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IMAGE: Jessica Meir and Paul Hill

Aquanauts Jessica Meir, left, and Paul Hill.

*NEEMO 4 Journals
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NEEMO Journals

NEEMO 4, Jessica Meir
Day 5, Friday, Sept. 27, 2002

Unfortunately I am writing my final journal entry back here on the surface . . . it was sad to leave our temporary home at Aquarius this morning.

After our overnight decompression, we cleaned the habitat and packed the remainder of our personal/crew items. The habitat was then "blown down" back to ambient pressure and we initiated our two minute ascent to the surface. We ascended along a down line, leading directly to the boat awaiting our arrival. It was a wonderful view, looking down on Aquarius and its surroundings for the last time . . . funny to think that we had actually been living down there for several days. I would have loved to stay for even longer . . .

We surfaced to a gorgeous Florida Keys day . . . the sun was shining, and the seas were calm. The brilliant tourqoise and blue in the water and the blue of the sky really stood out after living underwater for 5 days.

Living in Aquarius was truly an incredible experience, I am extremely appreciative that I had this opportunity. Thank you to all of those at NASA and NOAA/NURC for the wonderful job they did in organizing this mission. As I stated in yesterday's journal entry, I hope that the NOAA/NASA relationship continues to grow, as I believe a significant potential for benefit on both sides exists through Aquarius.

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