AMPRaeronautical manufacturer's planning report
AMPRaeronautical manufacturer's progress report
AMPSatmosphere, magnetosphere, and plasmas in space
AMPSatmospheric magnetospheric plasma system
AMPTEactive magnetospheric particle tracer explorer
AMRarea-to-mass ratio
AMRAtlantic Missile Range
AMRFAutomated Manufacturing Research Facility
AMROAMR operations
AMRVastronaut maneuvering vehicle
AMSacoustic measurement system
AMSactuation mechanism subsystem
AMSaeronautical material specification
AMSamplifier subsystem
AMSattached manipulator system
AMSautomated material system
AMSautomated measurement system
AMSCadvanced military space flight capability
AMSDAutonetics Marine Systems Division
AMSTadvanced medium STOL transport
AMTauxiliary master tape
AMTASautomatic modal tuning and analysis system
AMTDautomatic magnetic tape dissemination
AMTFAcoustic Model test Facility
AMUastronaut maneuvering unit
AMUattitude match update
AMWangular momentum wheel
AMXAM transmitter-receiver
AMYAda management yield
ANAAir Force-Navy aeronautical bulletin
ANARSautonomous navigation and attitude reference system
ANCactive nutation control
ANCAir Force-Navy-civil
ANDAir Force-Navy aeronautical design standard
ANDAir Force-Navy design
ANIauthorized, not implemented
ANLautomatic noise limiter
ANMCCAlternate National Military Command Center
ANRAair navigation radio aid
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANTAntigua (ETR)
ANTAntigua Island
AOanalog output
AOannouncement of opportunity
AOAabort once around
AOAairborne optical adjunct
AOAAmerican Ordnance Association
AOAangle of attack
AOCannual operating cost
AOCauxiliary output chip
AOCPac on-board computer program
AOCPAVCS on-board computer program
AOCRDacceptance and operational checkout requirements
AOCSattitude and orbit control subsystem
AODadvanced object data
AODAircraft Operations Division (JSC)
AODanalog output differential
AODassistant operations director
AOESadvanced orbit ephemeris system
AOFEEadvanced orbiter flight evaluation experiment
AOIarea of interest
AOISautomatic optical inspection system
AOLarea of launch
AOMacoustic-optic modulator
AOPannual operating plan
AOPassembly operations plan
AOPLadvance order parts list
AOPMairline operations planning model
AOQaverage outgoing quality
AOQLaverage outgoing quality limit
AOSacquisition of signal
AOSACTS optical system
AOSairborne optical system
AOSPadvanced on-board signal processor
AOTactual operating time
AOTalignment optical telescope
AOTavionics operating time
AOTavionics overall test
APaccelerometer package
APaccess panel
APaccess point
APadministrative procedure
APair pressure
APatmospheric and space physics
APProcurement, Supply, and Transportation (KSC
AP&P;advanced plans and programs
APAabort programmer assembly
APAallowance for program adjustment
APAEattached payload accommodations equipment
APASAerodynamic Performance and Sizing Program
APCadaptive payload carrier
APCadvanced propulsion comparison
APCaft power controller
APCairborne particle counter
APCarmored personnel carrier
APCautomatic phase control
APCAaft power controller assembly
APCPAerojet photoelectric cell program
APDarea passive dosimeter
APDavalanche photo diode
APDLAda programming design language
APEarithmetic processing extension
APESadvanced processor emulator system
APGCAir Proving Ground Command
APIair position indicator
APIFautomated process information file
APIRDauthorized procurement information requirements
APIRLauthorized procurement information requirements list
APKaccelerometer package
APLapplications program library
APLACanalysis program linear active circuit
APLISautomated payload ICD system
APLMapplications program library maintenance
APMascent particle monitor
APMassistant project manager
APMassociate program manager
APMSMassembly phase maintenance simulation model
APNACE problem notice
APOautomated purchase order
APPadvance procurement package
APPastrophysics payload
APPFAutomated Payload Processing Facility
APPLEadvanced propulsion payload effect
APPSauxiliary payload power system
APRadvance parts release
APRFArmy Pulse Radiation Facility
APSaft propulsion system (subsystem)
APSascent propulsion system
APSattitude propulsion system (subsystem)
APSautomated planning system
APSautomatic processing system
APSauxiliary power subsystem
APSauxiliary propulsion system
APSAPauxiliary propulsion system aft pod
APSEAda programming support environment
APSSatmospheric pressure supply subsystem
APTairborne pointer tracker
APTastronaut preference test
APTautomatic programmed tool
APTEautomated production test equipment
APTIactions per time interval
APUauxiliary power unit
APUauxiliary propulsion unit
APUSauxiliary power unit subsystem
APUTauxiliary power unit test
APWLautomatically processed wire list
AQLacceptance quality level
ARacceptance readiness
ARacceptance review
ARacid resisting
ARas required
ARatmospheric revitalization
ARAattitude reference assembly
ARAauxiliary recovery antenna
ARABSATSaudi Arabian communications satellite
ARAPAeronautical Research Associates of Princeton
ARAPastronaut rescue air pack
ARARaccident risk assessment report
ARCaggregation of red blood cells
ARCAmes Research Center (NASA, Moffet Field, California)
ARCautomatic responsivity correction
ARCOMSATArab League communications satellite
ARCSaft reaction control subsystem
ARDabort region determinator
ARDCAir Research and Development Command (Air Force)
ARESadvanced railroad electronic system
ARFDSautomatic reentry flight dynamics simulator
ARGMAArmy Rocket and Guided Missile Agency
ARIAadvanced range instrumentation aircraft
ARIESastronomical radio interferometric Earth surveying
ARINCAircraft Radio, Incorporated
ARISadvanced range instrumentation ship
ARISALS requirements information system
ARMAaccumulator-reservoir manifold assembly
ARMSautomated requirements management system
ARNaction and reply notice
ARNadditional reference number
ARPas-run procedure
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency (DOD)
ARPCSatmosphere revitalization pressure control system
ARPCSatmospheric revitalization pressure control system
ARPESHaccurate and reliable prototype Earth sensor head
ARQautomatic request
ARRSair recovery and rescue service
ARSAir Rescue Service
ARSair revitalization system (subsystem)
ARSALS release system
ARSAmerican Rocket Society
ARSatmosphere revitalization subsystem
ARSatmospheric revitalization section
ARSatmospheric revitalization system
ARSattitude reference system
ARSDAadvanced radiation space defense application
ARTautomated reasoning tool
ARTCCair route traffic control center
ARTOAdvanced Radiation Technology Office
ARTOOSAdvanced Radiation Technology Office optical support
ARTSadvanced remote tracking station
ARTSautomated restricted tracking system
ARTSautomated retrieval and tracking system
ARTSEAda run-time support environment (for embedded systems)
ARUattitude reference unit
AS&ASD;Autonetics Sensors and Aircraft Systems Division
AS/CPattitude set/control panel
AS/RSautomated storage and retrieval system
ASAabort sensor assembly
ASAadapter service area
ASAadvanced system avionics
ASAaerosurface amplifier
ASAaerosurface servoamplifier
ASAAmerican Standards Association
ASACaerodynamic surfaces assembly and checkout
ASAPACE Shuttle application processing
ASAPadvanced sensor analysis program
ASAPAerospace Safety Advisory Panel
ASAPas soon as possible
ASAPTSautomated scheduling and product tracking system
ASASaerodynamic stability augmentation system
ASATSantisatellite simulation
ASBairlock stowage bag
ASCaerodynamic surface control
ASCaerosurface control
ASCairlock support component
ASCAmerican Satellite Corporation
ASCarray stowage container
ASCAscension Island
ASCautomatic sensitivity control
ASCauxiliary switch normally closed
ASCADSaft station command and data system
ASCEairlock signal conditioning electronics
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCOPApplied Science Corporation of Princeton (Division of
ASCPattitude set control panel
ASCSatmosphere storage and control subsystem (Spacelab)
ASCSatmospheric storage and control section
ASCSattitude stabilization and control system
ASDadvanced systems development
ASDAeronautical Systems Division (Air Force)
ASDEaerosurface driver electronics
ASDMaerosurface driver/monitor
ASDTICanalog-signal-to-discrete-time-interval converter
ASEadvanced space engine
ASEaerospace support equipment
ASEairborne support equipment
ASEautomatic support equipment
ASEAAmerican Society of Engineers and Architects
ASEDAvionics System Engineering Division (JSC)
ASFAtmospheric Science Facility
ASFTabbreviated system functional test
ASFTSauxiliary system function test stand
ASGAeronautical Standards Group
ASGAvionic Subsystems Group
ASGPDattitude set and gimbal position display
ASIairspeed indicator
ASIamended shipping instructions
ASIaugmented spark igniter
ASIaugmented spark indicator
ASIaugmented system ignition
ASICapplication-specific integrated circuit
ASICapplication-specific integration circuit
ASKamplitude shift keying
ASKAautomatic system for kinematic analysis
ASLabove sea level
ASLapproved source list
ASLUantenna select logic unit
ASMair-to-surface missile
ASMAmerican Society for Metals
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASNaverage sample number
ASOauxiliary switch normally open
ASOAviation Safety Office
ASPaerosurface position
ASPairborne science program
ASPIaerosurface position indicator
ASPPatmospheric and space plasma physics
ASPRarmed service procurement regulation
ASPSannular suspension and pointing system
ASPSLASPP Sortie Laboratory
ASQCAmerican Society for Quality Control
ASRair-sea rescue
ASRautomatic send and receive
ASRavionic system review
ASREAmerican Society of Refrigerating Engineers
ASRMabort solid rocket motor
ASRMadvanced solid rocket motor
ASRSautomated Shuttle requirement system
ASRSautomated support requirements system
ASSDAutonetics Strategic Systems Division
ASSEAmerican Society of Sanitary Engineers
ASSESSairborne science Shuttle experiments system simulation
ASSHadvanced space systems hardening
ASSOassistant system security officer
ASSTAmerican Society for Steel Treating
ASTall-systems test
ASTAtlantic standard time
ASTBAGN&C; simulation test bed
ASTDAdvanced Space Technology Division
ASTEAmerican Society of Tool Engineers
ASTFAeropropulsion System Test Facility
ASTGAerospace Test Group
ASTIAArmed Services Technical Information Agency
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing Materials
ASTPApollo-Soyuz Test Project
ASTRAadvanced star tracker
ASTROascent trajectory optimization
ASTSavionic system test specification
ASVIBalgorithmscoreboard vibrations
ATaccess tower
ATaction time
ATassembly truss
AT&L;acceptance test and logistics
AT&T;American Telephone & Telegraph
ATAabort time assembly
ATAadvanced tactical aircraft
ATAaft test article
ATAAir Transport Association
ATAassembly test article
ATAavionics test article
ATACAdvanced Technology Advisory Committee
ATCablative thrust control
ATCactive thermal control
ATCAir Training Command
ATCair traffic control
ATCaircraft target computer
ATCassistant test conductor
ATCATE computer
ATC/FTDAir Training Command/Field Training Detachment
ATCAattitude translation control assembly
ATCOambient temperature catalytic oxidizer
ATCSactive thermal control system (subsystem)
ATDAPaircraft target data acquisition program
ATDBaerothermal data book
ATDBaerothermodynamic data book
ATDFautomated test development folder
ATDPacceptance test data package
ATDPaircraft target data program
ATDRPaircraft target data reduction program
ATEaerospace training equipment
ATEairborne test equipment
ATEautomated test equipment
ATEautomatic test engineer
ATEautomatic test equipment
ATFadvanced tactical fighter
ATGAerospace Test Group
ATGautomated time line generator
ATHabove the horizon
ATIaverage total inspection
ATISautomatic terminal information system
ATLAdvanced Technology Laboratories
ATLAero-Thermal Lab (Marquardt)
ATLAvionics Test Laboratory
ATLASabbreviated test language for avionic systems
ATLASanalysis of thrust structure loads and stresses
ATMApollo telescope mount
ATMascent trajectory model
ATOabort to orbit
ATOautomatic turn-on
ATOLLacceptance test of launch language
ATOPAda technology operational planning
ATOSautomated technical order system
ATPacceptance test procedure
ATPacceptance test program
ATPacquisition, tracking, and pointing
ATPactivation test program
ATPadvanced technical payroll
ATPairborne tracking and pointing
ATPauthority to proceed
ATP-FCacquisition, tracking, and pointingfire control
ATPAalpha temperature probe assembly
ATPGautomatic test program generator
ATPSEacquisition, tracking, and pointing system emulator
ATRair transport rack
ATRair transport radio
ATRair transport rating
ATRair transportation rack
ATRSautomated training records system
ATSacceptance test specification
ATSadministrative telephone system
ATSadministrative terminal system
ATSadvanced technology satellite
ATSanalog tone signal
ATSapplications technology satellite
ATSassembly trusses and structure
ATSasynchronous task storage
ATSAtlantic tracking ship
ATSAtlantic tracking station
ATSautomatic terminal system
ATSautomatic test set
ATSautomatic transcribing system
ATTacceptance thermal testing
ATTACKadvanced threat technology attack coordination and
ATTSautomatic telemetry tracking system
ATUaudio terminal unit
ATUaudio/thermal unit
ATVCascent thrust vector control (controller)
ATVCautomatic thrust vector control
ATVCDascent thrust vector control driver
ATVCSautomatic thrust vector control system
AUaccounting unit
AUastronomical unit
AUASAMautomatic aimpoint selection and maintenance
AUBaft utility bridge
AUCaverage unit cost
AUCVadvanced unmanned cargo vehicle
AUDFautomated unit development folder
AUFauthorized user file
AUPAmes unitary plan (wind tunnel)
AUTO-BFautomatic body flap
AUTO-Pautomatic pitch control mode
AUTO-YRautomatic yaw roll mode
AUTODINautomatic digital network
autolandautomatic landing
AUTOVONautomatic voice network
AVaverage value
AVCautomatic volume control
AVCGautomatic vapor crystal growth
AVCORalgorithmvibration correlation
AVCSattitude and velocity control system (subsystem)
AVDair vehicle detection
AVEaerospace vehicle equipment
AVEairborne vehicle equipment
AVEatmospheric variability experiment
AVEautomatic volume expansion
AVEAvenal (TACAN station)
AVIDautomated verification information data base
AVLaddress validity
AVLAvionics Verification Laboratory
AVLSIadvanced, very large scale integration
AVOavoid verbal orders
AVRCSattitude, velocity, reaction control system
AVRELavailability and reliability program
AVSMauxiliary video switch matrix
AVTacceptance vibration testing
AVVEUaltitude/vertical velocity indicator electronic unit
AVVIaltitude/vertical velocity indicator
AWairlock wall
AWassembly workstand
AWAAattack warning and attack assessment
AWACSadvanced warning and control system
AWCSagency-wide coding structure
AWGActivation Working Group
AWGAmerican wire gauge
AWIaccommodation weight investigation
AWLaugmented wire list
AWLautomated wire list
AWPVautomated weld process verification
AWSadvance warning system
AWSair weather service
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSautomated wiring system
AXAFAdvanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility
AZELazimuth and elevation
B&P;budgetary and planning
B-Lbill of lading
B/Abuffer amplifier
B/Cbench check
B/Mbench maintenance
B/Pblood pressure
B/SCbrake/skid control
B/Vbleed valve
BAbank angle
BAbreathing air
BACBoeing Aerospace Company
BACBoeing Aircraft Company
BACbooster assembly contractor
BACbudget at completion
BACbuffer access card
BACSbody axis coordinate system
BAFBarnes absorption filter
BAFObest and final offer
BAIbarometric altitude indicator
BAIRbreathing air
BANbudget allocation notice
BAROCbaroset correction
BARSbaseline accounting and reporting system
BASbreathing air system
BASDBall Aerospace Systems Division
BASSbackup avionics system software
BATEbase activation test equipment
BATESbattlefield artillery tactical engagement system
BATSEBurst and Transient Source Experiment
BAUbusiness as usual
BBCbefore-business clearance
BBNBolt, Beranek, and Newman
BBSDEC all-in-one bulletin board system
BBXRTbroadband X-ray telescope
BCbase construction
BCbaseline configuration
BCbattery charge
BCbattery conditioner
BCbell cord
BCbeta cloth
BCbetween centers
BCbinary counter
BCbolt center
BCbus coupler
BCCbeacon control console
BCCTbreak control command transducer
BCDbaseline concept definition
BCDbaseline configuration document
BCDbinary-coded data
BCDbudget change document
BCEbackup control electronics
BCEburn control element
BCEbus control element
BCHbase Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen
BCHbinary-coded hexadecimal
BCIbaseline configuration identification
BCIDbaseline candidate item data base
BCLSbase cardiac life support
