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Who was Sonny Carter?

IMAGE: Astronaut Sonny Carter

Astronaut Sonny Carter was a mission specialist aboard STS-33 in 1989.

The Sonny Carter Training Facility, or SCTF, was named in memory of Astronaut M. L. "Sonny" Carter, who was instrumental in developing many of the current spacewalking techniques used by the astronauts. On April 5, 1991, while traveling on NASA business, Carter died in a commercial airplane crash.

"Sonny was a driving force in a number of advances we made in the field of space medicine, particularly the evaluation of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit," former Johnson Space Center Director Carolyn Huntoon said at the SCTF dedication. "Sonny Carter left a lasting impression on the Johnson Space Center and our nation's space program."

Carter had flown on one space shuttle mission -- STS-33 -- in 1989 and was training for his second flight when he died. Read more about him in his bio.

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