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IMAGE: Don Smith inspects an EMU helmet.

Don Smith of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit Training Lab checks the latches on a helmet. The suit lab is located in the Logistics and Mockup Facility.

The Sonny Carter Training Facility opened in January 1997. It comprises three buildings.

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory
Many Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, or NBL, visitors are surprised by the immense size of the famous pool as they stand on the observation deck. In the world's largest indoor pool, spacewalks are the focus.

"We have the ability to train astronauts in a simulated space environment here on Earth," said Robert Durkin, facility and operations manager at the NBL. More than 200 employees, including 60 core divers, work there.

Logistics and Mockup Facility
Housed at the Logistics and Mockup Facility, or LMF, are the suit and tool labs. "All of the processing of the suits, buildup, maintenance, modifications for each crewmember and all the functional testing is done here," said Don Smith of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit Training Lab.

Software Development and Integration Laboratory
About 150 people work in the Software Development and Integration Laboratory, or SDIL. Many facilities are housed in the SDIL, including: International Space Station Power Laboratory, Integrated Test Rig, Hardware/Software Integration Lab, Software Verification Facility, Prime Software Development Facility and Mission Build Facility. Test and verification of all International Space Station flight software is done at the SDIL.

"In a nutshell, SDIL is the integration and verification facility for the avionics software of the ISS," said Allen Brewer, SDIL facility manager.

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