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Personal Hygiene Provisions

To maintain good hygiene and appearance, personal hygiene and grooming provisions are furnished for both male and female flight crew members. Water is provided by the water dispensing system.

A personal hygiene kit is furnished each crew member for brushing teeth, hair care, shaving, nail care, etc. A kit is also furnished with articles essential to female hygiene and grooming.

Two washcloths and one towel per crew member per day are provided in addition to two paper tissue dispensers per crew member for each seven days. The washcloths are 12 by 12 inches and the towels 16 by 27 inches. The tissues are absorbent, multi-ply, low-linting paper. Rubber restraints with a Velcro base allow the crew members to restrain their towels and washcloths on the waste management door or middeck walls.

The personal hygiene provisions are stowed in middeck stowage lockers at launch and are removed for use on orbit.

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