BCObooster cutoff
BCPbase condemnation percent
BCPbenchmark control point
BCRbar chart report
BCRbudget change request
BCRDbasic consolidated requirements document
BCRTbinary code range time
BCSbeam control system
BCTbus configuration table
BCUbattery control unit
BCUbus control unit
BCWPbudget costs for work performed
BCWSbudgeted cost for work scheduled
BDbinary decoder
BDbinary digit
BDbinary discrete
BDAbackup drive amplifier
BDABermuda Island (STDN)
BDCRbaseline document change request
BDDbaseline definition document
BDDburst detection dosimeter (IGS)
BDDburst detector dosimeter
BDIbudget data and integration
BDPburst detection processor (IGS)
BDPburst detector processor
BDS-2booster phase detection system
BDTblock data transfer
BDWburst detector EMP sensor
BDWEMP sensor
BDXburst detection X-ray sensor
BDXburst detector X-ray sensor
BDYburst detector optical sensor
BEbeam expander
BEbell end
BEAFbeam expander alignment function
BECbackup event controller
BECObooster engine cutoff
BERbit error rate
BESSbiomedical experiment scientific satellite
BESSbiomedical experiment support satellite
BESTbooster exhaust study test
BETbest-estimate trajectory
BETbest estimate of trajectory
BETAballistic exploitation and target acquisition
BFback feed
BFbeat frequency
BFbody flap
BFCbackup flight control (controller)
BFCbody flap control
BFCSbackup flight control system
BFECBendix Field Engineering Corporation
BFLback focal length
BFLBakersfield (TACAN station)
BFNbeam-forming feed network
BFObeat frequency oscillator
BFPbuyer-furnished part
BFRPboron fiber-reinforced plastic
BFSbackup flight software
BFSbackup flight system
BFSPLPBFS payload preprocessor
BFSSbackup flight software system
BGback gear
BH/MPbreather hose/mouthpiece
BHNBrinell hardness number
BHPbrake horsepower
BHSbase heat shield
BIbackground information
BIAbooster insertion and abort
BIAbus interface adapter
BIBblocked impurity band
BIBIBback-illuminated blocked impurity band
BICbus interface controller
BILBObuilt-in logic block observer
BISbiocide injection system
BISCbiomedical instrumentation, scientific and crew
BITbuilt-in test
BITEbuilt-in test equipment
BITSbudget impact tracking system
BIUbuffer interface unit
BIUbus interface unit
BJRblockhouse junction rack
BKNO3boron-potassium nitrate
BLOWbooster lift-off weight
BLPGburied long-period grating
BLSbottom left side
BLVbleed valve
BMballistic missile
BMbattle management
BMbench maintenance
BMbranch manager
BMbusiness manager
BM-TW/AAballistic missiletactical warning/attack
BM/C3battle management and command, control, and
BMAbody-mounted accelerometer
BMAGbody-mounted attitude gyro
BMAPbuffer map
BMASbody-mounted accelerometer system
BMBbase maintenance building
BMBbench maintenance building
BMC3battle management communications (three types)
BMDballistic missile defense
BMDATCBallistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center
BMDSCOMBallistic Missile Defense Systems Command
BMEbench maintenance equipment
BMEWSballistic missile early warning system
BMFTGerman D-1 Spacelab payload
BMIBattelle Memorial Institute
BMMDbody-mass measuring device
BMOBallistic Missile Office
BMOballistic missile organization
BMSbackground measurement satellite
BMSbattle management simulation
BMTSbench maintenance test set
BMUbus monitor unit
BMVUballistic missile view
BNballistic number
BNSbomb navigation system
BObeating oscillator
BOAbroad ocean area
BOCBase Operations Contract (contractor)
BOCblowout coil
BODbeneficial occupancy date
BODbright-object detector
BOEbreak of entry
BOFbeginning of file
BOIbreak of integrity
BOLbeginning of life
BOMbeginning of month
BOMbill of material
BOPbaseline operations plan
BOPbasic overall polarity
BOPACEBoeing plastic analysis capability for engines
BOSbackup operating system
BOSbright-object sensor
BOSOballistic orbital support operations
BOTbeginning of tape
BOWbill of work
BPback pressure
BPbarber pole
BPbase plate
BPbid and proposal
BPblood pressure
BPboiling point
BPbudgetary and planning
BPbuttock plane
BPCbackpressure control
BPCboost protective cover
BPDbaseline program document
BPDbaseline program documentation
BPIboost phase intercept
bpibits per inch
bpmbeats per minute
BPMSblood pressure measuring system
BPOblanket purchase order
BPRbimonthly progress report
BPRbypass ratio
BPSboost propulsion system
bpsbits per second
BPSKbiphase shift key
BPSKbiphase shift keying
BPTbody point
BPVbipropellant valve
BRbit rate
BRAVObusiness risk and value of operation in space
BRCSbasic reference coordinate system
BRDFbidirectional reflectance distribution function
BRFband rejection filter
BRILbudget receipt/issuance log
BRLBallistic Research Laboratory
BRMbaseline reference mission
BRMbiological research module
brpmbreath rate per minute
BRRSBanana River Repeater Station
BRSbottom right side
BSbackup subsystem
BSbeam splitter
BSblock specification
BSAbattery bus solar array
BSAbus status/alternate bus table
BSCbrake skid controller
BSDBallistic Systems Division
BSDPbooster-stage discharge pressure
BSEbooster systems engineer
BSEEBachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering
BSGEBachelor of Science degree in general engineering
BSIbasic shipping instruction
BSIBoeing Services International
BSIbooster situation indicator
BSMbeam-steering mechanism
BSMbooster separation motor
BSMEBachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering
BSPbusiness system planning
BSRbasic system release
BSRBITE status register
BSRMbooster solid rocket motor
BSSbackup system services
BSTSboost surveillance and tracking system
BSTSboost surveillance tracking system
BSWBFS software
BTburn time (engine)
BTCbinary time code
BTCbus tie contractor
BTEbench test equipment
BTHbelow the horizon
BTMSbody temperature measuring system
BTRburn time remaining
BTRbus transfer
BTUbus terminal unit
BtuBritish thermal unit
BU&C;/Obuildup and checkout
BUAERBureau of Aeronautics (Navy)
BUCbackup computer
BUCBuckhorn (GSTDN)
BUFCbackup flight controller
BUICbackup interceptor control
BUNBITE update notice
BUORDBureau of Ordnance (Navy)
BUOUbackup optical unit
BURbackup rate
BUSGENBussin generator
BUSHIPSBureau of Ships
BVbalanced voltage
BVboost vehicle
BVbooster vehicle
BVCboost voltage converter
BWbeam width
BWbridge wire
BWGBirmingham wire gauge
BWObackward wave oscillator
Ccore (metal)
C&C;command and control
C&C;communication and control
C&CS;command and control subsystem
C&D;communication and data
C&D;controls and displays
C&DH;command and data handling
C&DP;control and data processor
C&DS;command and data simulator
C&DSS;communication and data subsystem
C&I;communication and instrumentation
C&M;control and monitoring
C&P;contracts and pricing
C&T;communication and tracking
C&TS;communications and tracking system
C&TSS;communication and tracking subsystem
C&W;caution and warning
C-BARSclassified baseline accounting and reporting system
C-DELcomplete delivery
C-RFEC-band RF electronics
C-to-Ccomputer-to-computer of gravity
C/Acoarse acquisition (navigation signal)
C/Acode standard positioning service
C/Bcircuit breaker
C/Ccombustion chamber
C/DPMcost/design performance management
C/Fcenter frequency
C/Pcold plate
C/Rcommutation rate
c/scounts per second
C/SCcost/schedule control
C/SCScost/schedule control system
C/SCSCcost and schedule control system criteria
C/SCSCcost/schedule control systems criteria
C/SRcost/schedule report
C/SSRcost/schedule status report
C/Tcontrol and timing
C/Wcarrier wave
C/Wcaution and warning
C2command and control
C2Icommand, control, and intelligence
C2Scommand and control subsystem
C3command, control, and communications
C3Icommand, control, communications, and intelligence
CAcarrier aircraft
CAcompletion of assembly
CAcone angle
CAcontract advice
CAcontract award
CAcorrective action
CAcost account
CAcritical analysis
CAACivil Aeronautics Administration
CAAcomposite audio amplifier
CAAcost account authorization
CAALIScomputer-aided assembly-line inspection system
CAATcomputer-aided assembly tool
CABCivil Aeronautics Board
CABCivil Aviation Board
CABcomputer address bus
CABCorrective Action Board
CABCost Audit Board
CACBcenter aisle connector bracket
CACCcommunications and configuration console
CADcomputer-aided design
CAD-OPScomputer-aided design costing for operations
CADAMcomputer graphics augmented design and manufacturing
CADDScomputer-aided design and drafting system
CADEcontroller/attitude direct electronics
CADFISScomputation and data flow integrated subsystem
CADScommand and data simulator
CADScomputer-aided design system
CADSIcommunication and data systems integration
CADUcontrol and display unit
CAEcomputer-aided engineering
CAEcorrective action engineer
CAFBChanute Air Force Base
CAIcomputer-aided instruction
CAITcomputer-aided instruction terminal
CAITcomputer-aided instruction trainer
CALcanister airlock
CALcomputer-aided logistics
CALcontract advice letter
CALCornell Aeronautical Laboratory
Cal/OSHACalifornia Occupational Safety and Health Act
CALScomputer-aided acquisition and logistics support
CALScomputer-aided logistics system
CALSTCornell Aeronautical Laboratory Shock Tunnel
CAMcarrier aircraft modification
CAMCivil Aeronautics Manual
CAMcomputer annunciation matrix
CAMcomputer-aided manufacturing
CAMcontent-addressable memory
CAMcost account manager
CAMERAcontrol and monitoring equipment resource allocation
CAMPcommon Ada missile package
CAMPcomputer-aided message processing
CANcertification analysis network
CAOCost Administration Office
CAPcapability assurance program
CAPcomputer application program
CAPcontractor-acquired property
CAPcost account package
CAPcost account plan
CAPcrew activity plan
capcomcapsule communicator
CAPRIcapacitance rate integrator
CAPScommon attitude pointing system
CAPScrew activity planning system
CAPScrew altitude protection suit
CAPScrew altitude protection system
CAPSScomputer-aided planning and scheduling system
CARcertification analysis requirements
CARcertification approval request
CARconfiguration and acceptance review
CARcontractual action request
CARcorrective action record
CARcorrective action report
CARcorrective action request
CARcustomer acceptance review
CARBCentral Acquisition Review Board
CARDECanadian Armament Research and Development
CARIDcustomer acceptance report item disposition
CARIDcustomer acceptance review item disposition
CARMcustomer accommodation requirement model
CARRcustomer acceptance readiness review
CARRcustomer accommodation requirement representative
CARSconfiguration accounting and reporting system
CAScalibrated airspeed
CASCITE augmentation system
CAScommand augmentation system
CAScomputer airspeed
CASconfiguration accounting system
CAScooperative application satellite
CAScost accounting standard
CAScrew accommodation system
CAS-PCAS pitch control mode
CAS-YRCAS yaw roll control mode
CASBCost Accounting Standards Board
CASEcare application service element
CASEcomputer-aided system engineering
CASEcomputer-automated software engineering
CASEScontrol and structures experiments for space
CASOcancellation addendum sales order
CASPchange assessment summary package
CASRcost and schedule reporting system
CASSCITE augmentation support system
CASSconsolidated automated support system
CATcomputer-aided test
CATcontrol attenuator timer
CAT-2communications and tracking comprehensive analysis tool
CATSchange action tracking system
CATScorrespondence action tracking system
CAUcommand acquisition unit
CAUcommand activation unit
CAUcustomer acquisition unit
CAWGCustomer Accommodation Working Group
CBcenter of buoyancy
CBcircuit breaker
CBcoax (or coaxial) interface bracket
CBcontrol board
CBAC-band transponder antenna
CBAcollective bargaining agreement
CBARSclassified baseline accounting and reporting system
CBBcontract budget baseline
CBCchange board commitment
CBCcomplete blood count
CBEconnector bracket experiment
CBILcommon and bulk items list
CBOCongressional Budget Office
CBPconnector bracket power
CBRCalifornia bearing ratio
CBrF3bromotrifluoromethane (fire-extinguishing material)
CBSconnector bracket signal
CBSAcargo bay stowage assembly
CBTcomputer-based training
CBVcabin bleed valve
CBWconstant bandwidth
CBXC-band transponder
CCchannel controller
CCclosing coil
CCcolor code
CCcommercial control
CCcommunications control
CCcompatibility change
CCcomputer center
CCcontamination control
CCcontract completion
CCcontrol center
CCcorner cube
CCcost center
CCcrew certified
CCcrew compartment
CCAcommunications carrier assembly
CCAcontract change authority
CCAcontract change authorization
CCAFSCape Canaveral Air Force Station
CCATScommand communications and telemetry system
CCBChange Control Board
CCBConfiguration Control Board
CCBDConfiguration Control Board directive
CCBDControl Change Board directive
CCCcentral computer complex
CCCcommand control console
CCCcommunication control center
CCCcomplex control center
CCCcomputer checkout console
CCCConsolidated Controls Corporation
CCCcontaminant control cartridge
CCCcontroller checkout console
CCCcoordinate conversion computer
CCCDcrew compartment configuration drawing
CCDcentral command decoder
CCDcharge-coupled device
CCDcheckout command decoder
CCDconstants change display
CCDRcontractor critical design review
CCEcomputer command engineer
CCEcontinuous control evaluator
CCFcentral computer facility
CCFconverter compressor facility
CCFFCape Canaveral Forecast Facility
CCFTcontrolled current feedback transformer
CCHScrew compartment heat shield
CCIMcommand computer input multiplexer
CCIRInternational Radio Consultative Committee
CCLclosed-circuit loop
CCLcommonality candidate list
CCLcritical characteristics list
CCMcontrolled carrier modulation
CCMcrew/cargo module
CCMEcontract change mass estimate
CCMScheckout, control, and monitor subsystem (LPS)
CCMScommand, control, and monitor system
CCMTACape Canaveral Missile Test Annex
CCNcontract change negotiation
CCNcontract change notice
CCNcontract change notification
CCOcontract change order
CCOcurrent-controlled oscillator
CCOcustomer contracting officer
CCOHcorrosive contaminants, oxygen, and humidity
CCPcenter console panel
CCPChange Control Panel
CCPchange control package
CCPcommercial change proposal
CCPcomputer control panel
CCPconfiguration change point
CCPConfiguration Control Panel
CCPconfiguration control phase
CCPconfiguration control point
CCPcontamination control plan
CCPcontract change proposal
CCPcontrolled components program
CCPcorrosion control plan
CCPcost control program
CCPDSRcommon center processing and display system replacement
CCPDSRcommunications center processing and display system
CCRcargo compatibility review
CCRconfiguration control record
CCRcontract change record
CCRcontract change request
CCRcontractor change review
CCRcontrol center rack
CCRACape Canaveral reference atmosphere
CCRFconsolidated communication recording facility
CCScentral computer and sequencer
CCScentral control section
CCScentral control station
CCScommand and communication system
CCScomplex control set
CCScomputer core segment
CCSconsole communication system
CCScontamination control system
CCScontract control system
CCSDChrysler Corporation Space Division
CCSDCollins Communications Systems Division
CCSDSConsultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CCSRcarbon-carbon survivable radiator
CCSRcrew compartment stowage review
CCTcommand/control transmitter
CCTcomputer-compatible tape
CCTCFcommunication circuit technical control facility
CCTVclosed-circuit television
CCUcamera control unit
CCUcentral control unit
CCUcommunications carrier umbilical
CCUcommunications carrier unit
CCUcoupling control unit
CCUcrew communications unit
CCUcrew compartment umbilical
CCUcrewman communications umbilical
CCVchamber coolant valve
CCVAchamber coolant valve actuator
CCZcommand and control zone
CDcall director
CDcandela (luminous intensity)
CDcoefficient of drag
CDcoin dimple
CDcommand decoder MDM
CDcomponents demonstration
CDcurrent density
CD&SC;Communications, Distribution, and Switching Center
CD/Vconcept definition and validation
CDAcommand and data acquisition
CDAcritical design audit
CDASconfiguration design analysis simulation
CDASconfiguration development analysis and simulation
CDASconfigurations development analysis simulation
CDAScore design analysis simulation
CDBcentral data buffer
CDBcommand data base
CDBcomputer data bus
CDBFRcommon data buffer
CDCclassified document control
CDCCollins Defense Communications
CDCcommand and data handling console
CDCComputer Development Center (NASA)
CDCconfined detonating cord
CDCControl Data Corporation
CDCcountdown clock
CDCDcargo design control drawing
CDCDCollins Defense Communications Division
CDCMcoupling display, manual controlIMU
CDCOcoupling display, manual controloptics
CDDcommand decoding and distribution
CDDcommon data dictionary
CDDBcommon diagnostic data base
CDDTcountdown demonstration test
