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Crew Apparel

During launch and entry, crew members wear the crew altitude protection system, which consists of a helmet; communications cap; pressure garment; anti-exposure, anti-gravity suit; gloves; and boots.

The crew wears escape equipment over the CAPS during launch and entry. It consists of an emergency oxygen system; parachute harness, parachute pack with automatic opener, pilot chute, drogue chute and main canopy; a life raft; 2 liters of emergency drinking water; flotation devices; and survival vest pockets containing a radio/beacon, signal mirror, shroud cutter, pen gun flare kit, sea dye marker, smoke flare and beacon. Manual activation of the parachute automatic opening sequences is provided, as well as manual release of the parachute main canopy.

On orbit, optional clothing and equipment include underwear, urine collection devices, eyeglasses, communications headset, emesis bag, flashlight, Swiss army knife, kneeboard, pens and pencils, stowage bags, watches and food and drink containers.

Crew clothing and equipment used during on-orbit activities include flight suits, IVA trousers, IVA jackets, IVA shirts, sleep shorts, IVA soft slippers, underwear, scissors/lanyard, pocket dosimeter and pocket food.

Crew clothing is designed for use by 90 percent of the male and female population, the 5th to 95th percentile.

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