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Crew Equipment
Food System and Dining
The middeck is equipped with facilities for food stowage, preparation and dining.
Shuttle Orbiter Medical System
Provides medical care in flight for minor illnesses and injuries.
Operational Bioinstrumentation System
Provides an electrocardiograph signal for transmission to the ground.
Radiation Equipment
Passive and active dosimeters monitor radiation during missions.
Crew Apparel
Apparel includes pressure suits and IVA clothing.
Sleeping Provisions
Sleeping bags, sleep restraints, and rigid sleep stations are used on orbit.
Personal Hygiene Provisions
A personal hygiene kit is furnished for each crew member.
Supplies and equipment are provided for maintenance of a clean crew cabin environment.
Sighting Aids
Includes binoculars, adjustable mirrors and spotlights.
Microcassette Recorder
Used for voice recording of data and for playing prerecorded tapes.
Photographic Equipment
Several camera systems are used by the flight crew to document activities during the mission.
Wicket Tabs
Devices used to help crew members activate controls in the dark.
Reach Aid
A short adjustable bar used to activate switches out of the crewmember's reach.
Restraints and Mobility Aids
Equipment includes foot restraints, handholds, ladders and handrails.
Crew Equipment Stowage
Crew equipment is stowed in lockers with insertable trays.
Exercise Equipment
To maintain good cardiovascular health, crew members use a specially designed treadmill.
Sound Level Meter
Measures acoustical noise levels in the crew cabin.
Air Sampling System
Air bottles capture ambient atmosphere in the cabin.

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