CDFcable distribution frame
CDFcentral data facility
CDFcircuit design fabrication
CDFcombined data file
CDFconfined detonating fuse
CDFcool-down facility
CDF&TDS;circuit design, fabrication, and test data
CDGConcept Development Group
CDHconstant delta height
CDHconstant differential height
CDIcontract definition instruction
CDIcourse deviation indicator
CDIDcontract data item description
CDMcommunications data manager
CDMconfiguration design module
CDMAcode division multiple access
CDMScommand and data management system (subsystem)
CDMScontractor data management system (VAFB)
CDNCDR discrepancy notice
CDNRCDR discrepancy notice record
CDOMchief draftsman office memorandum
CDPcommand data processor
CDPcomputational data processing
CDPcomputer data processing
CDPconfidence development program
CDPcritical design parameter
CDPAclassified data preparation area
CDPIScommand data processing and instrumentation system
CDQcertificate of qualification
CDQRcritical design and qualification review
CDRcleaning, decontamination request
CDRcommand destruct receiver
CDRconceptual design review
CDRconfiguration design review
CDRcontract data requirements
CDRcritical design review
CDRLcontract data requirements list
CDRRcontract documentation requirements record
CDRScontract data requirements schedule
CDScavity digitizing system
CDScentral data subsystem (LPS)
CDScentral data system
CDScloseout door system
CDScold-drawn steel
CDScomputer design and simulation
CDSconfiguration design system
CDSconfiguration development system
CDSconsolidated direct support
CDScontrol and display system
CDScontrol data system
CDScontroller select direction
CDScoupling display system
CDSCCommunication Distribution and Switching Center
CDSCcoupling-display scanning-telescope manual control
CDSFcommercially developed space facility
CDSLComputer Data System Laboratory
CDSRcontract data status report
CDSRcost data summary report
CDTcentral daylight time
CDTcommand descriptor table
CDTcompressed data tape
CDTconfiguration data table
CDTcountdown time
CdTcadmium telluride
CDUcomputer display unit
CDUcoupling data unit
CDUcoupling display unit
CDUCRT display unit
CDUMcoupling display unitIMU
CDUOcoupling display unitoptics
CDWcommand data word
CDWcomputer data word
CDWcontrol data word
CEcargo element
CEchange engineer
CEchange evaluation
CEcivil engineering
CEcontrol element
CECorps of Engineers
CEcost element
CEcrew equipment
CEcurrent expendable
CE/CKcomputer entry/control keyboard
CEAcircular error average
CEAComputer Engineering Associates
CEAcontrol electronics assembly
CECCivil Engineering Corps
CECConsolidated Electrodynamics Corporation
CECConsolidated Electronics Corporation
CECcontrol electronics container
CECcontrol encoder coupler
CECPcompatibility engineering change proposal
CEDCcyclic error detection code
CEEPcomposite entry evaluation program
CEFcomsec equipment facility
CEIconfiguration end item
CEIcontract end item
CEIACCoastal Engineering Information Analysis Center
CEIScombined elements and integrated systems
CEIScontract end item specification
CEITcargo equipment integrated test
CEITcrew equipment integration test
CEITcrew equipment interface test
CELSScontrolled ecological life support system
CELVcommercial expendable launch vehicle
CEMcost estimating method
CEMFcounterelectromotive force
CEOchief engineer's office
CEOchief executive officer
CEPcircle of equal probability
CEPcircular error probability
CEPcircular error probable
CEPcomsec equipment program
CEPconfiguration evaluation plan
CEPSCITS expert parameter system
CEQCouncil on Environmental Quality
CERcost estimating relationship
CEScombined Earth sensor
CESconcept evaluation study
CESconical Earth sensor
CEScontrol electronics section
CEScrew escape system
CESACanadian Engineering Standards Association
CETclutter equivalent target
CETcombined element test
CETAcrew and equipment translation aid
CETFCritical Evaluation Task Force
CEUcontrol electronics unit
CFcarrier frequency
CFcenter forward
CFcenter of flotation
CFcentrifugal force
CFcompletion form
CFconsequence of failure
CFcorner fitting
Cfconsequence of failure
CFAEcontractor-furnished airborne equipment
CFARconstant false alarm rate
CFCcentral fire control
CFDcomputational fluid dynamics
CFDcomputational fluid dynamics
CFDconverter frequency to dc voltage
CFDcumulative frequency distribution
CFEcentral framework executive
CFEconsolidated front end
CFEcontractor-furnished equipment
CFEcritical function equipment
CFEcustomer-furnished equipment
CFEScontinuous flow electrophoresis system
CFIcard format identifier
CFMcustomer-furnished material
cfmcubic feet per minute
CFPconceptual flight profile
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFRPcarbon-fiber-reinforced plastic
CfSschedule factor
CFSDcritical-function sequence diagram
CFSRcontract fund status report
CFSRcontract funds status review
CFSTIClearinghouse for Scientific and Technical Information
CFTcross-functional team
CFYcompany fiscal year
CGADCollins General Aviation Division
CGAUcabin gas analysis unit
CGCcommand guidance computer
CGFcommand generation function
CGLcomprehensive general liability
CGPcentral grounding point
CGSScryogenic gas storage system
CHcase hardening
CHcontrol house
CH/SLcertified hardware/software list
CHARMcomposite high-altitude radiation model
CHIcomputer-to-human interface
CHIPCollege Hire Indoctrination Program
CHLcertified hardware list
CHRCooper-Harper rating
CHROMEXchromosome and plant cell division in space
CHSFcargo hydrazine service facility
CHWcommand header word
CHXcabin heat exchanger
CHXcondensing heat exchanger
CIcast iron
CIcenter of impact
CIcertification inspection
CIcolor interior film
CIconfiguration inspection
CIconfiguration item
CIcontinuous interlock
CIcontract initiation
CIcourse invalid
CIcrew interface
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIAconfiguration identification accounting
CIAcontrol interface assembly
CIAcontroller interface assembly
CIAPclimatic impact assessment program
CIBChange Impact Board
CIBChange Implementation Board
CIBcontrol interface block
CICcargo integration contractor
CICcommand interface control
CICcontrol and information center
CICcritical item consolidation
CICCcargo integration control center
CICCRconfiguration information control center requirement
CICUcommunication interface control unit
CICUcomputer interface conditioning unit
CIDcable interconnect diagram
CIDcharge injection device
CIDcomputer interface device
CIDLconfiguration item data list
CIDRcritical intermediate design review
CIDSCcontractor in-house data support capability
CIEcargo integration equipment
CIEcommunications interface equipment
CIFCentral Information Facility (AMR)
CIFcentral instrumentation facility
CIGCable Integrity Group
CIGCommunications and Interface Group
CIGcompound interlace grating
CIGConnector Integration Group
CIGConnector Integrity Group
CIIchange installation instruction
CIIconfiguration item identifier
CIJBcradle interface junction box
CILcritical items list
CIMcomputer input multiplexer
CIMcomputer-integrated manufacturing
CIMSconsolidated information management system
CINcenter information network
CINchange identification number
CINchange identifier number
CINCADcommander-in-chief, Air Defense
CINCNETcommander-in-chief network
CINCNORADcommander-in-chief, North American Aerospace
CINCSACcommander-in-chief, Strategic Air Command
CINCSBLcommander-in-chief, Space-Based Laser
CIPcast-iron pipe
CIPchange implementation plan
CIPClass 1 Integration Plan
CIPcommunications interface processor
CIPcontrol and interface panel
CIRcargo integration review
CIRconfiguration inspection report
CIRcritical item report
CIRDcargo integration review dry run
CIRHScritical items and residual hazards list
CIRMcelestial infrared mapping
CIRMcelestial infrared measurements
CIRRIScryogenic infrared radiance instrumentation for Shuttle
CIScargo integration schedule
CIScentral integration site
CISchange impact summary
CIScommunication interface system
CIScontractor's information submittal
CISSCentaur integrated support structure
CITCalifornia Institute of Technology
CITCAP initialization tape
CITcritical item tag
CITEcargo integration test equipment
CITScentral integrated test system
CIUcommunication interface unit
CIUcomputer interface unit
CIUcontroller interface unit
CIVTcargo interface verification test
CIVUcargo integration verification unit
CIWGCargo Integration Working Group
CKRACape Kennedy reference atmosphere
CLclosed loop
CLcoefficient of lift
CLconfidence level
CLAEScryogenic limb array etalon spectrometer
CLAScomputerized loads analysis system
CLCchange letter control
CLCComputer Liaison Committee
CLFClear Lake facility
CLFcontroller, load forward
CLINcontract line item number
CLIPcombined laser instrumentation package
CLIPSC-language inferencing for production systems
CLMcare logic module
CLMcircumlunar mission
CLMCcentral logistics management center
CLOTcombined loads orbiter test
CLOUDSATcloud cover statistical analysis program
CLRBCost Limit Review Board
CLScontingency landing site
CLSOcontingency landing support officer
CMcargo manager
CMcenter of mass
CMchange management
CMcircular mil
CMcommand module
CMconfiguration management
CMconfiguration monitor
CMconsumable management
CMcontrol mode
CMcontrol monitor
CMcrew module
CM&S;communications maintenance and storage
CMAconfiguration management accounting
CMACScentral monitor and control system
CMAGcruise missile advanced guidance
CMAOcontract management assistance officer
CMARconfiguration management action request
CMATcompatible material
CMBConfiguration Management Board
CMCcentral maintenance computer
CMCcommand module computer
CMCcrew module computer
CMCScentralized maintenance computer system
CMDcontroller, main display
CMDBconfiguration management data base
CMDMcontrol multiplexer/demultiplexer
CMDSconfiguration management data system
CMEcommercial measuring equipment
CMFcontroller, motor, forward
CMGcontrol moment gyro
CMIFcommon module integration facility
CMIScommon module integration simulator
CMIScomputer management information system
CMISconfiguration management information system
CMIScontrol monitor isolation subsystem
CMLcommands and measurement list
CMMCM Manual
CMMcondition-monitored maintenance
CMMcontroller, motor, midbody
CMMcoordinate measurement machine
CMNcontract master network
CMOclass mix option
CMOConfiguration Management Office
CMOScomplementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMOS/SOScomplementary metal oxide semiconductor/silicon
CMPConfiguration Management Panel
CMPconfiguration management plan
CMPPconfiguration management program plan
CMRcenter materials representative
CMRcommon mode rejection
CMRconfiguration management representative
CMRcontractor management review
CMRBContractor Material Review Board
CMRPconfiguration management requirements plan
CMRRcommon mode rejection ratio
CMRSconfiguration management requirements standard
CMSchange management system
CMScode management system
CMScomponent mode synthesis
CMSconfiguration management system
CMScontract master schedule
CMSconventional monitoring system
CMS-2Cambridge Monitoring System (IBM computer program)
CMSIcommand monitor system interface
CMTcritical military target
CMTScomputerized maintenance test system
CMUcontrol and monitor unit
CMVcommon mode voltage
CMVASconfiguration management verification accounting system
CMWcompartmented mode work station
CNchange notice
CNCcomputer numerical control
CNCcomputer numerically controlled
CNDcannot duplicate
CNESCentre National D'Etudes Spatiales (French National
SpaceStudies Center)
CNRLCommunications and Navigation Research Laboratory
CNWDIcritical nuclear weapons design information
COcarbon monoxide
COCargo Operations (KSC directorate)
COchange order
COcontracting officer
CO2carbon dioxide
COAcenter operations area
COAScrewman optical alignment sight
COBcommunications office building
COBECosmic Background Explorer
COBOLcommon business-oriented language
COCcertificate of completion
COCOMOconstructive cost model
CODCenter Operations Directorate (JSC)
CODcrack opening displacement
COFconstruction of facilities
COFcost of facilities
COFACconstruction facility
COFIcheckout and fault isolation
COFRcertificate of flight readiness
COFRcertification of flight readiness
COFWcertificate of flight worthiness
COGMANcenter of gravity of payload manifest
COIconflict of interest
COILchemical oxygen-iodine laser
COIMcheckout interpreter (software) module
COLcheckout language
COLAcost-of-living adjustment
COMcomputer output microfiche
COMcomputer output microfilm
COM-Mcommon mode
COMAScombined orbital maneuvering and abort system
COMATcompatibility of materials
comconcommand console
commfaultcommunication fault
comnetcommunications network
COMPcomputation of rendezvous targeting
COMPOOLcommon data pool
COMPSIMconcept mission performance simulation
COMSATcommunications satellite
comseccommunications security
CONUScontinental United States
COPcentral operations program
COPco-orbiting platform
COPcoefficients of performance
COPcombined operations plan
COPcontingency operations plan
COQcertificate of qualification
CORcontracting officer representative
CORcontractors operations review
CORAcoherent optical radar amplifier
COREcommon operational research equipment
COScarry-on oxygen system
COScheckout station
COSconsole operating system
COSATICommittee on Scientific and Technical Information
COSIcloseout system installation
COSMcheckout servicing and maintenance
COSMICComputer Software Management and Information Center
COSPACcost/schedule planning and control
COSTAcost accounting (code)
COTcritical optical technology
COTRcontracting officer's technical representative
COTScommercial off the shelf
COVcutoff value
CPCargo Projects Office (KSC)
CPcenter of pressure
CPchemically pure
CPcircular pitch
CPcold plate
CPcommunication processor
CPcomputer program
CPconsole processor
CPcontrol panel
CPcontrol point
CPcoordinated procurement
CP-PCOCargo ProjectsProgram Control Office
CPAchange proposal analyst
CPAcontingency planning aid
CPAcritical path analysis
CPAFcost plus award fee
CPARcontrolled parts approval
CPCCargo Processing Contract (contractor)
CPCcentral planning center
CPCcharacteristic properties code
CPCcomputer program component
CPCcontrol pressure conditioner
CPCBCrew Procedures Control Board
CPCEIcomputer program contract end item
CPCIcomputer program change instruction
CPCIcomputer program configuration item
CPCRcomputer program change request
CPCRcrew procedure change request (Form 482)
CPDCrew Procedures Division
CPDcrew passive dosimeter
CPDDScomputer program detail design specification
CPDPcomputer program development plan
CPDPcomputer program development program
CPDRcontractor's preliminary design review
CPDScomputer program design specification
CPDScomputer program detailed specification
CPDScomputer program development specification
CPDScrew procedures documentation system
CPEchief program engineer
CPEchief project engineer
CPEIcomputer program end item
CPEScrew procedures evaluator simulator
CPFcargo processing facility
CPFcentral processing facility
CPFcontroller, power, forward
CPFcost per flight
CPFFcost plus fixed fee
CPFF/IFcost plus fixed fee/incentive fee
CPGChange Planning Group
CPGcoarse-pointing gimbal
CPIconsumer price index
CPIcrosspointer indicator
CPICComputer Program Integration Contract (contractor)
CPIFcost plus incentive fee
CPIF/AFcost plus incentive fee/award fee
CPMcargo propulsion module
CPMcell performance monitor
CPMchange proposal manager
CPMcomputer program module
CPMcost and performance measurement
CPMcritical path method
cpmcycles per minute
CPMPcrew procedures management plan
CPMPcrew products management plan
CPOCentral Planning Office (MSFC)
CPPScomputer program product specification
CPRcost performance report
CPRcritical problem report
CPScoarse pointing system
CPScritical path schedule
cpscycles per second
CPSDcross-power spectral density
CPSEcommon payload support equipment
CPSRcontractor's procurement system review
CPSScold plate support structure
CPSScritical phase system software
CPTcargo processing technician
CPTcomputer program tape
CPTAcore propulsion test article
CPUcentral processing unit
CPUcommand processor unit
CPUcomputer printer unit
CPUcomputer processing unit
CPVcommon pressure vessel
CQDRcritical qualification design review
CQIMconfiguration and quality information management
CRcard reader
CRcathode ray
CRcertification request
CRcertification requirement
CRchange record
CRchange request
CRcommunication and radar
CRconfiguration review
CRcontractor's response
CRcontrol room
CRcustomer's request
CRALTCNES radar altimeter
CRAScost reduction alternative study
CRBChange Review Board
CRBConcept Review Board
CRBConfiguration Review Board
CRBCorrespondence Review Board
CRCcontractor-recommended code
