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Thermal Protection System Contractors

The contractors for the thermal protection system are Vought Corporation, Dallas, Texas (RCC); Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif. (HRSI and LRSI tiles and HRSI FRCI-12 tiles); Albany International Research Co., Dedham, Mass. (Nomex felt); General Electric, Waterford, N.Y. (room-temperature vulcanizing adhesive); 3M Company, St. Paul, Minn. (AB312 fibers); Santa Fe Textiles, Santa Ana, Calif. (Inconel 750 wire spring and fabric sleeving); ICI United States Inc., Wilmington, Del. (alumina mat); J.P. Stevens Co., Los Angeles, Calif. (quartz thread); Corning Glass Works, Corning, N.Y. (Macor machinable glass ceramic); Velcro Corp., New York, N.Y. (Velcro hooks and loops); Prodesco, Perkasie, Pa. (fibrous pile-S glass); Johns Manville, Waterville, Ohio (high-purity silica glass); and Rockwell International, Downey, Calif. (AFRSI quilted fabric).

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