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Dedicated Display Systems

Provide the flight crew with data required to fly the vehicle manually or to monitor automatic FCS performance.

Attitude Director Indicator
Provide attitude data, including attitude rates and errors.

Horizontal Situation Indicator
Displays a pictorial view of the vehicle's position.

Alpha Mach Indicator
Display vehicle angle of attack.

Altitude/Vertical Velocity Indicator
Displays vertical acceleration, vertical velocity, barometric altitude and radar altitude.

Surface Position Indicator
Displays actual and commanded positions of elevons, body flap, rudder, aileron and speed brake.

Flight Control System Push Button Indicators
Transmit moding requests to digital autopilot.

Reaction Control System Command Lights
Indicate RCS jet comands by axis and direction.

Senses linear acceleration along the Z axis of the vehicle.

Head-up Display
Optical miniprocessor that cues the commander during final landing approach.

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