CRCcost reduction curve
CRCcyclic redundancy check
CRDchange request disposition
CRDcost reporting document
CRDPcertification review data package
CRDPcomputer resource development plan
CRERScrew rescue and equipment retrieval system
CREScorrosion resistance steel
CRGChange Review Group
CRGCorrespondence Review Group
CRIcertification requirements index
CRIScalibration recall and information system
CRISconnector removal and installation sheet
CRISDcomputer resource integration support document
CRISDcomputer resources integrated support document
CRISPcomputer resources integrated support plan
CRNcable routing notation
CRNchange review notice
CRNcontract revision number
CROcathode-ray oscilloscope
CRPconfiguration requirements processing
CRPLCosmic Ray Physics Laboratory
CRRcargo compatibility review
CRRcargo readiness review
CRRcomputer run report
CRRcritical requirements review
CRREScombined release and radiation effects satellite
CRScold-rolled steel
CRScomputer resources support
CRSCongressional Research Service
CRScrew rescue system
CRSIceramic reusable surface insulation
CRTcathode-ray tube
CRTcomputer response time
CRTUcryogenic radiator test unit
CRWcontrol read/write
CScarbon steel
CScast steel
CScenter section
CSchange status
CScheckout station
CScommon set
CScommunications system (subsystem)
CSconsumables status
CScontractor share of variance from target cost
CScontrol segment
CScore segment
CScrew simulator
CScrew station
CScurrent sensor
CSSpacelab Operations Directorate
CSAcontract specification amendment
CSAcontractor support area
CSAcyclic strain attenuator
CSAMcrinkled, single aluminized Mylar
CSAPControl System Analysis Program
CSATcombined systems acceptance test
CSBChange Schedule Board
CSBclosely spaced basing
CSBcomplex support building
CSCComputer Sciences Corporation
CSCcomputer software component
CSCcomputer software configuration
CSCconical-shaped charge
CSCcontingency support center (CCAFS)
CSCcosecant computing amplifier
CSCcost, schedule, and control
CSCBcontractor's summary cost breakdown
CSCDcontrol system command decoder
CSCIcomputer software configuration item
CSCIconfiguration software computer item
CSCScentral security control system
CSCSATcommercial synchronous communication satellite
CSDChemical Systems Division
CSDcomputer system director
CSDcontract start date
CSDcontrol system development
CSDCrew Systems Division
CSDDControl Systems Development Division (JSC)
CSDFcentral source data file
CSDLCharles Stark Draper Laboratory (MIT)
CSDMComputer System Diagnostic Manual
CSDTcomputer software data tape
CSEcommon support equipment
CSEcommunications systems engineer
CSEcomputer support equipment
CSEconfiguration switching equipment
CSEcryostat servicing equipment
CSFcentral supply facility
CSFcost sensitivity factor
CSFcrew storage facility
CSFTcombined subsystem functional test
CSGConcept Synthesis Group
CSIcoelliptic sequence initiation
CSIcontrol and structural integrity
CSIcontrol servo input
CSIcrew software interface
CSIcustomer source inspection
CSIRcomputer software integration review
CSIRcomputer systems (hardware/software) integration review
CSIRCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSITCAP system integration test
CSIUcore segment interface unit
CSLcommand signal limiter
CSLcomputer status light
CSLcritical sequence list
CSMCargo System Manual
CSMcommand and service module
CSMcommand service module
CSMcommon support module
CSMcomputer status matrix
CSMA/CD/TScarrier sense multiple access/collision lot
CSMPcontinuous system modeling program
CSMPcontrol system modeling program
CSNcustomer source number
CSOclosely spaced object
CSOComplex Safety Office
CSOCConsolidated Space Operations Center
CSOCConsolidated Support Operations Center
CSOMComputer System Operator's Manual
CSOPcrew systems operating procedure
CSPcertified special processor
CSPFcritical single-point failure
CSPLcertified special processor list
CSPOControl Systems Procurement Office
CSPUcore segment processing unit
CSRcertification status report
CSRcheck signal return
CSRcheck status register
CSRcheck status report
CSRcontract status report
CSRcost, schedule, and risk
CSRcrew station review
CSRPComputer and Software Review Panel
CSScomputer subsystem
CSScontrol stick steering
CSScore segment simulator
CSScrew safety system
CSSEcontrol system simulation equipment
CSSRcost, schedule status report
CSTcapsule systems test
CSTcentral standard time
CSTcombined systems test
CSTcomplex safety technician
CSTcontract supplemental tooling
CSTcrew software trainer
CSTcrew station trainer
CSTcrew systems trainer (one-g trainer)
CSTAcrew software training aid
CSTARcontinuous stellar-tracking attitude reference
CSTCConsolidated Space Test Center
CSTScryogenic storage and transfer system
CSTUcombined systems test unit
CSUcentral switching unit
CTcenter tap
CTcentral time
CTcompact tension
CTcurrent transformer
CTAcommand and telemetry assembly
CTAcontrolled thrust assembly
CTCcamera, timing, and control
CTCchief test conductor
CTCIcontract technical compliance inspection
CTCPconfiguration test change period
CTCScentral thermal control system
CTDUcross-link transponder data unit
CTEcentral timing equipment
CTEcoefficient of thermal expansion
CTFcommit to flight
CTGCentral Training Group
CTGcommonality task group
CTIcritical transportation item
CTIScrawler-transporter intercom system
CTLCanoga Test Laboratory
CTLcombat training launch
CTLComponent Test Laboratory (NASA)
CTLcontroller tape location
CTLcritical to launch
CTMcontract technical manager
CTMcrystalline transitional material
CTNCanton Island
CTNcertification test network
CTPcommunications timing procedure
CTPcyclic time processor
CTPDCrew Training and Procedures Division (JSC)
CTRcertification test requirement
CTRcertification test review
CTRcontract technical representative
CTRScomponent test requirements specification
CTSCanadian technology satellite
CTSchange tracking system
CTScommand and telemetry subsystem
CTScommunications and tracking system
CTScommunications technology satellite
CTScomputer test set
CTScomputerized training system
CTSconsole test set
CTScontractor technical service
CTScoordinate transformation system
CTTcommand transfer tape
CTUcentral timing unit
CTUcommand and telemetry unit
CTUcommand telemetry unit
CTVcompatibility test van
CUcontrol unit
CUcrystal unit
CUBCommonality Usage Board
CUCcomputer usage control
CUDScumulative data statistics
CUEcommand uplink electronics
CUEcommand use equipment
CUEcommon usage equipment
CUEcommunication unit executor
CUFcross-utilization file
CUIcommon usage item
CUIcommon user interface
CUILcommon usage item list
CULcommon use list
CUPcommonality usage proposal
CUTcoordinated universal time
CVcarrier vehicle
CVcheck valve
CVcoefficient of variation
CVcomputer vision
CVComputervision (computer-aided design and drafting
CVconfiguration verification
CVconventional vehicle
CVcore vehicle
CVDeployable Payloads Operation (KSC CO directorate)
CVAConvair Astronautics
CVADconverter voltage, ac to dc
CVASconfiguration verification accounting system
CVDchemical vapor deposition
CVDAconverter voltage discrete, ac
CVEcomplete vehicle erector
CVFcircular variable filter
CVIcarbon vapor impregnation
CVIchemical vapor infiltration
CVIconfiguration verification inspection
CVRchange verification record
CVRconfiguration verification review
CVRDconverter variable resistance to dc voltage
CVSDcontinuous variable slope data
CVTcommunications vector table
CVTconcept verification testing
CWcaution and warning
CWcommand word
CWcontinuous wave
CWcontinuous waveform
CWAcaution and warning annunciator
CWAclean work area
CWAcontrolled work area
CWBScontract work breakdown structure
CWEcaution and warning electronics
CWEAcaution and warning electronic assembly
CWEUcaution and warning electronics unit
CWFSPcaution and warning/fire suppression panel
CWGCommonality Working Group
CWGCommunications Working Group
CWGconstant-wear garment
CWLMcaution and warning limit module
CWScaution and warning system
CWSUcondensate water servicing unit
CWTcode walk-through
CYcalendar year
CYCcyclic mission-unique process
CYICanary Islands
CZCScoastal zone color scanner
D&C;displays and controls
D&CS;displays and controls subsystem
D&D;design and development
D&P;development and production
D&P;drain and purge
D&PA;design and product assurance
D*normalized detectivity
D/Adecoder activate
D/Adigital to analog
D/Cdisplays and controls
D/Ddigital-digital converter
D/Ldata link
D/Ldeorbit and landing
D/Pdata pack
D/Sdescent stage
D/VDdata/voice data
DAdata acquisition
DADepartment of the Army
DAdeployed assembly
DAdeployment assembly
DAdip angle
DAdirect ascent
DAdistribution assembly
DAdouble amplitude
DAdrive actuator
DAdrive assembly (solar array)
DA&D;data acquisition and distribution
DA&E;data analysis and evaluation
DAAdesignated approval authority
DAATdistributed architecture analysis tool
DABDefense Acquisition Board
DABdocking and berthing
DABMdefense against ballistic missiles
DABSdiscrete address beacon system
DACdata acquisition and control
DACdata acquisition camera
DACdays after contract
DACdigital-to-analog converter
DACBdata acquisition control and buffer
DACBUdata acquisition and control buffer unit
DACBUdigital acquisition and control buffer unit
DACPdata acquisition and control processor
DACPdata acquisition control processor
DACPdata acquisition, control, and processing
DACSdata acquisition and control system
DACSdigital acquisition and control system
DACTdisposable absorption collection trunk
DADdata acquisition and distribution
DADdue at department
DADEdata acquisition and documentation equipment
DADSdual air density satellite
DAEdata acquisition equipment
DAFdata analysis facility
DAFTdata acquisition frequency table
DAIdeferred acceptance item
DAISdata avionics information system
DALdata accession list
DALdata acquisition list
DALdata-aided loop
DAMdouble-aluminized Mylar
DAMMPSdamping and metal matrix for precision structure
DANASATdirect-ascent nuclear ASAT
DAPdata acquisition plan
DAPdescent analysis program
DAPdigital autopilot
DAPSdecommutation and processing system
DARdata-aided receiver
DARdefense acquisition regulation
DARdeviation approval request
DARdigital autopilot requirement
DARdrawing analysis record
DARCOMU.S. Army Material Development and Readiness
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPA/LLDARPA Lincoln Laboratory
DARTdirector and response tester
DARTSdigital automated radar tracking system
DASdata acquisition system
DASdata analysis station
DASdata automation system
DASdesign, analysis, and simulation
DASdigital address system
DASdigital avionics system
DASAdual aerospace servoamplifier
DASDdirect-access storage device
DATdirect-ascent threat
DAUdata acquisition unit
DAUdigital adapter unit
DAVdata available
DAVLdata availablelow
DAZEdifferent-alpha zero-strain E
DBdata base
DBdata buffer
DBdata bus
DBdead band
DBdesign baseline
DBDisposition Board
DBdistribution box
DBdry bulb
DBAdata base administrator
DBCdata buffer coupler
DBCdata bus control
DBCdata bus coupler
DBCdiameter bolt circle
DBCIDB with respect to a circular polarized antenna
DBCRdata base change request
DBDdead band
DBDDdata base design document
DBEdata bus element
DBFNdata bus file number
DBGdata bus group
DBGMPdata bus generation and maintenance package
DBIdata base interface
DBIAdata bus interface adapter
DBIAdata bus isolation amplifier
DBIUdata bus interface unit
DBMdata base management
dBmdecibel-milliwatt (reference)
DBMSdata base management software
DBMSdata base management system
DBNdata bus network
DBPdesign baseline program
DBRNdata bank release notice
DBSdata base system
DBSdata bus simulator
DBURdata bank update request
DBWdata bus wire
DBWdifferential ballistic wind
dBWdecibel-watt (reference)
DCdata control
DCdata coordinator
DCdesign change
DCdisplay and control
DCdisplay coupler
DCdouble contact
dcdirect current
DC&I;documentation, control, and integration
DCADefense Communication Agency
DCAdesign change authorization
DCAdigital command assembly
DCAdistribution control assembly
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DCARDesign Corrective Action Report
DCARSdata collection and reduction system
DCASdata collection and analysis system
DCASDefense Contract Administration Services
DCASMADefense Contract Administration Services Management
DCASRDefense Contract Administration Services Region
DCASR-LADefense Contract Administration Services Region,
DCBData Control Board
DCBDesign Control Board
DCBdrawing configuration baseline
DCCdata computation complex (JSC)
DCCdocument control center
DCCUdecommutator conditioning unit
DCCUdigital cluster control unit
DCCUdigital communication and control unit
DCDdesign control document
DCDdual command decoder
DCDSdistributed computing design system
DCEdata and control electronics
DCEdeployable cargo element
DCEAdigital control electronics assembly
DCEPdata collection and evaluation plan
DCFdata control facility
DCIBdata communication input buffer
DCIUdigital control and interface unit
DCLdocument change list
DCMdata and configuration management
DCMdata and control management
DCMDECOM control memory
DCMdecommutator control memory
DCMdirection cosine matrix
DCMdisplay and control module
DCMBDevelopment Configuration Management Board
DCNdata change notice
DCNdesign change notice
DCNdiscontinued component notice
DCNdocument change notice
DCNdrawing change notice
DCNPdocument change notice proposal
DCOdetailed checkout
DCOPdetailed checkout procedure
DCOPdisplays, controls, and operation procedure
DCOSdata communication output selector
DCPdata collection platform
DCPdata collection program
DCPdepot condemnation percent
DCPdevelopment concept paper
DCPdevelopment cost plan
DCPdisplay control program
DCPEIDEU control program end item
DCPEIdisplay control program end item
DCRdata change request
DCRDC responsivity
DCRdesign certification review
DCRdesign change record
DCRdesign change request
DCRdesign concern report
DCRdisposition of contract request
DCRdocument change record
DCRdocument change request
DCRdocument change review
DCRRdesign change requirement record
DCSdata collection system
DCSdata communication system
DCSdata conditioning system
DCSdata control system
DCSdata conversion system
DCSdesign communication system
DCSdesign control specification
DCSdesign criteria specification
DCSdetailed checkout specification
DCSdigital command system (subsystem)
DCSdisplay and control system
DCSdocument control system
DCSdual checkout station
DCSPdigital control signal processor
DCSUdigital computer switching unit
DCUdigital computer unit
DCUdisplay and control unit
DDdata dictionary
DDdata display
DDdecoder driver
DDdedicated display
DDdeputy director
DDdirectives documentation
DDdocument director
DDMechanical and Facilities Engineering (DE Directorate)
DDNSTS OPS deputy director of NSTS Operations
DD&CS;dedicated display and control subsystem
DD&R;data display and review
DD&RR;Data Display and Review Room
DD&T;design, development, and test
DDAdata distribution assembly
DDAdigital differential analyzer
DDASdigital data acquisition system
DDCdata distribution center
DDCDefense Documentation Center
DDCdual diversity comparator
DDDdata definition document
DDDdisplay decoder drive
DDDLdigital data downlink
DDDSdigital data distribution system
DDDUdisplay decoder driver unit
DDESdata display expert system
DDHAdigital data-handling assembly
DDIdiscrete data input
DDIdiscrete digital input
DDLdata base definition language
DDLdata downlink
DDLdisplay description language
DDLdistributed design language
DDMdata display module
DDMdata display monitoring
DDMdiscrete data management
DDMdistributed data manager
DDMdistributed design methodology
DDMSDOD manager for Space Shuttle support
DDNdefense data network
DDOdiscrete data output
DDOdiscrete digital output
DDPdata distribution panel
DDPdata distribution plan
DDPdesign data package
DDPdesign development plan
DDPdigital data processing
DDPCdigital data processing center
DDPCdigital data processing complex
DDPFdedicated display processing function
DDPSdigital data processing system
DDRData Display Room
DDRdata display and review
DDRdesign development record
DDRdetail design review
DDSdata display system
DDSdescent design system
DDSdetailed design specification
DDSdocumentation distribution system
DDT&E;design, development, test, and engineering
DDT&E;design, development, test, and evaluation
DDTFdynamic docking test facility
DDTSdynamic docking test system
DDUdata display unit
DDUdecommutator distribution unit
DDUdigital display unit
DDUdisplay driver unit
DEDesign Engineering (KSC directorate)
DEdisplay electronics
DEDoppler extractor
DEdouble end
DEAdeployed electronics assembly
DEAdigital electronics assembly
DEAdisplay electronics assembly
DECDigital Equipment Corporation
DECAdisplay/AGAP electronic control assembly
