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Reaction Control System

The forward and aft RCS systems consist of helium storage tanks, pressure systems, propellant systems, and thermal control.
Pressurization System
Gaseous helium supplies pressure to the fuel and oxidizer tanks.
Propellant System
A system of tanks, lines and valves distributes propellant to the RCS thrusters.
RCS Quantity Monitor
Onboard computers calculate the usable percent of fuel and oxidizer in each RCS module.
Engine Propellant Feed
Isolation valves control the amount of propellant being fed to each RCS module.
RCS Engines
Each RCS engine contains a fuel and oxidizer valve, injector head assembly, combustion chamber, nozzle and electrical junction box.
Heaters maintain propellant and pod temperatures within safe operating ranges.
RCS Jet Selection
Based on crew commands, the onboard computers direct RCS burns.

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