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Orbital Maneuvering Systems
Provides thrust for orbit insertion, orbit circularization, orbit transfer, rendezvous and deorbit.
Helium Pressurization
Each pod pressurazation systems consists of a helium tank, valves and regulators.
Propellant Storage and Distribution
Consists of one fuel tank and one oxidizer tank in each pod.
Engine Thrust Chamber Assembly
The thrust chamber is where the fuel and oxydizer react in the injector.
OMS Thrusting Sequence
The OMS thrusting sequence commands the OMS engines on or off and commands the engine purge function.
Engine Thrust Vector Control System
The engine TVC system consists of a gimbal ring assembly, two gimbal actuator assemblies, and two gimbal actuator controllers.
Thermal Control
OMS thermal control is achieved by insulation in the OMS pods and strip heaters.
OMS-RCS Interconnect
OMS propellant can be used to operate the Reaction Control System.
OMS-to-RCS Gauging Sequence
The OMS-to-aft-RCS propellant quantities are calculated by burn time integration.
Abort Control Sequences
The abort control sequence software manages OMS and RCS configuration and thrusting periods during ascent aborts.
OMS Engine Fault Detection and Identification
The OMS engine FDI function detects and identifies off-nominal performance of the OMS engine.
OMS Gimbal Actuator FDI
THe OMS gimbal actuator FDI detects and identifies off-nominal performance of the pitch and yaw gimbal actuators of the OMS engines.

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