DECLdeliverable equipment checklist
DECLDirect Energy Conversion Laboratory (JSC)
DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation network
DECUdata exchange control unit
DEDAdata entry and display assembly
DEEdigital events evaluator
DEFdevelopment and evaluation facility
DEIData Engineering, Incorporated
DEIdeliverable end item
DEIdesign engineering identification
DEIdesign engineering inspection
DEIdesign, engineering, and integration
DEISdesign engineering inspection simulation
DEISdesign evaluation and inspection simulator
DELdeorbit, entry, and landing
DELNIdigital Ethernet local network interconnect
DELOGdesign engineering logistics
DELTAdetailed labor and time analysis
DEMPdirect EMP
DEOSSdemonstration of electro-optical surveillance sensor
DEPdedicated experienced processor
DEPdeflection error probable
DEPdisplay electronics package
DERdrawing error report
DESdata exchange system
DESHEdistributed expert system hosting environment
DESPOTdesign performance optimization
DETdigital event timer
DETdirect energy transfer
DETAdiethylene triamine
DETECdefensive technology evaluation code
DETIRDefensive Technology Information Repository
DEUdigital electronics unit
DEUdisplay electronics unit
DEU-KYBDdisplay electronics unit equivalent inputs
DEWdirected-energy weapon
DEWdistant early warning
DFdevelopment flight
DFdevelopment forward
DFdirect flight
DFdirection finder
DFdisassembly facility
DFdouble feeder
DFdrawing file
DFdrop forge
DFProject Management (KSC DE directorate)
DF-SPE-AShuttle Project Engineering Office
DF/CMBdata formatter and command monitor bus
DFCSdigital flight control software
DFCSdigital flight control system
DFDdata flow diagram
DFEdata flow engineer
DFEdirection-finding equipment
DFEdistributed framework executive
DFGdiode function generator
DFGdisplay format generator
DFIdevelopment flight instrumentation
DFIdevelopment flight integration
DFISDFI subsystem
DFLdecommutator format load
DFRFDryden Flight Research Facility
DFSdirectional finding system
DFSdynamic flight simulator
DFTdesign for testability
DGData General
DGdata group
DGdata good
DGdisplay generator
DGdouble groove
DGUdigital graphics unit
DGUdisplay generator unit
DGZdesired ground zero
DHdecision height
DHAdesign hazards analysis
DHEdata handling equipment
DHPdeveloped horsepower
DHSdiscrete horizon sensor
DIdata integrator
DIdesk instruction
DIdiscrete input
DIdriving issue
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIDdata item description
DIDdefense in depth
DIDSdefense integrated data system
DIDSIMdefense-in-depth simulation
DIDTHTdefense-in-depth threat
DIEUdigital interface electronics unit
DIGIKONdigital control analysis software
DIHdiscrete input high
DIIdefense industry initiative
DILdeliverable items list
DILdiscrete input low
DILSAdistributed integrated logistics support analysis
DIMdesign impact meeting
DIMDesign Information Manual
DIMDesign Interface Meeting
DINSdefense inertial navigation system
DIPdata integrated plan
DIPdesignated inspection point
DIPdetailed integration plan
DIPdisplay input processor
DIPdisplay interface processor
DIPECDefense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
DIPLdisplay initial program load
DIPSdynamic isotope power system
DIRdocument information record
DISDefense Investigative Service
DISdefense industrial security
DISdocumentation index system
DISCODefense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISPdispersive spectrometer
DITdata ID table
DITdisplay index table
DITdynamic integrated test
DITMCODrive-In Theater Manufacturing Company's wire harness sulation analyzer
DITMOdevelopment, integration, test, and mission operations
DIUdata interface unit
DIUdigital interface unit
DKdisplay keyboard
DKCdesign knowledge capture
DLdeveloped length
DLdevelopment left
DLdrawing list
DLElectronics Engineering (KSC DE directorate)
DLATdestructive lot acceptance testing
DLCdelay line control
DLCdirect lift control
DLHdirect labor hour
DLOdirector of launch operations
DLSCDefense Logistics Service Center
DLSMdata link summary message
DLTRdata link terminal repeater
DLTRdata link transmission repeater
DMdata management
DMdata manager
DMdata manual
DMdeformable mirror
DMdelta modulation
DMdesign manual
DMdesign margin
DMdetached module
DMdevelopment motor
DMdocking mechanism
DMdocking module
DMAdata management administrator
DMAdata management assembly
DMADefense Mapping Agency
DMAdirect memory access
DMAdrive motor assembly
DMCdata management computer
DMCdirect maintenance cost
DMCFdeservicing, maintenance, and checkout facility
DMCMdouble-density modular core memory
DMEdistance measuring equipment
DMEdynamic mission equipment
DMFdepot maintenance facility
DMGData Management Group
DMICBDaily Mission Integration Control Board
DMISdata management information system
DMLdevelopmental instrumentation, MDM left
DMMdevelopmental instrumentation, MDM mid
DMMHdirect maintenance man-hours
DMONdiscrete monitoring
DMOSdiffusive mixing of organic systems
DMPdata management processor
DMPdata merger processor
DMPDEU message processor
DMPIdesired mean point of impact
DMRdevelopmental instrumentation, MDM right
DMSdata base management system
DMSdata management system (subsystem)
DMSdeliverables management system
DMSdesign management system
DMSdocking mechanism subsystem
DMSdocking module system (subsystem)
DMSDRD management system
DMSDRL management system
DMSdynamic motion simulator
DMSIFDMS Integration Facility
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMSSdata management system simulator (CVT)
DMSSdefense meteorological satellite system
DMSSIMDMS simulation
DNDepartment of the Navy
DNdiscrepancy notice
DNADefense Nuclear Agency
DNAdoes not apply
DNCdirect numerical control
DNOdescending-node orbit
DNSdeparture nuclear stage
DOdiscrete output
DOADepartment of Agriculture
DOAMSdistant-object attitude-measuring system
DOCDepartment of Commerce
DOCdirect operating cost
DOCdrift-orbit correction
DODDepartment of Defense
DODdepth of discharge
DOD-STPDepartment of Defense standard satellite
DODIDOD instruction
DODISSDepartment of Defense Index of Specifications and
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOFdegree of freedom
DOFdirection of flight
DOHdiscrete output high
DOIdescent orbit insertion
DOIdirect orbit insertion
DOLday of launch
DOLDepartment of Labor
DOLdiscrete output low
DOMdevelopment operations manager
DOMSATdomestic satellite
DOPdetailed operating procedure
DORISdetermination of orbit radio positioning integrated from
Shuttle(French-supplied dual-frequency receiver)
DOSdigital operation system
DOSdisk operating system
DOTdata output tape
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DOTdeployment operations team
DOT/CIAPDOT climatic impact assessment program
DOVAPDoppler velocity and position
DOYday of year
DPdash pot
DPdata processing
DPdata processor
DPdata product
DPdeflection plate
DPdelayed procurement
DPdesign proof
DPdevelopment phase
DPdew point
DPdiametral pitch
DPdifferential pressure
DPdouble pole
DP&S;data processing and software
DP&SS;data processing and software subsystem
DP/DTdelta pressure/delta time
DPAdata processing assembly
DPAdestructive physical analysis
DPAdivision planning authorization
DPASdefense priorities and allocation system
DPCdata processing center
DPCLdedicated payload communication link
DPCSdistributed process construction system
DPDdata procurement document
DPDMdifferential pulse-duration modulation
DPDODefense Property Disposal Office
DPDSdistributed processing design system
DPDTdouble pole, double throw
DPGdual-purpose gyro
DPIdetail program interrelationship
DPMdeputy program manager
DPPdeployment/pointing panel
DPRdefinition phase review
DPRSdocking probe retraction system
DPSdata processing and software
DPSdata processing system (subsystem)
DPSDepartment of Defense project specification
DPSdescent propulsion system
DPSdigital processing system
DPSDData Processing Systems Division
DPSKdifferential phase shift keying
DPSSdata processing and software subsystem
DPSSdata processing software system
DPSTdouble pole, single throw
DPTdesign proof test
DPUdata processing unit
DPUdigital processing unit
DQPSKdifferential quaternary phase shift keying
DRdata register
DRdata requester
DRdata requirement
DRdead reckoning
DRdesign review
DRdevelopment right
DRdiscrepancy report
DRdispatch reliability
DRdisposition record
DRdisposition report
DR&A;data requirements and analysis
DR/MRdiscrepancy report/material review
DRAdocument release authorization
DRAMdynamic random access memory
DRATdata requirements analysis tool
DRBDesign Review Board
DRBdesign requirements baseline
DRCdata reduction center
DRCdiscrete rate command
DRDdata requirements description
DRDdata requirements document
DRDdesign requirements document
DRDdetailed requirements document
DRDdocument requirement description
DRFdata request form
DRFdigital radio frequency
DRGdigital ranging generator
DRIdata rate indicator
DRKdisplay request keyboard
DRLdata requirements list
DRLdocument requirements list
DRLdouble-rack laboratory
DRMdata records management
DRMDesign Reference Mission
DRMDesign Requirements Manual
DRMDrafting Room Manual
DRMDrawing Requirements Manual
DRMRdisposition report on MR
DROdestructive readout
DROdocument release order
DRRdata recorder or reproducer
DRRdesign requirements review
DRRDdesign requirements review disposition
DRSdata recording system
DRSdata relay satellite
DRSdata relay station
DRSdigital range safety
DRSdiscrepancy report squawk
DRSdonning and recharge system
DRSdynamic restringing
DRSCSdigital range safety command system
DRSSdata relay satellite system
DRSSdiscrepancy report squawk sheet
DRTdeployment readiness test
DRTdesign reference trajectory
DRUCdisposition record unsatisfactory condition
DSdata storage
DSdesign sheet
DSdocking system
DS&R;data storage and retrieval
DS-RPIEdirect supportreal property installed equipment
DS3deep-space surveillance system
DSADefense Supply Agency
DSAdemonstration structural article
DSADData Systems and Analysis Directorate (JSC)
DSARCDefense System Acquisition Review Committee
DSARCDefense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSATdefensive satellite
DSBdocument status bulletin
DSBdouble side-band
DSCdata separator card
DSCdedicated signal conditioner
DSCdifferential scanning calorimeter
DSCIMdisplay system computer input multiplexer
DSCNdesign and simulator computation network
DSCSdefense satellite communications system
DSCSdefense support communication satellite
DSCUdigital computer switching unit
DSDdefensive shields demonstration
DSDUdata storage distribution unit
DSEdata storage encoder
DSEdata storage equipment
DSEdevelopment support equipment
DSEAdata storage electronics assembly
DSFTdistributed system fault tolerance
DSIdistributed system integration
DSIFDeep-Space Instrumentation Facility
DSIFEDSIF equipment
DSISdefense satellite information system
DSKYdisplay keyboard
DSLdesign specification list
DSMdata system(s) modernization
DSNdata steering network
DSNdeep-space network
DSNdigital switching network
DSNdiminishing source notice
DSOdesign secondary objective
DSOdetailed secondary objective
DSOdetailed supplementary objective
DSPdefense support program
DSPdigital signal processing
DSPMdesignated subsystem project manager
DSRdata storage and retrieval
DSSdata support system
DSSDCDS support system
DSSdecision support system
DSSdeep-space station
DSSdeliverable survival shelter
DSSdepartment summary schedule
DSSdocumentation support services
DSSMdedicated solar sortie mission
DSTdefense suppression threat
DSTdimensional special tooling
DSTFDelta Spin Test Facility
DTdelayed time
DTdouble throw
DTdrop tank
DT&E;development, test, and evaluation
DT&O;data, test, and operation
DTAdaisy testability analyzer
DTAdevelopment test article
DTAdifferential thermal analyzer
DTCdesign to cost
DTCSdigital test command system
DTCWdata transfer command word
DTEdata transmission equipment
DTEdeliverable test equipment
DTEdigital television equipment
DTFDevelopment Test Facility (Ford Aerospace)
DTIdevelopment test instrumentation
DTICDefense Technical Information Center
DTLCCdesign to life cycle cost
DTMOdevelopment, test, and mission operations
DTMSdevelopment, test, and mission support
DTMSdigital test measurement system
DTMSdigital test monitor system
DTOdesign test objective
DTOdetailed test objective
DTPdetailed test plan
DTPdetailed test procedure
DTPdevelopment test plan
DTRDdevelopment test requirements document
DTSdata transfer system
DTSdata transmission system
DTSDefense Technology Study
DTSDefensive Technologies Study
DTSdevelopment test sensor
DTSLData Transfer Systems Laboratory
DTSTDefense Technology Study Team
DTSTDefensive Technologies Study Team
DTTdesign test tool
DTUdevelopment test unit
DTVdevelopmental test vehicle
DTV&I;development, test, verification, and integration
DTVCdata transmission and verification converter
DTVCdigital transmission and verification converter
DUdisplay unit
DUAdigital uplink assembly
DUCdigital uplink command
DUCdisplay use chain
DUNSData Universal Numbering System
DVdesignated verification
DVdesignee for verification
DVDdelta velocity display
DVEdesign verification experiment
DVMdigital voltmeter
DVOdelta velocity on/off
DVSdelta velocity system
DVSdesign verification specification
DVSdigital voice system
DVTdesign verification testing
DVUdelta velocity ullage
DWdata word
DWdeveloped width
DWdistilled water
DWdouble weight
DWIdata word in
DWSdisaster warning satellite
DWTdog wags tail
DYBdynamic braking
Eelastic modulus
Eelevation angle
E&D;engineering and development
E&D;evaluation and development
E&DSG;Electro-Optical and Data Systems Group
E&L;engineering and lab
E&M;electrical and mechanical
E&O;engineering and operations
E-Eend to end
E-mailelectronic mail
E/Bequipment bay
E/Cencoder coupler
E/Dedge distance
E/Mengineering model
E/Mescape motor
E/OCMelectromagnetic/optical countermeasure
E/Wenergy-to-weight ratio
EAelectronics assembly
EAelevation angle
EACearly analysis capability
EACemployee action circle
EACenergy-absorbing capacity
EACestimate at completion
EACexperiment apparatus container
EACexperimental apparatus canister
EACEearly analysis capability enhanced
EADelectrically alterable device
EADIelectronic attitude director indicator
EADSengineering analysis and data systems
EADTexperiment agency data tape
EAFengineering analysis facility
EAFengineering analysis function
EAFBEdwards Air Force Base
EAFBEglin Air Force Base
EAFBEllington Air Force Base
EAIElectronics Associates, Incorporated
EALequipment airlock
EAMelectrical accounting machine
EAMemergency action message
EAPEmployee Assistance Program
EARengineering action request
EARengineering analysis report
EARenvironmental analysis report
EAROMelectrically alterable read-only memory
EASengine actuation system
EASequivalent airspeed
EASEelectric automatic support equipment
EASEexpert activity scheduling environment
EATenvironmental acceptance test
EATRextravehicular assist teleoperator robot
EBelectronic beam
EBemergency box
EBequipment bay
EBexpendable booster
EBCemulated buffer computer
EBCDCextended binary-coded decimal
EBDeyeballs down (+GZ)
EBIeyeballs in (+GX)
EBLeyeballs left (+GY)
EBOeyeballs out (-GX)
EBReyeballs right (-GY)
EBSemergency breathing subsystem
EBUeyeballs up (-GZ)
EBWexploding bridge wire
ECelastic center
ECelement contractor
ECenabling command
ECengine control
ECengine cutoff
ECengineering change
ECequipment change
ECessentiality code
ECevents controller
ECevents coupler
ECexperiment computer
ECAelectronic computer assembly
ECAelectronic control assembly
ECAengine control assembly
ECAengineering change analysis
ECAepoxy curing agent
ECASexperiment computer application software
ECBEngineering Change Board
ECBevent control block
ECBevent controlled block
ECBevents control buffer
ECCengineering change control
ECCengineering critical component
ECCAPelectromagnetic compatibility circuit analysis program
ECCAPelectromagnetic compatibility computerized analysis
ECCAPelectromagnetic compatibility computer analysis proposal
ECCBEngineering Change Control Board
ECCCSemergency command control communications system
ECCMelectronic counter-countermeasure
ECCPexperiment configuration control panel
ECDengineering control drawing
ECDentry corridor display
ECDestimate at completion change document
ECDestimated completion date
ECDUelectronic coupling display unit
ECFequivalency capability file
ECGelectroepitaxial crystal growth
ECIEarth-centered inertia
ECIemployment cost index
ECKemergency communication key
ECLelectronic circuit logic
ECLemitter coupled logic
ECLSenvironmental control and life support
ECLSSenvironmental control and life support system
ECMelectromagnetic countermeasure
ECMelectronic countermeasure
ECMengineering change management
ECMerror correcting memory
