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Flight Control System Push Button Indicators

These indicators are located on panel F2 for the commander and panel F4 for the pilot. The flight control system's push button light indicators transmit flight crew moding requests to the digital autopilot in the flight control software and reflect selection by illuminating the effective DAP state.

The push button light indicators are used to command and reflect the status of the pitch control mode. The pitch and roll/yaw indicators transmit moding requests to the digital autopilot and indicate the effective state of the pitch, roll and yaw DAP channels by lighting.

Auto indicates that control is automatic and no crew inputs are required. CSS is control stick steering; crew inputs are required but are smoothed by the DAP (stability augmentation, turn coordination).

The spd brk/throt (speed brake/throttle) push button light indicator has two separate lights, auto and man (manual), to indicate that the DAP speed brake channel is in the automatic or manual mode. The push button light indicator transmits only the auto request.

The body flap push button light indicator also has separate auto and man lights, indicating the state of the body flap channel. Like the spd brk/throt push button light indicator, the body flap indicator transmits only the auto request.

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