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Astronaut Candidates 2004
IMAGE: Astronaut candidates Jose Hernandez and Richard Arnold
Jose Hernandez, Mission Specialist (right); Richard Arnold II, Educator Mission Specialist, don their protective helmets for water survival training at Pensacola Naval Air Station.
*Astronaut Candidates 2004 Imagery
*Reporting for Duty

Astronaut Candidates 2004 - Training Journals

Journal #2
June 28 – July 2, 2004

This week was spent preparing for our first T-34 flights, which are scheduled to begin next week. Our time was split between classroom instruction and cockpit simulator sessions. We learned the systems of the T-34 trainer plane, communication protocols, the pre-flight, flight, and post-flight checklists, as well as emergency procedures. It was a lot of information to learn in a short period of time, but through long hours, practice, and teamwork we learned everything we needed for our first flights. We would usually start our day about 1.5 hours before our first scheduled class (around 7:30 am) in order to practice the checklist procedures on the static (non-moving) simulators. If time permitted, we would practice again on the simulators after our last class was completed (around 4:30 pm). At this point we usually took a little break and got some exercise. We would have a quick dinner, and then it was back to the books. We cannot stress enough the importance of utilizing various studying techniques. Due to the fact that we had to memorize many procedures, the use of flashcards was invaluable. After this intense week of training, we all have a greater appreciation for aviators.

- The Astronaut Candidate Class of 2004

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