ECNengineering change notice
ECOelectron-coupled oscillator
ECOengine combustion
ECOengine cutoff
ECOengineering change order
ECOSexperiment computer operating system
ECPengineering change proposal
ECPengineering control program
ECPexplicitly coded program
ECRengineering change request
ECRequipment change record
ECRexperiment change record
ECRexperiment concept review
ECRAengineering change request authorization
ECRCEngineering Contract Requirements Committee
ECRVexponentially corrected random variable
ECSeffective cross section
ECSelectrical control station
ECSengine control system
ECSenvironmental control system
ECSSextendable computer system simulator
ECTexperiment command tape
ECUelectrical control unit
ECUelectrical conversion unit
ECUelectronic coupling unit
ECUengine control unit
ECUenvironmental control unit
ECUextreme closeup
EDedge distance
EDEngineering Directorate
EDEngineering Division
EDengineering directive
EDexplosive device
EDAelectronic display assembly
EDAelevation drive assembly
EDACerror detection and correction
EDBenvironmental data book
EDCEngineering Data Center
EDCengineering design change
EDCASequipment designer's cost analysis system
EDCCEngineering Drawing Control Center
EDCPengineering design change proposal
EDCSelectrical distribution and control system
EDDFerror detection and decision feedback
EDDRelectron dipole-dipole reservoir
EDFengineering data file
EDIelectronic data interchange
EDIelectronic data interfacing
EDIVengineering design intent verification
EDLEngineering Development Laboratory
EDLNengineering development logic network
EDLSengineering drawing library system
EDMelectrical discharge machining
EDMengineering development model
EDMSelectronic data management system
EDOextended-duration orbiter
EDPelectronic data processing
EDPembedded data processor
EDPCElectronic Data Processing Center
EDPEelectronic data processing equipment
EDPLEngineering Development Processor Laboratory
EDPMelectronic data processing machine
EDRengineering design review
EDSelectrical distribution system
EDSemergency detection system (subsystem)
EDSengineering data system
EDSengineering design system
EDSengineering development schedule
EDSexecutive data base system
EDSexplosive device system
EDSCearly deployment system concept
EDTeastern daylight time
EDTelectronic theodolite system
EDTSelectronic data transfer system
EDVelectric depressurization valve
EDVelectronic depressurizing valve
EDWEdwards (TACAN station)
EEemergency engineering
EEend effector
EEexperimental evaluation
EECOMelectrical, environmental, and communications
EECOMelectrical, environmental, consumables, and mechanical
EEDelectroexplosive device
EEEelectronic, electrical, and electromechanical
EEEUend effector electronics unit
EEHEMU electrical harness
EEIEdison Electrical Institute
EEIessential elements of information
EELelectrical equipment list
EEMEarth entry module
EENTeye, ear, nose, and throat
EEOEqual Employment Office
EEOequal employment opportunity
EEPelectronic equipment package
EEPROMelectrically erasable read-only memory
EESejection escape suit
EESemergency ejection suit
EESescape ejection suit
EESSemergency egress severance system
EESSemergency egress slide system
EETelectronic control assembly engine thrust
EETentry elapsed time
EETequivalent exposure time
EETBelectronic/electrical termination building
EEUextravehicular excursion unit
EEWSemergency egress window system
EFelectronic field
EFAexperiment flight application
EFCSEarth-fixed coordinate system
EFEelectronic field experiment
EFFGROefficient growth (computer program)
EFLeffective focal length
EFLequivalent focal length
EFPESA-furnished property
EFSSSengine failure sensing and shutdown system
EFTOencrypted for transmission only
EGAevolved gas analysis
EGBelectronic gimbal box
EGCexperiment ground computer
EGFelectrical grapple fixture
EGILelectrical, general instrumentation, and lighting
EGOeccentric geophysical observation
EGORDExperiment Ground Operations Requirements Document
EGRETenergetic Gamma Ray Explorer telescope
EGSEelectrical ground support equipment
EGTelapsed ground time
EGTestimated ground time
EGTexhaust gas temperature
EH/Mextension hose mouthpiece
EHAelectrohydraulic actuator
EHCelectrical heating control
EHFextremely high frequency
EHOTexternal hydrogen/oxygen tank
EHPeffective horsepower
EHPelectrical horsepower
EHSenvironmental health services
EHSDexisting hardware/software data base
EHXexperiment-dedicated heat exchanger
EIelectronics interface
EIend item
EIengineering instruction
EIentry interface
EIenvironmental impact
EIAElectrical Industries Association
EIASNend item assembly sequence number
EIATend item acceptance test
EICEngineering Information Center
EICexperimental intercom
EICDexperiment interface control document
EIDend item documentation
EIDPend item data package
EIFAelement interface functional analysis
EIMengineering information management
EIRenvironmental impact report
EIRexperiment integration review
EIRPeffective isotropic radiated power
EISelectrical integration system
EISend item specification
EISengineering information system
EISenvironmental impact statement
EITentry interface time
EIUengine interface unit
EIVTelectrical and instrumentation verification test
EIVTelectrical interface verification test
EIVTelectronic installation verification test
EIWBend item workbook
EKFextended Kalmar filter
ELelastic limit
ELequipment laboratory
ELACSextended-life attitude control system
ELBelectrical load bank
ELCEarth limb clutter
ELDVelectrically operated depressurization valve
ELEEarth limb experiment
ELFextremely low frequency (1 Hz to 3 kHz)
ELINTelectronic intelligence satellite
ELMexperimental logistics module
ELMSelastic-loop mobility system
ELNDigital Equipment Corporation's real-time operating n
ELPEnglish language program
ELRADEarth limb radiance
ELSeastern launch site
ELSelevon load system
ELSexternal lighting system
ELTemergency locator transmitter
ELVEarth launch vehicle
ELVexpendable launch vehicle
EMengineering model
EMexception monitor
EM&IAS;electromechanical and integrated avionics subsystem
EMAelectromagnetic analysis
EMAelectromechanical actuator
EMAengineering and manufacturing aid
EMCelectromagnetic capability
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility
EMCelectromagnetic control
EMCequivalent mission cycle
EMCCEmergency Mission Control Center
EMCDelectromechanical control diagram
EMCFAelectromagnetic compatibility frequency analysis
EMCIengineering model configuration inspection
EMCONemission control
EMDentry monitor display
EMDMenhanced multiplexer/demultiplexer
EMECelectromagnetic effects capability
EMECelectromagnetic effects compatibility
EMECenhanced master events controller
EMESelectrical, mechanical, and environmental systems
EMFelectromotive force
EMIelectromagnetic interface
EMIelectromagnetic interference
EMISMelectromagnetic interference safety margin
EMKemergency medical kit
EMLElectromagnetic Laboratory
EMLelectromagnetic launcher
EMMelectromechanical mockup
EMMAexpert missile maintenance aid
EMMAexpert missile maintenance aim
EMNengineering management network
EMONexception monitoring
EMPelectromagnetic pulse
EMPenhanced MDM pallet
EMPequipment mounting plate
EMPGSelectromechanical power generation subsystem
EMREastern Missile Range
EMRengine mix ratio
EMRengine mixture ratio
EMRexecutive management review
EMRLequipment maintenance requirements list
EMRLDexcimer moderate Raman-shifted laser device
EMSelectromagnetic susceptibility
EMSengineering master schedule
EMSentry monitor subsystem
EMSentry monitoring system
EMSPenhanced modular signal processor
EMTelectrical metallic tubing
EMUengineering model unit
EMUextended memory unit
EMUextravehicular mobility unit
EMWAengineering minor work authorization
ENDFevaluated neutron data file
ENSen route nuclear shuttle
ENVIRONspace natural environment model
EOEarth observation
EOEarth orbit
EOElectronic Operations
EOengineering order
EOASengineering order accountability system
EOCearly operational capability
EOCedge of coverage
EOCElectro-Optical Center
EOCend of contract
EOCengine order capability
EOCengine-out capability
EOCMelectro-optical countermeasure
EOCRengineering order control record
EODestimated on dock
EODexplosive ordnance disposal
EODBend of data block
EODRSEarth observation data retrieval system
EOFend of file
EOHTexternal oxygen and hydrogen tank
EOIEarth orbit insertion
EOLEarth orbit launch
EOLend of life
EOLend of line
EOMEarth orbital mission
EOMend of message
EOMend of mission
EOMEngineering Operations Manual
EOMequation of motion
EOMFend of minor frame
EOPEarth and ocean physics
EOPemergency oxygen pack
EOPAPEarth and ocean physics application program
EOPFend of powered flight
EOPRengineering order purchase request
EOPRengineering order purchase requisition
EOQeconomic order quantity
EOQend of quarter
EOREarth orbit rendezvous
EORend of refresh
EORQengineering order request for quotation
EORSATelectronic ocean reconstruction satellite
EOSEarth observation satellite
EOSEarth-orbit Shuttle
EOSelectrophoretic separation
EOSemergency oxygen system
EOSextended operating system
EOSHelectro-optical sensor hardening
EOSSEarth-orbital space station
EOSSextravehicular activity operational slide-wire system
EOTend of tape
EOTend of transmission
EOTFengineering order to follow
EOTSelectro-optical threat sensor
EOWenergy over weight
EPelbow pitch
EPelectrical power
EPequivalent person
EPequivalent personnel
EPexperiment planning
EP&PS;electrical power and pyrotechnics subsystem
EPAengineering personnel authorization
EPAengineering project authorization
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPAestimated plan of action
EPCelectronic parts control
EPCerror protection code
EPCexternal power contractor
EPCDCelectrical power conditioning, distribution, and control
EPDelectrical power distribution
EPDemergency procedures document
EPD&C;electrical power distribution and control
EPD&CS;electrical power distribution and control subsystem
EPDBexperiment power distribution box
EPDCelectrical power distribution and control
EPDCSelectrical power distribution and control system
EPDMethylene propylene diene monomer
EPDSelectrical power distribution system
EPDUelectrical power distribution unit
EPGelectrical power generator
EPGCSelectrical power generation and control subsystem
EPGSelectrical power generation subsystem
EPIRSSextended-performance infrared search set
EPLelectrical power level
EPLelectronic, electrical, and electromechanical parts list
EPLemergency power level
EPLexpected power level
EPMengineering project manager
EPMSengineering performance management system
EPOelement project office
EPOCExternal Payload Operations Center
EPPSSelectrical power/pyro sequential system
EPRengine pressure ratio
EPRengineering purchase request
EPRNemergency program release notice
EPROMerasable programmable read-only memory
EPSelectrical power system (subsystem)
EPSemergency power system
EPSexperimental power supply
EPSPexperiment power switching panel
EPSTFElectrical Power System Test Facility
EPTemergency procedure trainer
EPTenvironmental proof test
EPTethylene propylene terpolymer
EPTexternal pipe thread
EPTUevents per time unit
EPWGEnvironmental Projects Working Group
EPWGExperiment Planning Working Group
EPYelectronic control assembly pitch and yaw
EQEevent queue element
ERestablished reliability
ERexplanation report
ERextended reliability
ER&I;engine receiving and inspection
ERAelectrical replaceable assembly
ERAPEarth resources aircraft program
ERBEngineering Review Board
ERBACTERB action item
ERBMextended-range ballistic missile
ERBSEarth radiation budget satellite
ERCEmployee Recognition Center
ERCevent recorder
ERCARelectrochemically regenerable CO2 absorber and
ERCBEnergy Resources Control Board
ERCMengineering requirements and change management
EREPEarth resources package
ERETSEdwards rocket engine test site
ERIMEnvironmental Research Institute of Michigan
ERINTexoatmospheric reentry vehicle interceptor
ERISendoatmospheric reentry vehicle interceptor system
ERISexoatmospheric research interceptor system
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
ERMexecutive review meeting
ERNOEntwicklungts Ring Nord Organization, Space Division of um, VFW-Fokker-Mannheim,
Germany(Spacelab contractor)
EROengineering release operation
ERPeducational reimbursement program
ERPeffected radiative power
ERPeffective radiation power
ERPelevator reference plane
ERPeye reference point
ERRelectrical resistance requirement
ERRengineering release record
ERRCexpendability, recoverability, and repair capability
ERRPequipment replacement and refurbishment plan
ERSengineering release system
ERSentry and recovery simulation
ERSIelastomeric reusable surface insulation
ERSIREarth resources Shuttle imaging radar
ERTGeconomic radioisotope thermoelectric generator
ERTSEarth resources technology satellite
ERUEarth rate unit (15 deg/hr)
ERVexperimental reentry vehicle
ERVexpiratory reserve volume
ESEarth sensor
ESElectrochemical Society
ESengineering specification
ESequal section
ESescape system
ESexperiment segment
ESexpert system
ESAengineering supply area
ESAengineering support area
ESAengineering system assembly
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESAexplosive safe area (KSC)
ESBessential switching box
ESCAelectron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
ESCSelectronic spacecraft simulator
ESDElectronic Systems Division (NASA)
ESDElectronics Systems Division (USAF)
ESDelectrostatic discharge
ESDemergency shutdown
ESDExperiment Systems Division
ESDACEuropean Space Data Center (Darmstadt, Germany)
ESDPexternal sensor data processing
ESDUevent storage and distribution unit
ESEelectrical support equipment
ESEelectronic support equipment
ESEengineering support equipment
ESEEVA support equipment
ESFexplosive safe facility
ESIelectrical system integration
ESMelectronic support measure
ESMenergy storage module
ESMenvironmental systems monitor
ESMexperiment support module
ESMCEastern Space and Missile Center
ESMCREastern Space and Missile Center regulation
ESMSenvironmental and special measurements systems
ESOevent sequence override
ESOCEuropean Space Operations Center
ESOWengineering statement of work
ESPeconomic simulation program
ESPelectroshock protection
ESPEmployee Suggestion Program
ESPengineering simulator program
ESPenvironmental sensing platform
ESPexperiment sensing platform
ESPSexperiment segment pallet simulator
ESReffective sunrise
ESRengineering support request
ESRequipment status report
ESRINEuropean Space Research Institute
ESROEuropean Space Research Organization
ESSearly space station
ESSeffective sunset
ESSemergency survival system
ESSenergy storage subsystem
ESSenvironmental support system
ESSequipment support section
ESSexperiment subsystem simulator
ESSAelectrically steerable spherical array
ESSAEnvironmental Sciences Services Administration
ESSCEngineering Support Services Contract
ESTeastern standard time
ESTAescape system test article
ESTECEuropean Space Technology Center
ESTFElectronic System Test Facility (NASA)
ESTLElectronic Systems Test Laboratory
ESUeyepiece storage unit
ESVemergency shutoff valve
ESVSescape suit ventilation system
ESVSescape system ventilation system
ESWengine status word
ETedge thickness
ETelapsed time
ETelement test
ETelevated temperature
ETevent timer
ETexternal tank
ETAengineering test article
ETAestimated time of arrival
ETAestimated time to acquisition
ETAexplosive transfer assembly
ETAexternal tank attachment
ETBequipment transfer bag
ETCEarth terrain camera
ETCestimate to completion
ETCestimated cost to complete
ETCGreenbelt, Maryland (STDN site)
ETCOequipment transfer/change order
ETDelectrical terminal distributor
ETDestimated turnover date
ETDevolutionary terminal defense
ETDexternal tank door
ETEend to end
ETEDBexternal thermal environment data base
ETEEMend-to-end engagement model
ETEEMend-to-end engineering model
ETFEglin Test Facility
ETIelapsed-time indicator
ETICestimated time in commission
ETLEnvironmental Test Laboratory
ETLOWexternal tank lift-off weight
ETMelapsed-time meter
ETMengineering test model
ETOEarth to orbit
ETOethylene oxide
ETOCestimated time of correction
ETPengineering test phase
ETPenvironmental test plan
ETPequipment test plan
ETPYelectronic control assembly thrust vector pitch and yaw
ETREastern Test Range
ETRODEastern Test Range operations directive
ETRRenvironmental test readiness review
ETSelectrical test set
ETSenergy transfer system
ETSexternal tank system (subsystem)
ETSSexternal tank separation subsystem
ETTestimated time of track
ETUDexternal tank umbilical disconnect
ETVelectrical test vehicle
ETVAexternal tank vent arm
EUelectronic unit
EUengineering unit
EUexperimental unit
EURECAEuropean retrievable carrier
EUROCOMSATEuropean consortium communications satellite
EUVextreme ultraviolet
EUVEextreme ultraviolet experiment
