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Payload Recorder

The payload recorder records and dumps payload analog and digital data in flight through the S-band or Ku-band transmitter. The recorder can record one of three serial inputs or a maximum of 14 parallel digital or analog inputs or combinations of analog and digital data (up to 14 inputs) from the payload patch panel. In flight, all data dumps are serial; capability for parallel dumps does not exist. The recorded digital data can range from 25.6 kbps to 1.024 Mbps. Analog data inputs can be recorded only in parallel with a bandwidth from 1.9 kHz to 1,600 kHz. There are also 14 selectable tape speeds; however, only four speeds are available per flight. Recorder tape speeds are 15, 30, 60 and 120 inches per second. Total recording time ranges from 56 minutes at 1.024 Mbps to 18 hours 40 minutes at 25.6 kbps.

The recorder normally is controlled by ground command but can be commanded by the flight crew through the flight deck display and control panel keyboard or through switches on the recorder panel.

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