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Body Flap Switches

There are two body flap switches: one for the commander on panel L2 and one for the pilot on panel C3. Each switch is a lever-locked switch spring loaded to the center position. The body flap switches provide manual control for positioning the body flap for SSME thermal protection and for reducing elevon deflections during the entry phase.

The body flap can be switched from its automatic mode to its manual mode by moving either switch from the auto/off position to the up or down position. These are momentary switch positions; when released, the switch returns to auto/off . The white body flap man (lower half) of the push button light indicator on panel F2 or F4 is illuminated, indicating manual control of the body flap. To regain automatic control, the body flap push button light indicator on panel F2 or F4 is depressed, extinguishing the man white light and illuminating the auto white light. The push button indicator can also be depressed to man for manual body flap control. The push button light indicator is triply redundant.

The up and down positions of each switch have two power supplies from a control bus.

If the commander and pilot generate conflicting commands, a body-flap-up command will be output to flight control because up has priority.

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