EVearned value
EVentry vehicle
EVexpendable vehicle
eVelectron volt
EV88Experiment Version 88 (BMC3 experiment)
EVAearned-value analysis
EVAextravehicular activity
EVALEarth-viewing applications laboratory
EVASextravehicular activity system
EVATAextravehicular activity translational aid
EVCextravehicular communications
EVCFEastern Vehicle Checkout Facility
EVCONevents control (controller)
EVCSextravehicular communications system
EVCUextravehicular communications umbilical
EVDexternal visual display
EVDEexternal visual display equipment
EVFequipment visibility file
EVLSSextravehicular life support system
EVMEarth-viewing module
EVMUextravehicular mobility unit
EVOengineering verification order
EVSequipment visibility system
EVSextravehicular suit
EVSCextravehicular suit communications
EVSSextravehicular space suit
EVSTCextravehicular suit telecommunications
EVSUextravehicular space unit
EVTextravehicular transfer
EWelectronic warfare
EWAestimated warehouse arrival
EWEemergency window escape
EWMengineering wring-out meeting
EWOengineering work order
EWRengineering work request
EWWextended workweek
EXCexperiment computer
EXCABLexpert cable (automated payload cabling system)
EXHexchange hardware
EXMATCHexpert drawing matching system
EXOexperiment operator (in Spacelab)
EXTexperiment terminal (operator console on Spacelab)
EXTRAJascent trajectory (design expert system)
Ffloating point
F&A;fabrication and assembly
F&D;fill and drain
F&E;facility and environment
F&IE;facilities and industrial engineering
F&M;force and moment
F&P;fluids and propulsion
F&PC;finance and program control
F/Afabrication and assembly
F/Afailure analysis
F/Afuel-to-air ratio
F/Cfire control
F/Cfit check
F/Cflight control
F/Cflow control
F/Cfuel cell
F/Dface of drawing
F/Dfield of drawing
F/Ofuel oxidizer
F/Rflared rudder
FAfactor analysis
FAfailure analysis
FAfeedback analysis
FAfinal approach
FAfinal assembly
FAflight acceptance
FAflight aft
FAflight-critical aft
FAfully automatic
FA<first approach and landing test
FA/COSIfinal assembly closeout systems installation
FAAfalse alarm avoidance
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FABflight assignment baseline
FABUfuel additive blender unit
FACCFord Aerospace and Communications Corporation
FACIfirst-article configuration inspection
FACOfabrication and acceptance checkout
FACOfactory acceptance checkout
FACOfactory assembly and checkout
FACOfinal assembly checkout
FACRfirst-article configuration review
FACSfinance and control system
FACTfirst-address control table
FACTflexible automatic circuit tester
FACTflight acceptance composite test
FACTSFDF automated control and tracking system
FADfinal approach display
FADflight assessment delta
FAEfinal approach equipment
FAFfinal assembly fixture
FAFfirst aerodynamic flight
FAFSFalcon Air Force Station
FAIRfabrication, assembly, and inspection record
FAIRfly-along infrared
FALfacility area layout
FALfirst approach and landing
FAMEformatting and multiplexing equipment
FAMOSflight acceleration monitor system
FAMSFDF automated monitoring system
FAMUfuel additive moisture unit
FAOflight activities officer
FAPfinal approach plane
FAPFORTRAN assembly program
FAPEFlorida Association of Professional Employees
FARfailure analysis report
FARFederal Aviation regulation
FARfederal acquisition regulation
FARfinal acceptance review
FARflight acceptance review
FARflight analysis review
FASflight analysis system
FASforward acquisition sensor
FASCOSflight acceleration safety cutoff system
FATfactory acceptance test (some subcontractors)
FATfinal acceptance test (Rockwell)
FATflight attitude table
FAWGFlight Assignment Working Group
FBfield bulletin
FBfinal braking
FBflat bar
FBfleet broadcast
FBASfixed-base aft station
FBBflyback booster
FBCfluidized-bed combustion
FBCSfixed-base crew station (SMS)
FBMfleet ballistic missile
FBVfield-base visit
FBVfuel bleed valve
FCfacility control
FCferrite core
FCfire control
FCfit check
FCflight computer
FCflight control
FCflight critical
FCfuel cell
FCAfield change analysis
FCAflow control assembly
FCAforward controller assembly
FCAfrequency control analysis
FCAfunctional compatibility analysis
FCAfunctional configuration audit
FCAFFlight Crew Accommodation Facility
FCAPflight control applications program
FCBFracture Control Board
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FCCflat conductor cable
FCCPfirm contract cost proposal
FCDFlight Control Division (NASA)
FCDBflight control data bus
FCDCflexible confined detonating cord
FCDRfinal critical design review
FCEfast-cycle executive
FCEflight control equipment
FCEflight crew equipment
FCEFFlight Crew Equipment Facility
FCEIfacility contract end item
FCEIfacility contractor end item
FCFfirst captive flight
FCFfunctional check flight
FCHFlight Controller's Handbook
FCHLFlight Control Hydraulics Laboratory
FCIflight control indicator
FCIflight crew integration
FCIfunctional configuration identification
FCIMflight control interface module
FCIPflight cargo implementation plan
FCITEFCI time element
FCLfeeder control logic
FCLfluid coolant loop
FCLFreon coolant line
FCLFreon coolant loop
FCMflow control module
FCMCfacility control and monitor console
FCMUfoot-controlled maneuvering unit
FCOfield change order
FCOfinal checkout
FCOflight crew operations
FCOfunctional checkout
FCOBFlight Crew Operations Branch (NASA)
FCODFlight Crew Operations Directorate
FCOHFlight Controller's Operational Handbook
FCOSflight computer operating system
FCOSflight control operating system
FCOSflight control operational software
FCPFailure Correction Panel
FCPfirm cost proposal
FCPflight correction proposal
FCPfuel cell power plant
FCPfuel cell propellant
FCPSfuel cell power system (subsystem)
FCRfacility change request
FCRfinal configuration review
FCRflight configuration review
FCRflight control room
FCRAfecal collection receptacle assembly
FCRTflight display CRT
FCSfecal containment system
FCSfederal communications system
FCSfire control system
FCSflight control simulator
FCSflight control system
FCSflight crew system
FCSfront crew system
FCSDFlight Crew Support Division (JSC)
FCSMflight combustion stability monitor
FCSSfuel cell servicing system
FCSTFFuel Cell System Test Facility
FCTfilament center tap
FCTflight control team
FCTflight controller trainer
FCTflight crew trainer
FCTfuel cell test
FCTBFlight Crew Training Building
FCTFFuel Cell Test Facility
FCTRflight controller training room
FCTSflight crew trainer simulator
FCUfluid checkout unit
FCVflow control valve
FCWformat control word
FDfault detection
FDflight day
FDflight director
FDfunction designator
FDfunctional designator
FD/FIfault detection/fault isolation
FDAfault detection and annunciation
FDAflight deck assembly
FDAIflight director attitude indicator
FDBfacility data base
FDBFahrenheit dry bulb
FDCFFlight Design Control Facility
FDDBfunction designator data base
FDDIfiber distributed data interface
FDFfirst drop flight
FDFflight data file
FDIfailure detector indicator
FDIfault detection and identification
FDIfault detection and isolation
FDIflight detection and isolation
FDIflight director instrument
FDIIRfault detection, isolation, identification, and
FDIRfault detection, identification, and recovery
FDIRfault detection, isolation, and recovery
FDIRfault detection/isolation and reconfiguration
FDKflight display keyboard
FDLflight director loop
FDLCfinal design load cycle
FDMflight data manager
FDMflight design manager
FDMfrequency data multiplexer
FDMfrequency division multiplexer
FDMfrequency domain multiplexer
FDMAfrequency division multiple access
FDOfee determination official
FDOFlight Director's Office
FDOflight dynamics officer
FDORflight design operations review
FDPFlight Design Panel
FDRfinal design review
FDRflight definition requirement
FDRfunctional design review
FDRDflight definition and requirements directive
FDRDflight definition and requirements document
FDRDflight determination and requirements directive
FDRIflight director rate indicator
FDSfailure dynamics software
FDSfire detection and suppression
FDSflight design and scheduling
FDSflight design system
FDSflight dynamics simulator
FDSflight dynamics software
FDSflight dynamics support
FDSflight dynamics system
FDSfluid distribution system
FDSfunctional design specification
FDSCflight dynamics simulation complex
FDSCflight dynamics situation complex
FDSCUfluid distribution system control unit
FDSRfinal design status review
FDTfull-duplex teletype
FDUfluid distribution unit
FDXsimultaneous, two-way, full-duplex channel
FEflight execution
FEflight executive
FEflight experiment
FEforce execution
FEAfailure effects analysis
FEAflight experiment apparatus
FEAfluids experiment apparatus
FEATfinal engineering acceptance test
FEBforward equipment bay
FEBfourth entry battery
FEBfunctional electronic block
FECfield engineering change
FECforward events controller
FECRfinal experiment concept review
FEDflight events demonstration
FEDBflight execution data base
FEDPfacility and equipment design plan
FEEfailure effects evaluation
FEIDflight equipment interface design
FEIDflight equipment interface device
FEIDfunctional engineering interface device
FELfirst-element launch
FELfree-electron laser
FEMfinite-element method
FEMfinite-element model
FEMCPLfacilities and environmental measurement component parts
FEOfield engineering order
FEPfluorinated ethylene-propylene
FEPfront-end processor
FEPCflight equipment processing contractor
FERDfacility and equipment requirements document
FESflash evaporator system
FESflight element set
FESLfailure effects summary list
FESPflight execution support plan
FETfield effect transistor
FETflight elapsed time
FEWGFlight Evaluation Working Group
FFflight forward
FFflight-critical forward
FFforecasting funding
FFforward fuselage
FFfree flight
FFfree flyer
FFfull field
FFfull functional
FFBDfunctional flow block diagram
FFCfinal flight certification
FFCfirst-flight capability
FFDfixed-format display
FFDfunctional flow diagram
FFFfinal factory functional
FFMfree-flying (experiment) module
FFPfirm fixed price
FFPfirmed fixed price
FFRflight feasibility review
FFRRfirst flight readiness review
FFSACfield functional systems assembly and checkout
FFTfactory functional test
FFTfast Fourier transform
FFTframe format table
FFTOfree-flying teleoperator
FHflex hose
FHCflight half-coupling
FHDfixed-head disk
FHFfirst horizontal flight
FHOfailed hardover
FHPfuel high pressure
FHSforward heat shield
FHSTfixed-head star tracker
FIfault identification
FIfault isolation
FIfield intensity
FIformal inspection
FIAflight integration assessment
FIABFlight Integration Assessment Board
FIARfailure investigation action report
FICAFederal Insurance Contribution Act
FIDflight implementation directive
FIEflight instrumentation engineer
FIFOfirst in/first out (high-speed data buffer)
FIIGfederal item identification guide
FIINfederal item identification number
FIIWGFacility Integration and Installation Working Group
FILEfeature identification and location equipment
FIMfield instruction memorandum
FIMSframework for integrated manufacturing system
FIOfurnished and installed by others
FIRfuel indicator reading
FIRSSEFar Infrared Sky Survey Experiment
FISfacility interface sheet
FISAfacility inspection shakedown acceptance
FISTfinal integrated system test
FISTfunctional integrated system test
FITfault isolation test
FITHfire in the hole
FIVfuel isolation valve
FKBflight display keyboard
FLfeed line
FLflow line
FLforward link
FLAGflexible assignment generator
FLAGEFlexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment
FLAIRfunctional language articulated interactive resource
FLAPSflight application software
FLCFederal Library Committee
FLCforward load control
FLCAforward load controller assembly
FLIRforward-looking infrared
FLLKfrustum-lifting lug kit
FLPSflight load planning system
FLRflight log recorder
FLSAFair Labor Standards Act
FLSCflexible linear-shaped charge
FLTSATCOMfleet satellite communications
FLWFellows (TACAN station)
FMfirst mold
FMflight model
FMfluid module
FMfracture mechanics
FMfrequency modulated
FMfrequency modulation
FM/CWfrequency-modulated continuous wave
FM/FMfrequency modulation/frequency multiplexing
FM/PMfrequency modulation/phase modulation
FMAfailure mode analysis
FMADfluid management and distribution
FMAHTSflight manifest and hardware tracking system
FMARfinal mission analysis review
FMCforward motor controller
FMCAforward motor controller assembly
FMCFfirst manned captive flight
FMCSFederal Mediation and Conciliation Services
FMDfixed-module drive
FMD&C;flight mechanics, dynamics, and control
FMDMflexible multiplexer/demultiplexer
FMEAfailure mode and effects analysis
FMECforward master events controller
FMECAfailure modes and effects criticality analysis
FMECAfailure modes, effects, and criticality analysis
FMKfield modification kit
FMLfault message line
FMLfinal materials list
FMOflight medical officer
FMOFfirst manned operational flight
FMOFfirst manned orbital flight
FMOFEVfirst manned orbital flight with EVA
FMOFPLfirst manned orbital flight with payload
FMPfacility management plan
FMPACfixed multipurpose application console
FMRfield modification request
FMRfunction max rate
FMSfluid management system
FMSfood management subsystem
FMSforms management system
FMSfunctional master schedule
FMSPFM signal processor
FMSPfrequency modulation signal processor
FMTflight management team
FMXFM transmitter
FNDfacility need date
FNOCFleet Numeric Oceanography Center (U.S. Navy)
FNOCFleet Numerical Oceanography Center
FNTfailure notification Telex
FOfail operating
FOfail operational
FOfast operating
FOflat oval
FOfunctional objective
FO-FO-FSfail operational/fail operational/fail safe
FO-FSfail operational/fail safe
FOBFlight Operations Building
FOBfractional orbit bombardment
FOBfree on board
FOBSfractional orbit bombing system
FOCfleet operational capability
FOCfull operational capability
FOCRfinal operational concept review
FODFlight Operations Directorate (JSC)
FODSfiber-optic demonstration system
FOEflight operations engineer
FOFfirst operational flight
FOFfirst orbital flight
FOFflight operations facility
FOGfiber-optic gyro
FOGMfiber-optic guided missile
FOHfirst-order hold
FOIfield operations installation
FOIHFlight Operations Integration Handbook
FOMfield operations memorandum
FOMfigure of merit
FOMRFlight Operations Management Room
FOPfacility operations plan
FOPFlight Operations Panel
FOPflight operations plan
FOPfollow-on production
FOPGFlight Operations Planning Group
FOPPfollow-on parts production
FOPSflight operations planning schedule
FOPSSflight operation product scheduling system
FORfield of regard
FORflight operations review
FORDflight operations requirement document
FORTRANformula translation
FOSflight operation security
FOSflight operations support
FOSAFlight Operations Support Annex
FOSDICfilm optical sensing device for input to computers
FOSMSfacility operation scheduling and monitoring system
FOSOflight operations scheduling officer
FOSPflight operations support personnel
FOSTflight operations support team
FOTflight operation trainer
FOTflight operations team
FOVfield of view
FOVfield of vision
FOVfirst orbital vehicle
FOWGFlight Operations Working Group
FPfine pointer
FPfine pointing
FPfixed point
FPfixed price
FPflat panel
FPflexible processor
FPflight plan
FPfocal plane
FPfreezing point
FPfuel pressure
FPfunction path
FPfunctional path
FPAfocal plane array
FPAfocal plane assembly
FPBfuel preburner
FPBOVfuel preburner and oxidizer valve
FPCFederal Power Commission
FPCfixed-price contractor
FPCforward power controller
FPCAforward power controller assembly
FPDEfocal plane drive electronics
FPEfunctional program element
FPEGfast-pulse electron gun
FPHFlight Procedures Handbook
FPIfixed-price incentive
FPIfuel pressure indicator
FPIFfixed-price incentive fee
FPITfield preinstallation test
FPLfetch pointer list
FPLfull power load
fpmfeet per minute
FPOFuture Projects Office (MSFC)
FPOVfuel preburner oxidizer valve
FPPfloating-point processor
FPPFreon pump package
FPPRfixed price with price revision
FPQfixed, special-purpose radar
FPRflight performance reserve
FPRVflight product requirements verification
fpsfeet per second
fpsframes per second
FPSPfocal plane signal processor
FPSRflight planning and stowage review
FPSSfine-pointing sun sensor
FPUfloating-point unit
FPVflow proportioning valve
FPWGFSD Planning Working Group
FQflight qualification
FQFfirst qualification flight
FQIflight qualification instrumentation
FQRfinal qualification review
FQRflight qualification recorder
FQRformal qualification review
FQTformal qualification test
FRfast release
FRfinal review
FRfiring room
FRflight rule
FRframe rate
FRfully reusable
FRACASfailure reporting, analysis, and corrective action
FRAGNETfragmented network
FRBFailure Review Board
FRCfixed radio control
