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NEEMO 6 Crew
IMAGE: The NEEMO 6 Crew leave Aquarious on
The NEEMO 6 crew leaves Aquarius on its first mission excursion.
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NEEMO 6 Journals

Topside Journal #1

Editor's note: Marc Reagan is the mission director for the NEEMO 6 mission. This is the first of a series of daily reports documenting the undersea activities of the NEEMO 6 crew and its Topside Team of supporters in Key Largo, Florida.


The 6th NEEMO mission has officially begun with a 10:16 EST 'splashdown' of the crew. The aquanauts' first objective today was a two hour "EVA " to a site about 900 feet from the habitat to survey the area for future coral science operations. Shortly after the two-hour-long dive, the crew entered the habitat to set up computers, conduct a safety briefing, and eat lunch. In the afternoon they conducted another site orientation, and had a lengthy Daily Planning Conference (DPC) with the Topside Team and the ExPOC (our Mission Control team in Houston.) The first day has been compared with post-insertion day on a Space Shuttle flight: many activities to accomplish in a short amount of time, plus the overhead of learning to live in a strange new place. The crew was in great spirits as we ended our DPC. A few of the photos they took today follow...

IMAGE: NEEMO 6 Commander John Herrington
NEEMO 6 Commander John Herrington wonders how he got his command.
Tuesday, Mission Day 2, brings two PAO events, each with multiple clients. The morning event features three "live to air" segments with TV stations in Denver and Oklahoma City, as well as an interview with Mark Carreau from the Houston Chronicle. The afternoon brings some newspaper clients, a French press agency, and an interview with

Finally, Tuesday brings more of what got this mission off the dock in the first place: Engineering evaluations. But more on that tomorrow… :-)

- NEEMO 6 Topside Team

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