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Main Propulsion System Contractors

The Rocketdyne Division of Rockwell International, Canoga Park, Calif., is the prime contractor for the space shuttle main engines. Other contractors include Aeroflex Laboratories, Plainview, N.Y. (MPS vibration mounts); Airite Division, Sargent Industries, El Segundo, Calif. (MPS surge pressure receiver); Ametek Calmec, Pico Rivera, Calif. (1.5-inch and 2-inch liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen shutoff valve, 4-inch liquid hydrogen disconnect and 2-inch gaseous hydrogen/gaseous oxygen disconnect); Ametek Straza, El Cajon, Calif. (8-inch liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen fill and drain, 2- and 4-inch liquid hydrogen recirculation lines, high-point bleed line manifold and gimbal joint); Arrowhead Products, division of Federal Mogul, Los Alamitos, Calif. (12- to 17-inch-diameter liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen feed lines and flexible purge gas connector); Astech, Santa Ana, Calif. (MPS heat shield); Brunswick, Lincoln, Neb. (17.3- and 4.7-cubic-foot capacity helium tanks); Brunswick-Circle Seal, Anaheim, Calif. (helium check valves, gaseous oxygen and gaseous hydrogen 1-inch helium pressurization line, 0.375-inch liquid hydrogen relief valve and engine isolation check valves); Brunswick-Wintec, El Segundo, Calif. (helium filter); Coast Metal Craft, Compton, Calif. (metal flex hose); Conrac Corp., West Caldwell, N.J. (engine interface unit); Consolidated Controls, El Segundo, Calif. (oxygen pressure primary flow control valve and hydraulic valve, hydrogen/oxygen pressurant flow control valves, 20-psi helium regulator, 850-psi helium relief valve and 750-psi helium regulator); Fairchild Stratos, Manhattan Beach, Calif. (12-inch prevalves, 1.5-inch liquid oxygen disconnect, 8-inch liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fill and drain valves, and gaseous nitrogen and gaseous hydrogen disconnects); Gulton Industries, Costa Mesa, Calif. (pogo pressure transducer); K-West, Westminister, Calif. (liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen external tank ullage pressure signal conditioner, MPS differential pressure transducer and electronics propellant head pressure); Megatek, Van Nuys, Calif. (MPS line flange cryo seals); Moog Inc., East Aurora, N.Y. (main engine gimbal actuators); Parker Hannifin Corp., Irvine, Calif. (1-inch relief isolation valves, pogo check valves, 17-inch liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen disconnects, 8-inch liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen disconnects, and liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen relief valves); Simmonds Precision Instruments, Vergennes, Vt. (liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen point sensors and electronics); Sterer Engineering, Los Angeles, Calif. (main engine hydraulic solenoid shutoff valve); Whittaker Corp., North Hollywood, Calif. (750-/250-psi helium regulator); Wright Components Inc. Clifton Springs, N.J. (two-way pneumatic solenoid valve, three-way helium solenoid valve and hydraulic latching solenoid valve).

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