FRCflight readiness certification
FRCBFlight Rules Change Board
FRCBFlight Rules Control Board
FRCIfibrous refractory composite insulation
FRCSforward reaction control system (subsystem)
FRDflight requirements document
FRDfunctional requirements document
FRDIflight research and development instrumentation
FRDRflight readiness design review
FREflight-related element
FREformat request element
FRFflight readiness firing
FRFTflight readiness firing test
FRGFederal Republic of Germany
FRJDforward reaction jet driver
FRLframe reference line
FRLfuselage reference line
FRMfacility requirements manager
FRPfuselage reference plane
FRRflight readiness review
FRRIDflight readiness review item disposition
FRSIfelt reusable surface insulation
FRTflight readiness test
FRTfrequency response test
FSfactor of safety
FSfail safe
FSfail to sync
FSfault summary
FSfederal specification
FSfire suppression
FSfixed silo
FSflight system
FSfluid system
FSFreon servicer
FSfull scale
FSfunctional schematic
FSfuselage station
FS3Future Security Strategy Study
FSAfinal-stage acceptance
FSAfrequency standard assembly
FSAAflight simulator for advanced aircraft
FSCFairchild Space Company
FSCfederal stock classification
FSCMfederal supply code for manufacturers
FSCPfire sensor control panel
FSCPflight support computer program
FSDFlight Simulation Division (JSC)
FSDfull-scale development
FSD&P;flight systems design and performance
FSDUfrequency synthesizer and distribution unit
FSEfactory support equipment
FSEflight simulation engineer
FSEflight support equipment
FSEDfull-scale engineering development
FSFfirst static firing
FSGSflare/shallow glide slope
FSHfixed superhard
FSIfinal systems installation
FSIflight software integration
FSIMfunctional simulator
FSIWGFlight System Interface Working Group
FSKfrequency shift key
FSLFlight Simulation Laboratory
FSLFlight Systems Laboratories
FSLPfirst Spacelab payload
FSLTfirst sea-level test
FSMFirmware Support Manual
FSMfuel supply module
FSNfederal stock number
FSOfacility security officer
FSOfunctional supplementary objective
FSPfault summary page
FSPflight safety plan
FSPLfree-space-path loss
FSRfinal system release
FSRfinal systems review
FSRFlight Support Room
FSRflight support request
FSRRflight software readiness review
FSRRflight system readiness review
FSRSflight system recording system
FSSfield spectrometer system
FSSfire suppression system
FSSfixed service structure
FSSflight support station
FSSflight support structure
FSSflight support system
FSSflight systems simulator
FSSfrequency selective surface
FSSfull-scale station
FSSEflight sensor stimuli equipment
FSSRflight system software request
FSSRflight system software requirements
FSSRfunctional subsystem software requirements
FSSSFuture Strategic Systems Study
FSTEfactory special test equipment
FSTSfrequency standard test set
FSUfacility security office
FSUfactor of safetyultimate
FSUFreon servicing unit
FSUfrequency synthesizer unit
FSVflight space vehicle
FSWflight software
FSYfactor of safetyyield
FTfast track
FTfault tolerant
FTfine tracker
FTflight team
FTflight test
FTformal training
FTfunctional test
FT&C;formal training and certification
ft/secfeet per second
FTAfatigue test article
FTAfault-tree analysis
FTAflight test article
FTAMfile transfer, access, and management
FTCflight test conductor
FTCFlorida Test Center (MDAC)
FTDflight test directive
FTDForeign Technology Division, U.S. Air Force
FTEfactory test equipment
FTEflight test engineer
FTEforced test end
FTFDfield test force director (AFSCF)
FTIRFourier transform infrared
FTISflight test instrumentation system
FTMCfault-tolerant memory control
FTOflight test objective
FTOForeign Technology Office
FTOfunctional test objective
FTOHFlight Test Operations Handbook
FTPflight test procedure
FTPfull-throttle position
FTPfunctional test program
FTPfunctional test progress
FTPFFlight and Training Planning Facility
FTRflight test requirement
FTRfunctional test requirement
FTRDflight test requirements document
FTRDfunctional test requirements document
FTSfar-term study
FTSfar-term system
FTSfederal telecommunications system
FTSflight telerobotic service
FTSflight telerobotic servicer
FTSflight termination system
FTSflight test station
FTSflight test system
FTSfunctional test specification
FTTfield test telescope
FTVEfunctional technology validation experiment
FUflight unit
FUBforward utility bridge
FUIfederal unemployment insurance
FUOfollow-up output
FUTflight unit test
FVflight version
FVfront view
FVDSfuel vent and drain system
FVFfirst vertical flight
FVSSfuel vapor scrubber system
FVVfacility verification vehicle
FWflag word
FWfuel wasting
FWBFahrenheit wet bulb
FWCfilament-wound case
FWGFacility Working Group
FWWfood, water, and waste
FWWMfood, water, and waste management
FWWMSfood, water, and waste management subsystem
FXRflash X-ray
FYfiscal year
G&A;general and administrative
G&C;ground rules and constraints
G&C;guidance and control
G&CEP;guidance and control equipment performance
G&CI;guidance and control integration
G&N;guidance and navigation
G&NS;guidance and navigation system
G-Aground to air
G-Gground to ground
G-IIGulfstream II (Shuttle training aircraft)
G-MEMGPC memory
G/Aground to air
G/A/Gground to air to ground
G/AITground/airborne IGS terminal
G/Cguidance and control
G/Gground to ground
G/Ngeneral notes
G/Sglide slope
G/Tgain versus temperature
G/Tratio of antenna gain to receiver noise temperature
GAglide angle
GAground antenna
GAgyro assembly
GA&CS;ground acquisition and command station
GaAsgallium arsenide
GACground attitude control
GACGrumman Aerospace Corporation
GACUground air conditioning unit
GACUground avionics cooling unit
GADGgravity or acceleration due to gravity
GAECGrumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation
GAINgraphic aids for investigating networks
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GAPGOAL automatic procedure
GAPLgroup assembly parts list
GASgetaway special
GASDGovernment Aerospace Systems Division (Harris
GASPGeneral Ascent Trajectory and Sizing Program
GASPIgimbal angle, surface position indicator
GATEgeneric automatic test equipment
GATPground acceptance test procedure
GATPground article test procedure
GATTgate-assisted turnoff thyristor
GAXGN&C; annunciation interface
GBDglobal burst detector
GBDGovernment Business Division
GBIGrand Bahama Island
GBLgovernment bill of lading
GBLground-based laser
GBOTVground-based OTV
GBRglass bead rating
GBRground-based radar
GBSground-based software
GBSSground-based surveillance system
GBTgyro bias calibration value
GCgas chromatography
GCgigacycle (1,000 megacycles)
GCgimbal case
GCground computer
GCground contact
GCground control
GCground controller
GCguidance computer
GCguidance control
GCAground-controlled approach
GCAguidance coupler assembly
GCCground communications coordinator
GCCGround Control Center
GCCCGround Control Computer Center
GCCOground control checkout
GCDgreatest common divisor
GCDgyrocompass, desired cluster orientation
GCDCground checkout display and control
GCDSground checkout display and control system
GCEGPS cargo element
GCFgreatest common factor
GCFground communications facility
GCHXground cooling heat exchanger
GCIground-controlled interception
GCIDground computer interface device
GCILground command interface logic
GCILground control interface logic
GCILCground command interface logic controller
GCILUground control interface logic unit
GCLground control landing
GCLground coolant loop
GCNGIRD change notice
GCNground communications network (A/G worldwide net)
GCNground control network
GCOground checkout
GCOSgeneral computer operational system
GCOSground computer operating system
GCPground command post
GCPgroup command post
GCRground-controlled radar
GCRgroup-coded recording
GCSground communications system
GCSground control station
GCSguidance cutoff signal
GCTSgas component test stand
GCTSground communication tracking system
GCUgeneral control unit
GCUgenerator control (regulator) unit
GCUground cooling unit
GCUgyro coupling unit
GDAGeneral Dynamics Astronautics
GDAgimbal drive actuator
GDAgimbal drive assembly
GDBSgeneralized data base system
GDCGeneral Dynamics Corporation
GDCgyro display coupler
GDCAGeneral Dynamics Convair Aircraft
GDDMgraphical data display manager
GDMSgeneric data management system
GDMSground data management system
GDOPgeometric dilution of precision
GDPgeneralized documentation processor
GDRgeophysical data record
GDSGoldstone, California (STDN)
GDSDGround Data Systems Division
GDSMground data systems manager
GDSOground data systems officer
GDSSRGDSD staff support room
GEGeneral Electric
GE-AESDGeneral Electric Aerospace Electronics Systems
GE/BGeneral Electric Burroughs
GEAgimbal electronics assembly
GECGeneral Electrodynamics Corporation
GEDACGeneral Electric detection and automatic correction
GEMgeneric electronics module
GEMSgeneral energy management system
GEMSglobal emergency missile surveillance
GEOgeosynchronous Earth orbit
GEODSSground-based electro-optical deep-space surveillance
GEOMODgeometric modeler
GEOPAUSEgeodetic satellite in polar geosynchronous orbit
GEOSEPSgeosynchronous solar electric propulsion stage
GERTgraphical evaluation and review technique
GESSGoddard experiment support system
GETground elapsed time
GETIground elapsed time of ignition
GETLground elapsed time of landing (for TIG of abort burn)
GETSground equipment test set
GeVgiga electron volt
GFgauge factor
GF&P;gases, fluids, and propellants
GFAEgovernment-furnished aeronautical equipment
GFAEgovernment-furnished aircraft equipment
GFDgovernment-furnished data
GFEgovernment-furnished equipment
GFERDgovernment-furnished equipment requirement description
GFIgovernment-furnished information
GFIground fault interrupter
GFMgovernment-furnished material
GFPgeneralized filter program
GFPgovernment-furnished property
GFRPglass-fiber-reinforced plastic
GFRPgraphite-fiber-reinforced plastic
GFSgovernment-furnished software
GFTMgeneric fluids transfer model
GFYgovernment fiscal year
GGgas generator
GGgravity gradient
GGVMgas generator valve module
GHAgeneral housekeeping area
GHAGreenwich hour angle
GHCground half-coupling
GHEground handling equipment
GHegaseous helium
GHXground heat exchanger
GIAgeneral-purpose computer interface adapter
GIAGGovernment-Industry Advisory Group
GIBISgraphical issue-based information system
GICGPC interface console
GIDDGSE interface definition document
GIDEPgovernment interagency data exchange program
GIDEPgovernment-industry data exchange program
GIDSgeneral-purpose interactive display system
GIEground instrumentation equipment
GIFgraphics interchange format
GIMgeneralized information management
GIMADSgeneric integrated maintenance and diagnostic system
GIMADSgeneric integrated maintenance diagnostics
GIRDground integration requirements document
GISOgeneral industry safety order
GITGGround Interface Technical Group
GIWGGround Interface Working Group
GKSgraphics kernel system
GLAADSgun low-altitude air defense system
GLCgenerator line contractor
GLCMground-launched cruise missile
GLLDground locator laser designator
GLOWgross lift-off weight
GLOWground lift-off weight
GLPGOAL language processor
GLSground launch sequencer
GMgaseous mixture
GMgeometric mean
GMground mobile
GMALGeneral Electric Macro Assembly Language
GMAWgas metal arc welding
GMCCGround Mobile Control Center
GMCLground measurements command list
GMEgimbal module electronics
GMEMGPC memory
GMFground module force
GMIPgovernment mandatory inspection point
GMISground STDN management information system
GMISGSSC management information system
GMLgeneral measurement loop
GMLCCGround Mobile Launch Control Center
GMMgeometrical math model
GMNGorman (TACAN station)
GMTGreenwich mean time
GNground network
GN&C;guidance, navigation, and control
GN&CS;guidance, navigation, and control subsystem
GNCguidance and navigation computer
GNCguidance, navigation, and control
GNCFTSGN&C; flight test station
GNCISGN&C; integration simulator
GNCSguidance and navigation control system
GNCSIMGN&C; simulation
GNCTSGN&C; test station
GNEguidance and navigational electronics
GNICG&N; indicator control
GNPgross national product
GNSguidance and navigation simulator
GNSguidance navigation system
GOgeneral order
GOALground operations aerospace language
GOASEXGulf of Alaska Seasat Experiment
GOCground operations coordinator
GOCAground operations control area
GOCOgovernment-owned, contractor-operated
GOEground operating equipment
GOEground outfitting equipment
GOESgeostationary operational environment satellite
GOESgeosynchronous operational environmental satellite
GOMKSC ground operations manager at DFRF or WSMR
GOMMSground operations and material management system
GOMSground operations management system
GOPGround Operations Panel
GOPground operations plan
GOPGGround Operations Planning Group
GORground operations review
GORDground operations requirements document
GORPGround Operations Review Panel
GORPground operations requirements plan
GORRground operation readiness review
GORSground observer RF system
GOSground operations system
GOSPground operational support plan
GOSRPground operational support requirements plan
GOSSground operational support system
GOTSgovernment off the shelf
GOWGGround Operations Working Group
GPgeneral publication (KSC)
GPgovernment property
GPAgeneral-purpose amplifier
GPASgeneral-purpose airborne simulator
GPBIMgeneral-purpose buffer interface module
GPCgel permeation chromatograph
GPCgel permeation chromatography
GPCgeneral-purpose computer
GPCgyro pulse count
GPCBGOAL program control block
GPCIPLgeneral-purpose computer initial program load
GPDgimbal position display
gphgallons per hour
GPIgimbal position indicator
GPIground position indicator
GPIOgeneral-purpose input and output
GPLgeneral-purpose laboratory
GPLGOAL processing language
gpmgallons per minute
GPMEgeneral-purpose mission equipment
GPNDSglobal positioning and nuclear detection system
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GPRNGOAL test procedure release notice
GPRPgovernment production research property
GPSgeneral processing subsystem
GPSGlobal Positioning System (Navstar)
GPSground power supply
GPSground processing simulation
GPSRX GPS user receiver
gpsgallons per second
GPSCPGPS computer program
GPSSgeneral-purpose simulator system
GPSSgeneral-purpose system simulator
GPTEgeneral-purpose test equipment
GPUground power unit
GPURGOAL test procedure update request
GPVSgeneral-purpose visual simulator
GRground rule
GRACEground radar calibration equipment
GRDground detector
GREGamma Ray Explorer
GRIDgraphic retrieval and information display
GRNCgroup not counted
GROGamma Ray Observatory
GRSglobal receiving system
GRTLSglide return to launch site
GSgas servicer
GSgeneralized system
GSglide slope
GSground speed
GSground station
GSground system
GSII Generalized System II
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSATgeosynchronous satellite
GSCUground service cooling unit
GSDLGround Software Development Laboratory
GSDSGoldstone duplicate standard (standard DSIF equipment)
GSEgovernment support equipment
GSEground servicing equipment
GSEground support equipment
GSE&I;general systems engineering and integration
GSELground support equipment list
GSERDground support equipment recommendation data
GSFgyro scale factor
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
GSIglide slope indicator
GSIgovernment source inspection
GSIGGround Systems Integration Group
GSIUground standard interface unit
GSLSground station link survivability
GSOGround Support Office
GSOground support operations
GSOground systems operations
GSPground safety plan
GSP-Rguidance signal processor-repeater
GSPFGround Software Production Facility (LPS) (FR 2 KSC)
GSPOGround Systems Project Office (JSC)
GSRgalvanic skin response
GSSgeosynchronous space station
GSSgovernment systems sector
GSSground support software
GSSground support system
GSSCGeneral Systems Simulation Center (NASA)
GSSCground support simulation computer
GSSFgeneral service stock fund
GSSIground support system integration
GSSI&C;ground support systems installation and checkout
GSSI&C;group support systems integration and checkout
GSTground system test
GSTARSaudi Arabian communications satellite
GSTDNground space flight tracking and data network
GSTDNground spacecraft tracking and data network
GSTPground system test procedure
GSTSground-based surveillance and tracking system
GSTS/BMground-based surveillance and tracking agement
GSUgas servicer unit
GSVglove stop valve
GSVOOground station visibility of orbiting objects
GSVPground support verification plan
GTground team
GTground test
GTgyro torque
GT&A;ground test and acceptance
GTAgas tungsten arc
GTAground test access
GTAground test article
GTAground test assembly
GTAground torquing assembly
GTAWgas tungsten arc welding
GTCglycol trim console
GTCground test conductor